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Webinar: How AOL Accelerates Targeting Decisions with Hadoop and Membase Server

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In the world of web ad and offer targeting, speed and scalability are just about everything. In this webinar, you will learn how the changing application landscape is driving the evolution of data management technology. You will also learn how AOL Advertising leverages Hadoop and Membase NoSQL database technology to rapidly process operational user data to achieve sub-millisecond performance.

AOL’s ad serving platforms see billions of impressions daily, and any incremental improvement in processing time translates as largely beneficial in meeting the read/write goal of five milliseconds. AOL uses Cloudera’s Distribution for Apache Hadoop to create user profiles then serves them from Membase.

Speakers: Matt Aslett, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group;
Pero Subasic, Chief Architect, AOL

Sponsors: Cloudera and Membase.

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