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What Is Coaching?

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Coaching principles and values.

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What Is Coaching?

  1. 1. What is Coaching? Coaching Workshops by CMOE© CMOE
  2. 2. What is Coaching?www.youtube.com/watch?v=J41YdcVJ5dI © CMOE
  3. 3. What words come to mindwhen you think of Coaching? © CMOE
  4. 4. Coaching © CMOE
  5. 5. Coaching: A Definition A one-on-one interaction between a leader and an employee, aimed at influencing and developing the employee’s skills, motivation, attitude , judgment, or ability to perform and to contribute to an organization’s goals. © CMOE
  6. 6. Coaching Principles & Values1. Coaching is an ongoing process of continuous improvement (not just an event).2. Everyone on the team can be coached and developed.3. Don’t attack the person; focus your energy on the issues and plans.4. Listen to their perceptions, solutions, and concerns.5. Seek their involvement and input on the solution. © CMOE
  7. 7. Coaching Principles & Values6. Focus the responsibility for action on the other person; be willing to help appropriately.7. Encourage risk taking; challenge conventional wisdom.8. Be willing to be coached yourself.9. The main enemies of coaching: lack of time, courage, and anger over the issues.10. Coaching is one of the most important acts of leadership. © CMOE
  8. 8. About CMOE’sCoaching Workshopshttp://www.cmoe.com/coachingskills.htm © CMOE
  9. 9. VALUE Outcome reports shows that organizations that implement CMOE’s Coaching Workshops to their management teams experience a 5% increase in profitability.www.cmoe.com/testimonials.htm © CMOE
  10. 10. Two Workshop OfferingsCoaching TIPS2 Workshop  Focuses on coaching for performance and results  Available in a 1- or 2-Day format  Features a 5-Step ModelAdvanced Coaching Workshop  Focuses on coaching for performance and results  Available in a 1- or 2-Day format  Features an 8-Step Model www.cmoe.com/coachingskills.htm © CMOE
  11. 11. About CMOE’s Coaching Workshops Based on extensive and ongoing research. Available in a live classroom format, as well as virtual or web-based. Feature tools, hardbound books, practice opportunities, and simulations. Led by an experienced CMOE facilitator. Train-the-Trainer services are available. www.cmoe.com/coachingskills.htm © CMOE
  12. 12. Did You Know? CMOE published the first book ever on the topic of performance coaching in the workplace. CMOE continues to be the industry experts on this topic. Available for sale on Amazon.com © CMOE
  13. 13. Why Choose CMOE?www.cmoe.com/reasons_for_cmoe.htm © CMOE
  14. 14. Why Choose CMOE We have served our clients since 1978. We employ the world’s greatest instructional designers, facilitators, and consultants. We work hard for our clients. We are innovative. We offer a no-risk guarantee. © CMOE
  15. 15. A Few of Our Clients Department of Defense BlueCross Blue Shieldwww.cmoe.com/history_experience.htm
  16. 16. www.CMOE.com+1 801 569 3444facebook.com/CMOEinclinkedin.com/company/cmoetwitter.com/cmoe © CMOE