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Ian sinha - E-modules in clinical paediatrics

A crucial aspect of medical undergraduate education is to enable students to become confident and competent at clinical examination. A thorough understanding of the theory behind such skills is necessary for students to learn practical aspects of seeing patients. We have developed e-learning modules which we feel will help students achieve this, before they spend time with children and families at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. In this presentation we would like to present examples of videos from this module, and share our experiences.

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Ian sinha - E-modules in clinical paediatrics

  1. 1. E-modules in clinical Paediatrics By Dr Ian Sinha and Sanjay Patel
  2. 2. Acknowledgements• Dr Mark Dalzell and Dr Melissa Gladstone• University of Liverpool – Debbie Prescott and R&D subgroup for funding• Tutors at Alder Hey• Children and parents• Alder Hey nursery• Department of Medical Illustration
  3. 3. Why did we do this?• Theory needs to be learned, and then the skills must be practiced – time spent examining children is irreplaceable• Observation is a powerful tool• Examination of children different to adults – Some students struggle to make the transition• Development very difficult to teach using textbook
  4. 4. Aim• Develop e-modules which show students how examinations should be done• Develop an innovative format for teaching child development : “longitudinal”
  5. 5. Recruitment and Consent• Children recruited from nursery and wards.• Before project – Ethics committee approval – Parental consent• Following the project – Each parent received a copy of their child’s examination and parents/participants were given a payment – Patient identifiable information kept confidential
  6. 6. Method: Filming• What did we film – Development videos – Examinations – Lectures• Filming – Completed over 2 days + other sessions by the medical photography department at Alder Hey – Examinations and lectures demonstrated by staff at Alder Hey – Melissa Gladstone completed the development examinations. – All performed within Alder Hey hospital grounds
  7. 7. Method: Editing• Completed by myself with the help of Ian Sinha and Melissa Gladstone.• How were the videos made? – Recordings were split into clips showing individual developmental milestones – Individual clips were complied to demonstrate progression• Required lots of time and video editing software
  8. 8. Example MCQ• Which of the following are causes of speech delay in children? (tick all that apply)? – Deafness – Autism – Duchenne muscular dystrophy – Cerebral palsy – Tongue-tie
  9. 9. What have we learned?• Innovation is possible with enthusiastic staff• E-modules take time to develop• Need somebody with dedicated time• Organisationis key• Students seem to like this format – (pending formal evaluation)