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Growth through prolific innovation management

InnovationCast Presentation @ GITEX 2016

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Growth through prolific innovation management

  1. 1. innovationcast® SOON, THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE 
 TYPE OF COMPANY innovationcast®
  2. 2. innovationcast® COMPANIES THAT 
  3. 3. innovationcast® 3 Growth through innova0on management. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION prolific Become better at what you do today, and keep discovering 
 new directions to venture, with open, collaborative, 
 and end-to-end innovation management.
  4. 4. innovationcast® 4 The Performance Equation Errors + Costs Opera/on / Execu/on decrease
  5. 5. innovationcast® 5 VS
  6. 6. innovationcast® 6 Our Growth Equation Errors + Costs Opera/on / Execu/on + Discovery + Insights Innova/on / Entrepreneurship increase decrease
  7. 7. innovationcast® 7 Forward-thinking Customers
  8. 8. innovationcast® 8 Crowdsourcing to empower Saudi Entrepreneurs
  9. 9. innovationcast® 9 Open Innovation for Social Market Research
  10. 10. innovationcast® 10 Competitive intelligence & monitoring Technology scouting Trend detection
  11. 11. innovationcast® 11 Technological Innovation to find growth avenues in the energy business
  12. 12. innovationcast® 12 end-to-end innova>on management plaBorm innovationcast® Leading-edge Innovation Management Software
  13. 13. innovationcast® 13 Create stronger ideas, faster. Test ideas without breaking the bank. Take ideas to the finish line. Discover unforeseen possibili>es 1 3 2 ∞ Jobs we get done. 
 With InnovationCast you will:
  14. 14. innovationcast® 14 InnovationCast Usage Scenarios Employee Innova/on Open Innova/on Innova/on Networks Idea Crowdsourcing Environmental Scanning & Analysis Technology Scou/ng
 & Trend Detec/on Engage your employees in collabora>ve innova>on. Find new growth avenues, tackle business challenges and keep improving what already sets you apart. Open innova>on to selected customers, partners and suppliers without losing control. Leverage knowledge from universi>es, labs and R&D providers. Create your own innova>on hub or outpost. Enable mul>lateral collabora>on between you and your partners. Achieve more than you can on your own. Source ideas from the crowd. Run sporadic online innova>on compe>>ons or create innova>on communi>es for sustained collabora>on. Know your internal and external environment to stay a step ahead. Monitor compe>tors from the front row. Create ac>onable insights to innovate. Find new technologies and relevant knowhow. Iden>fy and understand the latest worldwide trends as they unfold. Make sense of what to do tomorrow.
  15. 15. innovationcast® 15 A few ways you can use the Innovation Radar
  16. 16. innovationcast® 16 Social with a purpose. A collaborative foundation. Collabora0ve Innova0on Social SoNware Social Recogni0on Analy0cs Engine Targets Ideas Opportuni>es Channels Profiles Blogs Pages NewsleUer Tags Badges Significant Contribu>ons Member Highlight Co-authorship Reach Benchmarking Engagement Par>cipa>on Warnings Impact Streams @men>ons Projects Innova>on Profiles Signals Insights Challenges Mul>-language
  17. 17. innovationcast® 17 Just star0ng? We have a special program to get you on the fast track to success from the outset. A targeted approach for your needs and innovation maturity level Innovation Management Consulting Envision Engage EnableEvolve Developing Your Innovation Capability Restar0ng? We have the tools and methods to address your pains and help you drive value from your innova>on program.
  18. 18. innovationcast® 18 Innovation consulting to re-imagine your company through the lens of innovation Where are you going to play? Horizon 1 Horizon 2 Horizon 3 Execute Search Improve the present Invent the future Daily work Long Term Look for Linear Ideas Look for Non linear ideas Sustain Disrupt Exploit Explore Incremental Innovation Radical Innovation 100% Predictability 100% Uncertainty Easier Harder Well known processes and metrics Evidence Based Innovation Improve Do what you do, but beUer. Extend Expand what you do. Explore Find new things to do.
  19. 19. innovationcast® 19 Our Innovation Canvas to consolidate your innovation strategy Crystal-clear vision and plan for the journey. InnovationCast Innovation Management Canvas
  20. 20. innovationcast® 20 InnovationCast Awards & Recognition One of the 4 Finalists of Enterprise 2.0 Conference Launchpad in Boston, June 2010 Top 10 Best Intranets, worldwide One of the most prestigious recognition that any software solution can be distinguished for: User Experience InnovationCast named LEADER and STRONG PERFORMER in the Innovation Management Forrester WaveTM - July 2013 and April 2016 Featured in Gartner reports: Market Guide for Innovation Management 2015 Hype Cycle for Social Software 2015 Hype Cycle for Project and Portfolio Management 2015 Best Innovation Program, Business to Employee Worldwide Winner, Forrester’s Groundswell Award
  21. 21. innovationcast® I look forward to hearing from you www.innovationcast.com