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Idea Development

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Idea Development

  1. 1. Initial Ideas and Feedback Chloe Stead
  2. 2. Idea 1 • For my first idea, I was thinking we could do a pizza theme. We could create a range of vegetarian pizza topping ideas. Each card would be the shape of a pizza slice, with an image of a pizza completely covering the entire card. When all of the cards are fitted together they would create the shape of a whole pizza. The colour scheme for the text and text boxes could be white, red and orange, to represent colours on a margarita pizza. White representing the mozzarella, red being the tomato and orange being the base. We could use quite a simple font to balance out the bold design, making sure the cards don’t look messy. Text would be set in the centre of the card, and the recipe would be made as simple as possible, laid out in a list format. Card would be laminated to make it strong and easy to clean.
  3. 3. Feedback 1 What do you like about the idea? I like the idea of the pizza slices being single recipe cards, then when you put them together they make a whole pizza What areas of the idea could be developed? The actual food because you would only need the pizza recipe once because its only the toppings that would be different. What do you find interesting about the idea? I think the text box colour idea is really interesting and that could be flexible and be used on any simple recipe.
  4. 4. Idea 2 • We could do a series of vegetarian and vegan curry recipes. The page could be covered with an image of a wooden chopping board with some classic curry recipe ingredients covering the board (for example coriander or aniseed). The text would come over the wooden chopping board. The colour scheme could be a deep orangey red colour, with white and black. Text would mostly be laid out in the centre of the card. The recipe could be made a little more detailed, with more explanation, and longer sentences when explaining the method. We could use boarders to section off text to make it look a little neater. We could laminate the card to be stronger and easier to clean.
  5. 5. Feedback 2 What do you like about the idea? I like the idea of laminating the recipe cards, which would make them easier to clean and they would last longer. What areas of the idea could be developed? The whole theme could be developed, doing more research into Indian culture, so you can make correct designs and colours that are accurately Indian. What do you find interesting about the idea? I think the idea of adding vegan and veggie recipes is good, it gives more scope for recipes and a bigger target market.
  6. 6. Idea 3 • We could do a ‘scrimping student special’. This would be a series of cheap, tasty and easy food. We could use a combination of hand drawings (cartoons or just doodles) and photography to illustrate the recipe. Recipes would be different take away favourites such as curry, Chinese, or burgers. Card could be presented on lined paper (or what looks like line paper). We could use a font that looks like hand writing, or actually hand write it. Text could be blue to look as if it has been written with a blue biro. We could do some drawing with the same blue biro or a black biro. Our main text could be placed right up to the margin to look just how a normal person would write the recipe out. The ingredients and method would be made and short and simple as possible.
  7. 7. Feedback 3 What do you like about the idea? I like the idea of the hand illustrated pictures of the food, instead of just photos, the drawings would fit into the theme really well. What areas of the idea could be developed? What kind of foods and meals that could be used in the recipe, maybe be very price conscious, including the prices of the ingredients, the cheapest ones, and where to buy from What do you find interesting about the idea? I find the whole student idea interesting, to encourage younger people to cook healthy meals.
  8. 8. Idea 4 • We could also do Halloween treat idea recipe cards. Suggesting alternatives to sweets containing animal products and more adventurous, appetising treats. We could have the cards on tomb stone shapes, or inside “spell books” . Perhaps there would be pop out images of the meals inside the spell book cards. We could use some fancy writing and some plain writing to not over crowd the page and make sure it is easy to read. Text would be placed in the centre of the card. The recipe would be made as simple as possible, laid out in a list format to allow the cards to be compact but allowing writing to have space to be large enough to read clearly. The colour scheme could be orange, black and grey.
  9. 9. Feedback 4 What do you like about the idea? I like the imaginative spell book idea, how recipes and images could pop out, making it more interesting, especially for children. What areas of the idea could be developed? The actual recipe area, what kind of treats could be made, like actual sweets that are veggie, healthy treats that are fruit or cakes and biscuits. What do you find interesting about the idea? I think it is good how this idea could be manipulated to encourage kids to eat more healthily instead of just sweets.
  10. 10. Idea 5 • My final idea is to have a super food summer theme. We would use vegetarian and vegan recipes that are super healthy. On the card as well as the recipe we would include the health benefits of the recipes. We would use fruit and vegetables that grow in summer (blueberries, cucumber and tomatoes). We could have a close up image of the meal as a thick boarder around the main text. The colour of the text box could vary depending on the colour of the main ingredient in the recipe being used (for example if it was tomato soup, the text box would be red). The main colours we could use throughout each card could be green, white and pink.
  11. 11. Feedback 5 What do you like about the idea? I like the idea of using seasonal fruits and vegetables, and also the health benefits displayed on the card as well as just the recipe. What areas of the idea could be developed? The design and layout could be developed a bit more, it could be made a bit more dynamic by shaping the cards instead of just having them as a plain square. What do you find interesting about the idea? I think that the colour scheme is good, like the tomato soup, because the food is red and green so is the colour on the recipe cards, then you have the consistent colours of pink, green and white which link the cards together.
  12. 12. Summary of Feedback What do you agree with from your feedback? I agree that I could have looked much deeper into my Indian theme for idea 2. I could have created ideas more based on Indian culture. I agree that I perhaps did not think about my first idea deeply enough in terms of the recipes, and that you only need the dough recipe once, the rest is just toppings. I also agree that I should have included about prices, and where to buy from. That would develop the scrimping students theme a lot more. What do you disagree with from your feedback? I disagree about using square cards being plain, as I think that if the layout is done well it can look interesting, and perhaps if the card has a lot going on on it already, shaping it may look a little messy.
  13. 13. Idea Evaluation Which idea that you came up with is your favourite and why? My favourite idea is idea 4, the Halloween themed idea. I liked my idea about having a pop up spell book with pictures of the food. I think it would be nice to make sweet treats as apposed to meals as you can be more creative and decorative. Which idea, that your team came up with, is your favourite and why? I think that idea 5 was my favourite, the Indian themed idea. I really liked all the design ideas which would allow us to play around with art and colour. It would also be easier to come up with and create vegetarian and vegan curry recipes and there are more vegetarian curry recipes already out there.
  14. 14. Developed Idea 1 x
  15. 15. Developed Idea 1 x
  16. 16. Developed Idea 1
  17. 17. Developed Idea 2 Text would go here. Text text text ext text text
  18. 18. Developed Idea 2 Recipes: Vegan pizza Margherita pizza Vegetarian Pesto Pizza Vegetarian Hawaiian Pizza
  19. 19. Developed Idea 2
  20. 20. Treatment Idea Treatment: Theme: The theme of my first idea is Halloween. A sort of subtheme to my first idea is spell books. I will treat the recipe like a spell, and present it like an old spell book. Audience: The audience for my recipe card idea would be parents and young people ages 4- 14. Production Methods: I would like to have a combination of more adult and more childish themes running through my recipe card designs. I would like to make the pages of the cards look as if they really are old spell book pages by using methods like tea staining. Though I would like to incorporate some pop up images into the design at the top of the page. I’d like to use a combination of stereotypical horror and Halloween fonts and some more simple fonts in order to tone it down a bit. I would like minimal text on the page in order to keep it simple and save space for a few images on the page. As a boarder around the recipe cards I would like to have patterns and curls typical of tombstones to make it look more old and spooky, I would also like the boarder to be embossed to give the cards some more texture.
  21. 21. Assessment of final ideas Suitable for audience? This product fit really well in for the target audience, it is interesting enough to keep the attention of all ages of children Suitability for client? It is suitable for the client because it fits the brief Appeal of the design: I think the idea for the design is good because there are a lot of options and things you could do to make these cards different and exciting. Timescales for production: 3 weeks, I think if everything is planned out well and there is not too much detail then the time scale can be met Cost of any specialist work (laminating, varnishing, die-cutting): I think this will cost extra because the cards will need specialist work, like laminating and die-cutting Practical to produce in large runs? If the product is very detailed then this may not be suitable for larger runs as it
  22. 22. Assessment of final ideas Available resources: Resources will be limited, and there won’t be the same quality professional machines like die cutting may have to be replaced with craft knife etc. Printing will use different methods to professional companies. But computer applications will be available like Photoshop and publisher. Quality factors: The quality of the card and things being added and taken away from the card will be lessened by the fact that this cant be produced professionally. But when producing the product on the computer this can be at a professional quality. Legal and ethical issues: There will be legal and ethical issues considering children and their safety, so warnings will have to be put on the card, or an adult will have to be present at all times. Also to take into consideration is allergies, to put on warnings if the recipe includes popularly allergenic foods.
  23. 23. Final Group Idea
  24. 24. Final Treatment Idea Treatment: Theme: Audience: Production Methods:
  25. 25. Rationale for final idea Explain why you have decided to go forward with your chosen idea.