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Clear Asbestos Testing Perth

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Many people want to know what is #asbestostesting? and this video will give you a review of #asbestos testing in #perth, if you want to know more complete information, you can visit this site https://clearasbestosremovalperth.com.au/asbestos-testing-perth/ happy reading

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Clear Asbestos Testing Perth

  1. 1. A test of Life
  2. 2. It is quite obvious that many people spend their daily activities indoor, whether to live or to work. The condition comes to a question about how good the air quality in their surroundings. Breathing with intoxicated air can become a great danger, and it has made them worry. One of many sources that can contaminate the air is the fibers from asbestos-containing material (ACM). These fibers are deadly when they are airborne and accidentally inhaled. Inside the body, the fibers will damage the internal organ gradually. Upon the exposure, there is not any sign appear until the health is beyond saving. Common asbestos related diseases that often found are asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Reference:http://clearasbestosremovalperth.com.au/servic e/asbestos-testing/
  3. 3. The danger of ACM related to its use in the past. Since the mineral was discovered in the 1930s, people started using it, particularly in building and construction. Its physical strength can hold a high temperature and durable against degradation. Moreover, it’s very cheap that a lot of buildings across Australia were built with those ACMs. Sadly, the hazard can still be found nowadays. Approximately one out of three houses in the continent still contain the deadly fiber. However, people cannot determine which property is contaminated and which one is not. Identifying an ACM is not an easy task to do. You need appropriate training and years of experiences in the industry to identify it. Because of this reason, you need to get professional help. A certified asbestos contractor has what it takes to recognize the contaminated material. If in doubt, the contractor will take some samples of the suspected material and send them to a lab for more accurate analysis. Clear Asbestos Removal Perth gives you the ease to find a trusted and reliable service for an asbestos testing. We offer you wide variety services for all your asbestos needs. Know more about the threat within your premises.
  4. 4. Asbestos Identification Looking for a contaminated part in your property never been easy. You may find and use some DIY testing kit available in the market. The package only contains several standard protective gears and a free lab test certificate. While you’re wearing the equipment in the testing kit package, you actually risk yourself and the other family member to the exposure to the toxic fibers. The wrong method of sampling can accidentally damage the ACM, which can release the fibers into the air. Not to mention about the hidden contaminated building parts that you may have missed. The situation would be different if you just call for help from a licensed removalist. You will acquire the help that you need without risking yourself or the surrounding. The contractor can as well find any hidden ACM that you don’t notice before. Moreover, you will get some information regarding your next step to be taken to clear the premises from the toxic products.
  5. 5. When do you need an asbestos testing Having your premises tested for the fibrous material is a necessity. The result is significant as a prove that you have done your part to keep the environment protected. You definitely don’t want the under the rock without realizing that you hurt yourself and the other member of the family. You need to take an asbestos testing at your place under several conditions: •If just bought an old house or other building, you may get the whole package, including the unknown threat beneath the surface. You must take precaution before occupying the premises. •Before doing any renovation, you have to know if the parts that are going to be taken down is contaminated or not. •Update an old asbestos register. The document can only valid for five years. After the expiration date, you need to test your property to get the latest data on contamination level within your structures.
  6. 6. How to Test for Asbestos Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of thin, tightly packed fibers. Due to its strength, asbestos used to be commonly used in the manufacturing of insulation, fireproofing, and other construction materials. Unfortunately, asbestos has been found to pose a serious health risk when its fibers become loose and airborne, since breathing them in can cause scarring of the tissue lining the lungs (mesothelioma) and even lung cancer. You can check for signs of asbestos on your own, but testing should be done by a certified professional using special equipment. If asbestos is present, hire a contractor to repair or remove the materials that contain it to ensure the safety of people using the building.
  7. 7. 1 •Determine when the building in question was constructed. Asbestos was widely used between 1920 and 1989, after which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began regulating materials containing asbestos. Asbestos can most commonly be found in buildings, but also in gas heaters, hair dryers, some clothing and automotive brakes.Walls, flooring, pipes, textured paints, insulation, fireproofing materials, pipes, electric wiring, and even chalkboards constructed between 1920 and 1989 may contain asbestos. If the building was constructed between 1920 and 1989, chances are something in the building was constructed with materials containing asbestos. •Few materials made today are constructed with asbestos. Items that do contain asbestos are now labeled as such.
  8. 8. 2 •See if there are signs of disturbed asbestos materials. You can't tell whether an item contains asbestos just by looking at it. Instead, look for warning signs that construction materials are degrading. Asbestos isn't dangerous when it's still in good condition, but when it starts to break down and the fibers are released in the air, it becomes toxic. Look for signs of older materials that have become worn out or damaged.Disintegrating pipes, insulation, walls, tiles, vinyl flooring, stovetop pads, and other older materials that have been present in the building since its construction are signs to look out for. •Look for cracks, dusty areas and spots where the material seems to be in the process of breaking down and falling apart. Reference:http://www.wikihow.com/Test-for-Asbestos
  9. 9. 3 •Decide whether to get the area tested. If you don't see signs of construction materials degrading, you might not need to get the area tested, since asbestos is only dangerous when it becomes airborne. However, if you do see signs of degrading materials, or if you simply want to err on the side of safety, you should opt to get the area tested by a professional who has been certified to test for and handle asbestos safely.[2]Another scenario in which you might want to get the area tested is if you plan to do new construction work or replace old materials. Even if the materials are still in good shape, they'll get disturbed during the construction process and may release fibers into the air. •While you could purchase the equipment required to conduct asbestos testing, it is not recommended that you try this on your own. Asbestos testing should be conducted by someone who has gone through training and knows how to handle the material without causing a health hazard for the occupants of the building. If you haven't been trained, you could end up disturbing the asbestos and breathing it in or putting other people at risk of doing so.