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The Scaleup Project - One Page Summary (July 2018)

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The Scaleup Project provides hands-on operational support and intelligent financial capital to innovative entrepreneurs who are ready to build a successful « Gazelle » business.

For more info, contact
Davender Gupta
514-296-6288 (Montreal)

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The Scaleup Project - One Page Summary (July 2018)

  1. 1. Grow your innovation into a business to celebrate. You’re eager to put your breakthrough product in the hands of paying customers — but you’ve hit a wall. Deals close too slowly. Cash is dwindling. And risk is rocking your startup before it gets real traction. There has to be a better way to turn your innovation into a successful business. We believe the era of easy cash will soon be over. Unicorns disappear; remember 2001 and 2008? Instead of chasing Unicorn dreams, we help you build independence: a Gazelle business with strong revenue streams, healthy margins and plentiful export opportunities. This is where we come in. The Scaleup Project provides hands-on operational support and intelligent financial capital. We empower innovative entrepreneurs to successfully make the leap from building the product to putting it in the hands of paying customers. We want you to build a business you can be proud of. DAVENDER GUPTA MS, MBA CO-FOUNDER & VENTURE STRATEGIST You need a tool to navigate the perilous journey from Startup to Market. Your GPS is Momentum Scaling: our proprietary strategic framework guiding you to make smarter choices which minimize uncertainty and maximize execution. We work with high-potential firms with manageable technology risk, not moon shots. Our focus is your business development. We specifically encourage founders who are 35 or over, women and underrepresented groups to engage with us. SOVITA CHANDER CO-FOUNDER & MARKETING STRATEGIST VALÉRIE MARQUIS VP INVESTOR RELATIONS GEORGE KIORPELIDIS SENIOR COACH, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALES THE PROBLEM: MARKET ENTRY THE SOLUTION: STRATEGIC SUPPORT GAZELLES VS. UNICORNS MOMENTUM SCALING FOUNDER PROFILE THESCALEUPPROJECT.COM INFO@THESCALEUPPROJECT.COM 514-448-1894 H O W W E ' R E D I F F E R E N T FOUNDERS