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144A Brownlow Hill: a Prototype Ambient Simulation-based Learning Experience

This session will introduce the concept of an Ambient Simulation-based Learning EXperience (ASLEX), a variant of the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) developed in part using virtual world technology and delivered on mobile phones and tablets.

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144A Brownlow Hill: a Prototype Ambient Simulation-based Learning Experience

  1. 1. A prototypeAmbient Simulation-Based Learning Experience (ASLEX)
  2. 2.  Intended use  Level 1 Bacterial Pathogens module Pathogens: Past, Present, Future block Epidemic typhus as a case study for Pathogens Past  Factors affecting typhus prevalence in Victorian Liverpool  Evolution of virulence in rickettsia  Contemporary relevance, e.g. refugee camps, disaster zones Mediated/augmented/virtual reality; ubiquitous computing Integral formative and summative feedback Examined conventionally at end of module Caveat: This is seriously unfinished concept-ware!
  3. 3. Workhouse 256x256 m regionWellcome Images ,CC by-nc 2.0 UK & NI
  4. 4.  Affective Context Learning Model (Shackleton-Jones)  Learning is best when student emotionally engaged in advance  Memorable events (“flash bulb memories”) Ambient Simulation-based Learning Experience  Virtual world (OpenSim) via Android mobile devices  Lumiya viewer (due Q4 2012; developer Alina Lyvette)  Movement synchronized through real and virtual space (GPS) Format(s)  Digital landscape vs Story-telling vs Timeline vs Simulation  Group-based but each student has own hypothesis to test  Landscape provides data/evidence/tools, virtual characters  Students operate under resource constraints
  5. 5. Court dwellings Brownlow Hill Men’s Infirmary Women’s Infirmary Piazza Offices Fever hospital ChapelScale and location approximate In-worldprim-based building
  6. 6. Standard viewer Reality Lumiya
  7. 7. Image, video, data, citation, etc Standard client Wellcome Images ,CC by-nc 2.0 UK & NI LumiyaURL Note 3D view Text view Long-touch Menu Chat Samsung Galaxy Y (3” 320 x 240 px screen)
  8. 8.  Non-player characters provide context, info and narrative drive  Prim or avatar, static or Edelweiss Le Mont St Michel, SL moving  Menu-driven interaction or scripted for AI  Located via minimap or contacts listNative Lumiya
  9. 9. PubMed search toolGenome “player”
  10. 10.  Limitations  Tech-driven or tech-enabled?  GPS accuracy  Android-only; frame rates, GPS, data plan  Lumiya: closed source/commercial (free for edu regions); subset of OpenSim, limited panning, avatar appearance, etc  No RL map cf AR apps: ARIS (iOS), Wikitude  Ethics of using virtual spaces Opportunities  Multi-user, mixed reality  Usable on desktop without GPS (runs from server or USB on PC)  Rapid development (out-sourcing)  Collaboration/reuse Google Project Glass