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Clear Asbestos Removal Adelaide

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Asbestos removal becomes a very busy conversation in #brisbane. And for you who do not know what is #asbestosremoval. This video will explain about #asbestos removal in brisbane, Or you can visit https://clearasbestosremovaladelaide.com.au/asbestos-removal-adelaide/ this site to find out more information

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Clear Asbestos Removal Adelaide

  1. 1. The Silent Killer in Your Property
  2. 2. It is unquestionable that asbestos containing materials (ACMs) can still be found in most buildings across Australia. Old properties built before the 1990s have the highest possibility to contain this dangerous material. You may have one at your premises as well. Tough the government has released a ban on its use in newly built buildings, but we can still expose ourselves from somewhere else. The fibrous mineral can go airborne and contaminate a wider area. If you feel in doubt that your place might contain ACMs, you must contact a professional to help you out with the problem. Clear Asbestos Removal Adelaide is the right place to find professional asbestos contractors. Our endorsed contractors have what it takes to provide you with the highest standard of service at a very competitive price. We can ensure you that they will deliver the work in a proper manner and as efficient as possible. The contractors who have received our seal of endorsement provide a wide range of services for any type of buildings. Ether you own a residential, commercial, or industrial property; they can handle the works safely and in the fastest way possible. If you need excellent contractors, you can find them at Clear Asbestos Removal Adelaide.
  3. 3. The Danger of ACM Exposure Asbestos is a hazardous mineral, which can affect human’s health negatively. Before the ban, people were still using ACM products in parts of their buildings. People who are exposed to the toxic material will develop internal scarring. It can further lead to a severe illness; including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and pleural thickening. The initial symptom of these diseases will usually appear more than 20 years after the first exposure. At this stage, the sufferer can only live up to 12 months. This is why ACMs are named as “The Silent Killer”. The reason why asbestos became a boom in the past was because of its durability and strength against heat. Not to mention its affordability, which made many factories produced it to a great scale. However, it can be slowly damaged through the weathering process. When it does, the fibres will start to lose and released into the air. When the fibres go airborne, they can be inhaled and enter the body. Our immune system sometimes can’t get them out. So, before the situation gets worse, you’d better take actions to protect your health and safety
  4. 4. ACM Types In general, ACMs can be divided into two types: •Friable material – this type of material is easy to crumble, even though only being touched by hands. A friable ACM has a high chance to release the fibres and contaminate the surroundings. Contacting a professional to remove this kind of ACM is a must! •Non-friable product – also known as bonded material. At this condition, the ACM possesses a small level of threat. But over time, it can slowly degrade, and generates airborne fibres. It would be better to take some preventive measures while it’s still in its safe condition. REFERENCE:https://clearasbestosremovaladelaide.com.au/asbe stos-removal/
  5. 5. Variety of services related to ACM remediation There are many services, which is available to support the success of a remediation of a contaminated building. You can ask your contractor about the following services in detail: 1.Asbestos testing Adelaide 2.Asbestos management plan Adelaide 3.Asbestos consultant 4.Asbestos roof removal Adelaide 5.Emergency repair 6.Soil remediation 7.Air monitoring 8.Demolition
  6. 6. Remediation Licensing A person conducting an asbestos removal Adelaide work will require some licensing and permits. So if you don’t have it, you should hand it over to someone who is eligible to do so. •A-class licensing – an individual who owns this license is allowed to handle jobs related to any type of ACM, both friable and non-friable ones. •B-class permit – With this kind of license, an individual is only allowed to handle non- friable material only. Though you are allowed to manage the removal process of a material that is smaller than 10 square meters, it’s extremely wise if you don’t carry out a DIY asbestos removal work by yourself. Especially, if you haven’t got a proper training on ACM removal processes. Since the cost of hiring an A-class or a B-class removalist is different, you should choose it wisely. If you have a non-friable ACM within your premises, it would be cheaper to hire a B- class contractor to help you out. One good tip to get a good offer is by requesting some quotes to help you select the contractor. You can choose the best quote from the offered prices they’ve given to you.
  7. 7. Supporting asbestos removal Adelaide projects You must understand how dangerous it is to live with toxic ACMs. You might want to reconsider the urgency of cleaning your place from the threat by understanding the following points: •Under the government regulations, you need to acquire a permit to do a renovation or refurbishment work at your contaminated premises. Before making any change to your building’s structure, you have to remove any potential threat that can be disturbed during the remodeling project. The purpose is to avoid further contamination to a wider area. •When you intend to sell your ACM-containing building, its’ value will decrease. Moreover, the buyer can give you a hard time because they don’t want to live in a house full of these fibrous products. •Would you bare to stand if one of your family members suffered from an asbestos related disease?
  8. 8. Safety handling of ACM products Though you are not recommended to handle the hazardous mineral on your own, you need to understand how the process is carried out. Thus, you can also supervise the remediation progress. The removal work will be handled in several steps: 1. Identification The initial step is to identify the ACM and its condition. The purpose is to define the threat level at your site. An assessor will be in charge to perform the inspection. An asbestos register can become the first source to figure out which part of the structure is contaminated by fibres. The contractor will also check for other areas of the building that has been remodeled. If he finds new ACMs that haven’t been recorded in the register, he will recommend you to renew your old document. If the contractor feels unsure with the visual identification result, he will perform a sampling and testing process by collecting some samples, put them in thick bags, labelled, send them to the lab for further analysis. Only NATA approved laboratories are permitted to do the examination procedure.
  9. 9. 2. Asbestos Removal Our endorsed removalists will wear personal safety gears when performing the work. The standard PPE you can find in the market is not sufficient to keep you safe from the fibre exposure. That is why our members have to wear special equipment to keep them away from the danger. Furthermore, they may also perform air monitoring. The level of fibre in the air needs to be monitored all the time to maintain a low exposure level in the air. Our contractor members will start by sealing the broken parts of the ACM. But before that, the ACM will be damped with water. Then, all exposed parts will be sealed with sealants such as paint or adhesive. 3. Disposal and transportation Afterwards, the waste will be put inside a thick plastic bag and sealed. If the waste is drying, they will spray it again with water. They will transport the waste to the nearest disposal facility. You can also check information related to legal disposal facilities around your location at the local government website.
  10. 10. 4. Final cleanup Our endorsed contractors will also clean remaining fibres left after the removal process. This step is critical to ensure a safe reoccupation process. You may need to create a control plan if you live in a contaminated property to ensure that you and the other occupants are safe from the fibre exposure risk. The plan can also help to raise the awareness of all occupants to the ACM presence within the building. Why clear asbestos removal Adelaide? Clear asbestos removal Adelaide endorses great B-class licensed removalists in the greater Adelaide region. Our endorsed contractors have passed a strict selection process to ensure their ability to deliver quality works. Therefore, we can ensure you that they have: •A valid license •Excellent track records •Amazing skills and extraordinary experience •The right equipment and safety kits What more can you expect? They also offer 100% free quotes for you.