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The mistaken identity

  1. 1. The Mistaken Identity Employees are liable to make mistakes about a stranger’s identity if they have never seen them before, but the stranger still bears a marked resemblance to an acquaintance of theirs. However, if a regular customer comes by your business and your employees are not able to even remember who they are or that they have been there before, then you might have a very real problem. Mistaken identity is part of the process which naturally occurs when someone is abusing drugs or alcohol. They are unable to recall short term memory details, and they find it very difficult to even care if they do happen to recognize someone’s face. It is a matter of not having their full mental capacity with which to interact with customers. It is a matter of being irresponsible before coming to work or while at work. It is a matter of not really caring what happens to the business, as long as their temporary needs are fulfilled. There is no planning or evaluation. There is no responsibility being taken. There is no rhyme or reason to the debacle. The whole thing is clouded. CMM Technology brings you the finest quality drug test equipment, and we know that it is in your best interest to have quality screening tests for your employee drug testing. You see, we know what the difference is between high quality drug testing and low quality employee drug testing. There must be a reasonable quality of products from our stores, for a reasonable amount of money. There’s nothing else to it. It affects your business reputation in a very real way if your workers are not able to form lasting and meaningful business relationships with your clients and customers. Therefore, it is in all of our best interest to find something that works. CMM Technology provides oral fluid drug tests, like our Rapid STAT saliva drug test, as well as all kinds of other screening tests for both alcohol and drug screening. If you would like to find out more, then please visit our website and browse our product listings. Mistaken identity should not be in your present business sight. This article has been taken from : http://www.cmm.com.au/articles/the-mistaken-identity/

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Mistaken identity is part of the process which naturally occurs when someone is abusing drugs or alcohol.


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