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Re charge the interview

Tips to improve your interview skills

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Re charge the interview

  1. 1. Discouraged? Don’t be….it’s all in the attitude! STAY POSITIVE!
  2. 2. Prepare for your Interview! ORead your resume in its entirety OVisualize the Interview OPractice interview questions …Record and Watch! OResearch the employer… Use Google, LinkedIn
  3. 3. Prepare for your Interview! O Write down several of your greatest accomplishments and weaknesses O If possible, drive by the interview site before interview day O Prepare a few questions for the interviewer, write them down O Print at least 3 copies of your resume O Know what you’ll wear
  4. 4. Arriving to the Interview O Give yourself plenty of time O Remember your resume copies and questions O Arrive 10-15 minutes early O Your interview starts in the parking lot O Do not carry more than one bag O Do not carry a drink or keys O ALWAYS a firm handshake and eye contact with everyone you meet
  5. 5. During the Interview- Impress within the first 30 seconds O Allow the interviewer to sit before you do O Maintain eye contact O Be aware of body language O Posture is important O Don’t fidget, play with keys, tap your feet O Try to keep your hands at your side or on the arms of the chair
  6. 6. During the Interview-The WOW Factor OAlways answer questions with precision ODon’t drone on about life and achievements ODo not criticize any previous employers OStay engaged and focused OBe aware of your posture and body language
  7. 7. Closing the Interview/Job O Ask 2-3 more questions O Thank the interviewer and give a firm handshake O Re-iterate your enthusiasm for the job O Ask what the next step is O Ask for a business card O Do not ask the salary of the position
  8. 8. After the Interview O Write a thank you note/email O Include any important information you forgot to mention in the interview O If you feel you “flunked” the interview, take the time to explain your circumstances
  9. 9. Re-Charged? Don’t Forget: OStay Positive! OBe prepared! OImpress! OClose!
  10. 10. One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. - Arthur Ashe