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It's Raining App Stores

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Presentation on mobile App stores presented to the Medien Forum in Cologne, Germany on June 24, 2009

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It's Raining App Stores

  1. 1. IT’S RAINING APP STORES – HALLELUJAH? Surviving the App Storm Caroline Lewko, CEO, WIP info@wipconnector.com Medien Forum, Cologne, Germany Mobile Media Marketplace www.wipconnector.com 14.00 – 14:15 www.wipwiki.com Wednesday, June 24, raum.vier www.wipjam.com
  2. 2. You can get caught in it.
  3. 3. Try and protect yourself or.....
  4. 4. Embrace it!
  5. 5. HISTORY LESSON on APP STORES Nothing new – around since 2001 (Palm, Handango...)_ But limited success because: • Complex certification • Varied billing / revenue share models. • Cost / effort outweighing potential profits! • Smaller markets • Less awareness
  6. 6. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL – global issues drive the magnitude of the opportunity, 4 births per second, 25 mobile phone sold per second The biggest product phenomena in history The Opportunity: 110 M iPods 800 M Cars 1 B Personal computers 1.2 B Internet users 3.6 B Mobile phones
  7. 7. NOW ITS RAINING APP STORES! • It’s also hailing devices & more sophisticated devices (ala smart phones and feature phones) • Network speeds increasing (2.5/3G) • Mobile-app store users to quadruple in 2013 as 100 million of all smartphone users will be able to access mobile-application stores • Mobile Developer Community has exploded
  8. 8. APPLE CHANGED THE RULES They made it easy RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: Apps written for and marketed toward a specific type of device (1) – simple certification & submission Integrated discovery, installation and billing experience Apps are approved and sold with one time fee with free updates Store operator takes fixed percentage – transparent billing Cross carrier international reach, simplified targeting Brand and marketing
  11. 11. App Stores List CURRENT – Apple AppStore (iPhone) - www.apple.com/iphone/appstore – Windows Mobile Catalogue (Microsoft Windows Mobile) - http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/catalog/cataloghome.aspx – Blackberry App World (RIM) - www.blackberry.com/appworld/ – Android Market (Android) - http://www.android.com/market/ – Orange App Shop http://orangestore.cellmania.com/orange/applications.do – Nokia OviStore (Nokia) – http://store.ovi.com – Samsung Mobile Applications (multiplatform, powered by Pocket Gear) – http://applications.samsungmobile.com – GetJar (multiplatform) - http://www.getjar.com – Handango (mulitplatform) - http://www.handango.com – PocketGear (multiplatform) - http://www.pocketgear.com/ COMING SOON TO A STORE NEAR YOU! – Sky Market (Microsoft Windows Mobile) http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2008/sep/01/microsoftskymarketcomingfor – Java Store (Sun Microsystems) - http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2242726/sun-world-biggest- application – Carphone Warehouse http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/new-and-exclusive/snapp – WeFiApps - http://wefiapps.com/ And lots more not announced yet….
  12. 12. SOME NOTABLES • 477 million subscribers • 109 country rollout in 1 • 1 billion downloads in • New homegrown day 9 months standard (TD-SCDMA) • 60 devices • 50,000 apps and OMS platform based • 50 million phones S60 on Android) • 40 million phones • (468m last yr sales) • 50% rev share • 70% rev share • 100 new apps/day • %70 rev share
  13. 13. SOME NOTABLES • 280 million subscribers • Free apps • Min. price $2.99 • ‘Geo-targeting’ • Advertising model • 80% dev share • Widgets NOT LIVE YET
  14. 14. SURVIAL TIPS ! • Define your market.. or not (iphone good for trial, and others brining on beta sandboxes) • Choose your market region, don’t forgot about UX and Localization • Pick your platform – lots of tools for porting • Check out the charges, time to launch, payment timing, revenue model • Are you happy with developer resources provided • Pricing – free now/pay later, coupons, micropayments, beware of price sensitivity • Get noticed – bloggers and social media may be short lived • Monogamy is overrated – don’t limit yourself to one store/one operator • Submit app + cross fingers +Watch $$ roll in ☺
  16. 16. APPENDIX – Other Useful Links and Tables USEFUL LINKS http://gizmodo.com/5199933/giz-explains-all-the-smartphone-mobile-app-stores http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/lowenstein-evolution-app-store-business-model/2009-04-29 http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/2008/11/the-mobile-application-store-phenomenon/ http://www.mobilechoiceuk.com/News/Orange+launches+its+own+Application+Shop/3182 http://www.themda.org/mda-blog/Will-App-Stores-castrate-the-Mobile-Operators-.html?blogger=Nick
  17. 17. Apple App  Nokia  Blackberry App  Microsoft Mobile  Android  China  Program Name Store OviStore World Catalogue Market Handango GetJar Mobile Android  Platform iPhone S60 Blackberry Windows Mobile Market Multi OS Multi OS Multi OS 477M  Install Base 30M 200M 21M 20M N/A N/A N/A Subscribers Developer  Margin 70% 70% 80% 70% 70% 60% ad‐based 50% Global  Marketplace Yes Yes Partial Yes Partial Yes Partial Partial Distribution OEM OEM OEM Other Other Other / OEM Other / OEM Operator On‐device  dicovery Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Developer  Resources Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes FAQ's Forum / KB N/A $99, Enterprise  Program Fee $299 Free No $99 $25 No Free N/A $99 per app, five  Varies Per  App Signing Fee No Yes No free initially ??? No ??? Platform Free N/A App Submission  $200 for 10  Fee No Free apps Free Free Free Free N/A Gathered for WIP by John Wyer from various web sources.
  18. 18. Apple Microsoft Blackberry App World Android Nokia AppStore (Marketplace) (RIM) Market Ovi Store (iPhone) JOINING Standard Program FEE US$99, Enterprise US$25 - but only Program (for US$99 US$200 (includes ten available to developers companies with over €50 annually app submissions). in the US and UK at 500 staff to develop present iPhones for in-house use) is US$299 PRICE PER US$99 APP Five free apps until US$200 for ten close of 2009. application FREE App updates are submissions. FREE FREE charged as new App updates count as applications separate submissions MARGINS Developers receive 70 Developer earns 70 per Developers receive 70 per cent of sale, net cent of sale. per cent of sale. refunds and returns and Apple keeps 30 per Developers receive 70 Developers receive 80 Google says the 30 per minus taxes for credit cent for profit and per cent of sale per cent of sale cent is to pay carriers card sales and minus payment of credit card and billing settlement taxes + fixed operator interchange fees costs. costs for direct mobile account billing TERMS Customers purchase Customers purchase Customers purchase Developers paid via using PayPal. via credit card or via via credit card Credit card processing monthly direct deposit Developers paid via their phone bill with Other options being via Google Checkout into bank account PayPal. participating mobile explored. phone operators MARKET Undisclosed. SIZE 30 million devices (17m 18 million licenses sold 21 million Blackberry 50 million Nokia iPhones, 14m iPod N/A in 2008 subscribers devices worldwide Touch) as of Dec 08 for Windows Phones MARKET United States, Canada REACH App Store in 77 Global and the United US and UK only Global Countries Kingdom DEVELOPER 50,000 480,000 1000+ N/A Several thousand BASE RESOURCES developer Windows Mobile BlackBerry App World developer. publish. .apple.com Developer Center FAQ's android.com ovi.com Source: http://www.itnews.com.au/Tools/Print.aspx?CIID=141524
  19. 19. Table 3 - http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/2008/11/the-mobile-application-store-phenomenon/
  20. 20. Table 4 – http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/2008/11/the-mobile-application-store-phenomenon/
  21. 21. Presented by: Caroline Lewko, CEO Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) www.wipconnector.com - Connecting Mobile Developers to information, resources and people to help them get to market faster and smarter. - Developer Program strategy and support. www.wipjam.com Next World Tour Stops -June: Singapore, Amsterdam, Berlin, Marseille - July: San Jose (Verizon) - September: Amsterdam (OSiM) - October: San Diego (CTIA) - February: Barcelona (MWC) www.wipwiki.com The best resource site for mobile developers @Mobilejam #wipjam
  22. 22. WIP Partners and Customers