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July Coaches' Corner

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This edition of Coaches' Corner is designed to help HER Realtors' sales associates market their listings by using photos and videos effectively. Agents have the ability to enhance their online listings with photo captions and extensive property descriptions. The presentation also delves into the rationale for good photography and video.

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July Coaches' Corner

  1. 1. Coaches’ Corner Meeting July XX, 2013
  2. 2. Real Estate Success Real Estate Success = The right blend of Marketing + Sales Ability
  3. 3. Listings We market products (homes) to create prospects, and rely on sales ability to differentiate them from being just another house for sale.
  4. 4. Marketing Must Create Relevance Marketing of Listings For Consumer Relevance: • Content/Descriptions – Must tell a story that creates a feeling of “home” – Must describe a lifestyle – Must describe a location – Do not just list amenities – Photos/Videos must compliment the story
  5. 5. Listing Enhancements These listing enhancements are available to you: • Virtual Tour – Ability to add captions to photos – Ability to add music and edit description of property • Enhanced Listing on Realtor.com – Ability to add captions on photos – Ability to add video – Ability to add additional property description
  6. 6. Listing Enhancements • Website – Ability to add captions on photos – Ability to edit the property description
  7. 7. Property Description • Add detailed property description to your listings on your website to enhance SEO. Give as many details as possible. • On Website Admin: – Click on “Property Tools” – Go to “Property Editor” – Enter listing information under “Update existing listing.” – Enter additional verbiage in the property remarks box. • Click the box that does not allow the MLS to overwrite changes, submit.
  8. 8. Importance of Photos • 98% of homebuyers who searched for a home on the internet found photos to be among the most useful features of REALTOR® websites • 78% of home buyers found virtual tours to be very or somewhat useful. (NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2012)
  9. 9. Photos • Photos uploaded to the MLS are automatically fed to websites. • You can add more photos to your website listing on Website Admin • Realtor.com will display up to 36 photos. • Add captions and/or description to further enhance your photos.
  10. 10. Photos • Let your photos tell a story about the home. • Emphasize how someone would live in this home. • Sell the lifestyle by including photos of the area, its amenities, and landmarks. • Consider having a professional photographer take the pictures if you do not have the equipment, time, or expertise to take good real estate photos. • Or, educate yourself! Use the NAR Field Guides as a starting point (see resources at end of this presentation).
  11. 11. Working With Photos 1. Log into the Business Center and navigate to Website Admin. 2. Click on “My Website” 3. Click on “Listings” 4. Click on the MLS number for the listing you wish to enhance.
  12. 12. Working With Photos 5. You may add, remove, or reorder your photos. You may also edit the remarks (up to 1,000 characters). To reorder, simply click and drag the photos. Click “Submit” to ensure your photos are saved.
  13. 13. Working With Photos 6. To add photos, click on “Browse” and navigate to the photo on you computer or attached device. 7. Click on “Submit” to save the photo. Proceed with entering captions or description.
  14. 14. Photos! Tips for working with photos of your listings: • Use the camera setting closest to 1200 pixels (width) for best screen resolution, or • Resize photos using free Microsoft software for resizing. • Realtor.com will accept up to 36 photos. Upload your additional photos on Website Admin. (Note: current Columbus MLS system will overwrite additional photos at this time. You may wish to upload additional photos directly to Realtor.com.)
  15. 15. Importance of Video Home buyers increasingly use video to aid their home search
  16. 16. Video
  17. 17. Video Tips • Upload video of your listing on Website Admin. – Use Vimeo and YouTube for upload and then copy the link and paste into box under photos on Website Admin. – Upload your unbranded video (with no voice over) through Vimeo to Website Admin (for Columbus MLS).
  18. 18. References You may wish to get tips and suggestions by using these NAR “Field Guides”: Field Guide to Digital Cameras and Photography Field Guild to Using Digital Video as a Sales Tool