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Cloudera Sessions - Delivering Improved Business Value with Big Data

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One way to build value in your business is to look at how you use data to make better decisions and increase efficiency and productivity. Learn how you can use Hadoop to break down your data silos and promote the connections that bring greater visibility, insights, and analysis to all your data.

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Cloudera Sessions - Delivering Improved Business Value with Big Data

  1. 1. Delivering ImprovedBusiness Value with Big Data
  2. 2. Connecting Business What search terms are used most often when looking for hotels in NYC? Are hotel room sales at Christmas slow because of inventory or competitive pricing? What makes tomato plants more fruitful than others ? What is the best location in North America to efficiently produce both tomato plants and corn?2
  3. 3. Demanding Needs Isolation Schema Visibility Management Duplication Unstructured Data Movement3
  4. 4. Missing Connections Interpretation Impedance Compromise Division4
  5. 5. Accelerating Understanding THE OLD WAY THE CLOUDERA WAY Multiple data platforms for Single data platform to support multiple workloads data processing, BI, and analytics COMPLEX, FRAGMENTED, COSTLY SIMPLIFIED, UNIFIED, EFFICIENT • Data silos by department or LOB • Bulk of data stored on scalable low cost platform • Lots of data stored in expensive specialized systems • Perform end-to-end workflows • Analysts pull select data into EDW • Specialized systems reserved for specialized workloads • No one has a complete view • Provides data access across departments or LOB5
  6. 6. Driving Competitive Advantage MapReduce Impala Side Storage Query Query Query Query Query Node Node Node Node Engine Hive OR MR NN MR MR DN DN HDFS DN DN DN7
  7. 7. Building for Innovation • Single platform where you can Develop (drivers, API’s, libraries) query, process and search across all kinds of data MR SQL SQL Math • Single system (no integration) • Single data set (no copying) Schedule (resources) • Single metadata model (no synchronizing) • Single cluster (faster, cheaper) Store (files, tables, records, metadata) • Scales to ‘000s of servers • No up-front schema Integrate (events, logs, RDBMS, files) • 1/10th the cost per TB under management8
  8. 8. Optimizing Now and Later Storage Processing Skill Sets9
  9. 9. Ask Bigger Questions: How can we offer customers the best experience? A global retailer’s customers benefit from more personalized communications and offers based on interactions across all channels.10
  10. 10. Ask Bigger Questions: How do we prevent mobile device returns?A leading manufacturer of mobile devices gleansnew insights & delivers instant software bug fixes.
  11. 11. Ask Bigger Questions: How do we improve the online travel booking experience? Expedia optimizes site behavior in real time to offer customers more relevant search results.12
  12. 12. Key Takeaways Visibility to all data Flexibility in understanding Anticipation of the future13
  13. 13. Starting Point – Build Deeper BI Find a challenging cross- business analysis or report Create as common data Process and rebuild the report14
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Thank You!cloudera.com/clouderasessions