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What really gets results?

Tactics I use to generate and/or build relationships with donors when:
- making the ask; and
- securing grants.
NB: This presentation was produced in a pressure-packed 30 minutes, before pitching it to a Selection Committee.

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What really gets results?

  1. 1. "What Really Gets Results?" (A presentation put together in 30 minutes, as part of a recruitment test) 14 September 2011 by Chris Wardle
  2. 2. "What Really Gets Results?" I do! But I suppose every candidate is going to tell you that, so my aim is to convince you through this presentation, that by responding to the task set, you will see that my skills and experience make me the right person for the job.
  3. 3. The task at hand: “Please run through the tactics you use to generate and/or build relationships. Covering the following points: - making the ask - securing grants Please keep the presentation to a maximum of 7 slides.”
  4. 4. Tactics you use to generate and/or build relationships - making the ask: Passionate - able to speak to our organisational mission and vision with confidence and credibility. Prospecting - understand the importance of knowing a potential donor's areas of interest, their giving history and what inspires them into action. Diplomatic - able to push back at unrealistic expectations. Nurturing - avoiding the desire for instant gratification - building relationships takes time. The right attitude - carrying a sense of humour, humility and seriousness of purpose, but not a begging bowl. Appreciative - saying thanks and "How do we treat you as a donor?". Quality tangibles - bringing that something extra to remind prospects of our achievements to date and as a means of staying in touch. Focussed on needs - through close liaison with programme management and field staff. Connecting the dots - good alignment between needs on the ground, organisational response and funding opportunity. Experienced - worked with diverse donors in multiple areas of development and humanitarian response. It's not just about the money - the ask can be for advice/guidance to nurture the relationship.
  5. 5. Tactics you use to generate and/or build relationships - securing grants: Proactive approach - constantly searching for opportunities, rather than relying on calls for proposals. Facilitation - looking for ways to work in partnership. Due diligence - checking that the source of the funding is not at odds with our policy/ethics. Courtesy - ensuring people in the approval chain are alerted to the opportunity. Responsiveness - providing timely advice to the programme staff developing the proposal/budget. Attention to detail - keeping our systems up to date. Maintaining our corporate history - sharing records of meetings and flagging key points in strategic forums (KARL, SUMUS, Yammer). Keeping an eye on the big picture - flagging possible brand and reputation risk issues. Impact driven - constantly wanting to know what difference our interventions have made. More than just reporting - considering the donor's needs outside of the contractual relationship (visits, photos, media).
  6. 6. Thanks for considering my candidature! Chris Wardle Mobile: +44 754 764 3944 cjwardle@gmail.com Online at Skype, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare: <cjwardle>
  7. 7. Thanks for considering my candidature! Chris Wardle Mobile: +44 754 764 3944 cjwardle@gmail.com Online at Skype, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare: <cjwardle>