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The Vortex of Change - Digital Transformation (Presented by Intel)

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The vortex of change continues all around us – inside the company, with our customers and partners. A new norm is upon us. Business models are being turned upside down – the hunters now the hunted, global equalization – size is no longer a guarantee of success. The innovative survive and thrive…the nervous and slow go under...what does all this change means for you? Find out how does Intel’s strengths help our customers in this world of change.

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The Vortex of Change - Digital Transformation (Presented by Intel)

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  13. 13. introducing Intel® SSD Data Center Family P3520/3320 & D3700/3600 Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v4 Product Family
  14. 14. Orchestration Intel® ResourceDirector Technology Introducing Performance INTEL®XEON®PROCESSORE5-2600v4PRODUCTFamily Upto 22 cores per CPU Upto 44%increased performance1 Security Upto 70% more encryption performance per core2 with improved malware protection & key generationwith improved virtualization
  15. 15. Intel®SSDDataCenter FamilyP3320&D3700 Intel®SSD DataCenterP3320 Series Intel®SSD DataCenterD3700Series Upto 3.45Xfaster business analytics1 Upto 6Xfaster response time vs. SAS systems4 Upto 6Xmore IOPS vs. SAS systems4 Intel’s first 3D NAND SSD Intel’s first dual-port PCIe SSD Maintain 100%performance after controller failure3 Upto 3.2xfaster sequential reads vs. SATA2
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  19. 19. Copyright © 2015 Intel Corporation Vortex of Change – More Questions… In which areas of your business are you experiencing the most change with regard to Digital Convergence? How is your company embracing any of the new economy business models? Who is leading the charge – IT, business or a partnership of both? 20
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