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The brilliance of diamonds

Diamonds bring a strong shine and sparkling effect, a rainbow reflection effect, to any place or anybody’s person.

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The brilliance of diamonds

  1. 1. The Brilliance of Diamonds Diamonds bring a strong shine and sparkling effect, a rainbow reflection effect, to any place or anybody’s person. The brilliance of diamonds is unsurpassable. In fact, if you have ever owned a well-cut diamond, then you know the benefit of having one around. Also, they are hard to lose, because their light reflecting qualities are so spectacular. So, why are some things called hard as diamond? It is because diamonds are so hard and so dense that they can cut through glass like a knife through butter. Well, glass is hard and diamonds are hard. Surely, the cut would not be hardly noticeable, if anything more than a scratch. However, this is not the case. Because diamonds are so much denser and more compactly arranged on the atomic level than glass, it is easy for the cut diamond to separate the loosely bound together atoms of the pane of glass. It is very easy for diamonds, on a chemical or molecular level, to do this. This is the difference between workers or employees of yours who resist something as simple and basic as drug abuse or alcoholism, and those of your workers who are unable to resist these hard temptations. The people who are stronger, who are the diamonds, are those who have grown a certain amount of emotional strength within themselves. However, if you engage in any kind of substance abuse, your become very dependent upon it, and can be easily sliced through, like glass by diamond, when and if anyone says even the most remotely upsetting thing. Do you want to be that weak? Do you want your employees to be that weak? A workplace environment should be made up of people who work equally to contribute to the good of the company. It should not be made up of people who are all heavily dependent upon things outside of their jobs, incomes, and working relationships. You see, those are the kinds of people who find it more difficult to stay loyal or to be strong in the face of business adversity. CMM Technology, a drug test equipment distributor, can fix you up with as many screening tests and recalibration services as you can possible use. This article has been taken from : http://www.cmm.com.au/articles/the-brilliance-of-diamonds/