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(Webinar) dealing with stress during covid 19 practical strategies & tactics (pdf)

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Social distancing, remote working, unstable times, unpredictable futures - we are all battling with one or all these issues in this COVID-19 ridden days. As security professionals we understand the importance of building a resilient security program which can not only protect but also detect, respond and recover from a security incident.
But what about building a resilient mind? How well are you able to detect, respond and recover from stress? If there was a framework for resilience of mind how would it be?

In this webinar Bikash Barai will guide you on how you can “Deal With Your Stress in COVID 19 Lockdown Through Mindfulness & Minimalism”..

- What is mindfulness & minimalism? How can it be useful and practical?
- What are the strategies, tactics & tools/free resources to get started?
- Learning from my own experiments & experiences

Speaker Details :
Bikash Barai, Co-founder FireCompass

Bikash Barai is the Co-Founder of FireCompass, an AI Platform for Digital Footprint & Shadow IT Discovery. Earlier he founded iViZ an IDG Ventures backed company which was later acquired by Cigital. He is passionate about AI, cognitive hacking and attack simulation. He is credited for several innovations in the domain of IT Security and has multiple patents in USPTO under his name. He has spoken at various forums like the University of California, Berkeley, Nasscom, DSCI, CISO Platform, NUS Singapore, TiE, TEDx IIM, TEDx IIT, RSA Conference USA, etc.

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(Webinar) dealing with stress during covid 19 practical strategies & tactics (pdf)

  1. 1. Dealing With Stress During Covid19 Lockdown: Minimalism to Mindfulness Bikash Barai, FireCompass
  2. 2. My Journey : Stress Management > Quest for Happiness > Awareness My engineering centric attempt to reverse engineer & model by way of....“stealing” from others… experimenting on myself..…mostly failing and succeeding in a few..
  3. 3. Managing Stress Through Better Management of Work & Life Focus, 80-20 rule, Planning, Delegation, Productivity Tools, Checklists etc etc This is not the focus of today’s discussion
  4. 4. Power of Beliefs I can work for X hours after that I get tired… VS Energy is in mind.. I can control it He/She makes me stressed/happy.. VS Stress/happiness is independent of others List Your Empowering & Non Empowering Beliefs ..
  5. 5. Power of Language Quality of Language = Quality of Life Rejection = Bit disappointed Hurt = Expectation not met Anger= Rule violated … Deeper .. I am afraid Etc etc..
  6. 6. Emotion = Call To Action Stress = I need to plan or delegate or take some action Pain = Opportunity to learn
  7. 7. Power of Anchors +Ve and -Ve Anchors, Creation & Retention of Anchors Create a list of your +Ve and -Ve Anchors, My RSA-USA Talk on Habits
  8. 8. Power of Minimalism Better focus on things that matter Declutter your mind & life Clothes, Assets, Goals, Media consumption, People you meet, Things you do… Minimalism is way of life
  9. 9. Power of Gratitude Daily - 3 or 5 good things that happened Train your mind (spam) filter to detect “good things” instead of bad
  10. 10. Power of Giving Giving makes one happier (releases endorphin - “helper’s high”) If you are Selfless : Give If you are Selfish : Give
  11. 11. “Your Inner Room-mate ..” Voice in your head He/She is boring tells the same thing again and again Spend a day watching your roommate
  12. 12. You Are Not Your Thoughts When You watch you movie… You are not stressed ..you are experiencing stress Subject-Object relationship between the “thoughts” and the “thinker of thoughts”...
  13. 13. “Freedom from Inner Thorn” Protecting from the thorn doesn’t free you from the thorn You are the one noticing the disturbances & it is okay to feel the disturbances “Inviting Mara to tea” Whatever is the emotion .. “Invite them to the party” “Suffering” & Being centered ..
  14. 14. Power of Transience “The secret is to renounce nothing, cling to nothing, enjoy everything and allow it to pass, to flow.. “
  15. 15. Power of Mindfulness ( = Awareness) Mindfulness is NOT equal to being in present Mindfulness = Awareness (Mind, Body, Reality)... But not a fight to change Meditate to practice mindfulness
  16. 16. Summing it Up ● Level 1: ○ Chaotic, Adhoc ..go with the flow..situation/people drives your state of mind ● Level 2: ○ Protect from stress ○ Better management of life and work ● Level 3: ○ Conscious Awareness ○ Understanding the mind and reality ○ Detect-Respond-Recover from emotions ● Level 4: ○ Unconscious Awareness / Enlightenment ?
  17. 17. Resources Books ● Awareness - Anthony De Mello ● Untethered Soul - Michael Singer ● The Happiness Advantage - Shawn Anchor ● The Art of Happiness - Dalai Lama
  18. 18. Resources Apps ● Waking up ● Calm ● Headspace Podcasts ● Making Sense - By Sam Harris ● The Tim Ferriss Show ● The Peter Attia Drive
  19. 19. Resources Videos ● Joseph Goldstein - "Mindfulness: What it is and is Not" ● Waking Up with Sam Harris - Mindfulness Meditation (9 minutes) ● 20 minute Guided Mindfulness Exercise ● 30 Minute Guided Mindful Walking Meditation by Adam Dacey
  20. 20. Today you may not see the train before getting hit... Someday you will see the train but still get hit... Someday you will get off the track...
  21. 21. Thank You ! Bikash.Barai@FireCompass.com