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Bob read

  1. 1. Many students today are visual learners and littleinclined to study printed materials or text-basedonline courses. Animations can serve as effectivemultimedia tools to engage these students whilefacilitating and enhancing the student learningexperience by explaining difficult concepts throughvisual means instead of the traditional way ofheavy textual based presentation.Aravinthan, V., and Worden, J., “Animations as a Tool for EnhancingTeaching and Learning Outcomes in Civil Engineering Courses”,40th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, 2010
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Background to the project
  4. 4. Creating the resources
  5. 5. Creating the Resources Original PowerPoint from surgeon, Chris Webb, consisted of static diagrams and text with notes Short Introduction 1. Identification of cancer types and skin flap types 2. Case studies 3. Surgical procedures
  6. 6. Creating the Resources Original video with commentary
  7. 7. Creating the Resources Example of slide from cancer type identification section Banner Title and instructions Roll over images Notes to acompany images
  8. 8. Creating the Resources Example of slide from surgical procedure section
  9. 9. Creating the Resources
  10. 10. Creating the Resources Flash Animation – The timeline and tweening
  11. 11. Features which enhance Learning and Teaching
  12. 12. Features which enhance Learning and Teaching • Navigation buttons (forward and back) • Mouse over thumbnail images to reveal larger image with explanatory text • Button for audio narration • Multiple choice picture quiz with feedback
  13. 13. Features which enhance Learning and Teaching • Additional information buttons
  14. 14. Features which enhance Learning and Teaching • Animation slider control • Pop-up key for graphics in the animations • Pop-up info boxes trigger jumps to frames in the animations with overlaid annotations • Video linked to animations
  15. 15. Pros and cons
  16. 16. Pros and cons Flash not available on There are alternatives Mac devices HTML5 will replace HTML5 not ready. Many years yet before it becomes used Flash generally. Many users will be slow to adopt HTML5 browsers Animation is time ...but enhances learning and teaching of difficult concepts. consuming... Elements of animation can be reused in other contexts. The cost of ...but unique resources such as the one I have developed can producing resources generate revenue for the University is higher... Using an in-house ...there are other do-it-yourself options such as Xerte. developer is not always possible ...
  17. 17. Questions
  18. 18. Any questions?Bob ReadDept. Of Cellular and Molecular Physiology / e-Learning UnitUniversity of Liverpoolbobread@liv.ac.uk
  19. 19. Students receiving the animated pedagogical agent(teaching assistant) with visual prompts performedsignificantly better than those receiving verbalprompts and the text condition only.Yung, I., H., “Effects of animated agent with instructionalstrategies in facilitating student achievement of differenteducational objectives in multimedia learning”, Journal ofEducational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 18, 4, 2009, 453-466