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Risk assessment

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Risk assessment

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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk Assessment Claire Nugent
  2. 2. Lighting • The light may dazzle the models creating a risk of damage to their eyesight. • There is also the possibility that short term dazzling could cause a person to lose balance and trip. • In order to prevent this from happening I must ensure that the area is stable so it is not as easy to trip; lights should not be directly pointed towards their face at an angle that could dazzle them. • Another way to prevent this would be to use natural or low level lighting. • The light may become hot to the touch and burn someone. • To prevent this everyone should be careful not to touch the bulb until it is cool again.
  3. 3. Setting • The photo shoot may take place outside by a river, this poses a potential threat to safety of all people involved as they could fall on uneven terrain and hurt themselves. They could also fall in the river. • All people involved should be careful of where they are stepping. All people involved should be able to swim in case they do fall in.
  4. 4. Wires • Any wires pose a potential trip hazard. • All wires should be out of the way and/or those in the way should be taped to the floor/secured to the floor.