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> 4th Quarter 2012 – Issue 8  4G, IPv6,  quality plan and  new services  celerity  dictate the  investments  rhythm The te...
1editorial                                                                                                                ...
1   EVENTSWE WILL MEET THERE    Events and meetings where Cisco    professionals’ team will be present    DistribuTECH Bra...
You’re thinking, I need to get my regionalmanagers in the same room on a weekly basis.We’re doing...It’s no mean feat for ...
1   SHORT NEWS    THE MOST CONNECTED    OLYMPIC GAMES OF ALL    TIMES    In London, the number of pages served per second ...
1   SHORT NEWS    is exceeds 300 million, generating an    impressive growth of almost 30 000%    the number of tweets per...
1   SHORT NEWS    Futurecom 2012:    INNOVATION SPACE,    A SHORTCUT TO THE LEADERSHIP    Among the most visited ones duri...
1   conect                                                                                               network infrastru...
Reduza o tempo de Inatividade etenha maior visibilidade e controle desua infraestrutura com soluções PanduitAs soluções Pa...
1   conect    A JET FOR    CLOUDConnect Cloud prepared corporatenetworks for processing in cloud computing    A           ...
6 ALLIANCE                                             Cisco and EMC announced together new reference architectures,corpor...
1   COLLABORATION    WebEx Social:    COLABORATION TOWARD    THE CLOUD                                               give ...
Solucione problemas debaixa resposta em Aplicaçõesde Data CentersNunca foi tão fácil identificar a causa raiz do baixo des...
1   COVERTHE NEWTELECOMMUNINCATIONFRONTIER    Technological    innovations and    changes on the    users’ profile    chal...
1   cOVER    4G: MORE INVESTMENTS,    MOrE OPPORTUNITIES    LTE technology increases the operators’ concern, but also    c...
has uses and was connected to specific           The last – but not least – among the      importance so that the operator...
1   cOVERIPv6 GUIDES THE FUTUREOF INTERNET AND THEoperaTORS’ INVESTMENTS                                                  ...
explains Giangrossi. “On the corporate                                            probable that all platforms will be     ...
1   THE PARTNER’S VOICEOI and CISCO                                                                                       ...
certain developed services) and we         which vary from failures and incident           Ronaldo Motta: We already havea...
1   THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE    HI-TECH    HOSPITAL GAINS    PRODUCTIVITY    New building of Instituto    Nacional de Traumato...
Data CenterAlta performance ligando   sua empresa ao futuro.                                          Veja alguns dos bene...
1   THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE                           Telepresence                           tips                           b...
1   THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE    TIM ACCELERATES                                                                         the pr...
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)
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Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)

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Cisco Live Magazine ed. 8 (English)

  1. 1. > 4th Quarter 2012 – Issue 8 4G, IPv6, quality plan and new services celerity dictate the investments rhythm The telecommunication metamorphosisNOW FOCUS INTERVIEW THE CUSTOMER’S VOICEOne opens the way Oi executive, Ronaldo The new Instituto Nacionalfor programming Motta, talks about the de Traumatologiaapplication oriented alliance with Cisco and the e Ortopedia (INTO)networks new corporate services building is 100% IP 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 1editorial SUMMARY CHALLENGING LIMITS 04 Events F airs and meetings with Cisco participation 06 Short news I nnovation Space of Futurecom 2012 supports Brazilian startups: Cisco in the London he telecommunication networks will be tested during the next four of T Olympic Games five years. This trend is already clear today and international examples, such as the London Olympic Games put even more in evidence the need 12 ONE O pen architecture guides network program for applications of an expansion plan to guarantee the success of the important sporting events programmed for Brazil. It is also evident the growing sympathy of Brazilian user for technological 16 Migration C loud Connect simplifies cloud computing for companies news. Not only in mobile telephony, a great and important example of local adhesion, but in the image transmission and consumption – an item that is 18 Toward the cloud C isco Quad evolves and becomes WebEx Social proven in the progress of paid TV services, the video transmission and, of course, the exponential growth of social networks. The telecommunication industry is in evidence and counts with techno- 20 New frontiers T he future network technologies transform the present operators logies that are able to help the large scale services rendering, high quality and costs that are compatible to the generated income for each and every 28 Alliance O i talks about Cisco role in enlarging the services offer item in the basked. In this point, the large manufacturers’ experience in the construction of attractive and competitive products in our market is of fun- damental importance. 30 Health R io hospital grows and expands the IT infrastructure And to follow the frantic rhythm of the internet services consumption increase, it becomes urgent the communication infrastructure migration to 32 Telepresence R exam improves communication among the headquarters and subsidiaries protocol IPv6. The new environment stimulates the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), render more safety to the users and gives the long life that internet will need hereinafter. 34 Wireless T IM multiplies Wi-Fi hotspots and wins capillarity To illustrate this high demand for telecommunication infrastructure and services, we publish in this issue a series of our partners’ and customer’ 36 Retail Sales of the Future P ão de Açúcar Group equips its headquarters and stores with IP network successful cases, based on projects which were developed by Cisco experts. There are initiatives in the infrastructure areas of network, videoconferences, 37 Interactivity Morumbi soccer stadium installs Wi-Fi network IP telephony, data center, among others. The reports reveal a full Cisco tech- thinking about great events nologies alignment to the market demands, and show how the solutions are quickly created by our ecosystem. 38 Opportunities B razil offers great business opportunities, says Bob Gault As a way to accelerate even more the innovation capacity, Cisco has intro- duced the Open Network Environment (ONE) – an architecture the func- 40 Safety M uch beyond the appliances, Cisco tion of which is to help our customers and partners to deal with corporate technology protects the whole network innovations and trends, such as mobility, cloud, social networks and video. This is another evidence of our commitment to the network infrastructure 42 Article T he IT leaders’ strategic anxieties importance and quality all over the world. Good reading! Marco Barcellos CISCO LIVE MAGAZINE IS A PUBLICATION OF CISCO DO BRASIL CISCO DO BRASIL Channels Director PRODUCTION Reporters Art Printing ACCOUNTABLE TEAM Eduardo Almeida Jackeline Carvalho Marcelo Max Intergraf Comunicação Interativa Editora Marcelo Vieira President Marketing PR Director Rodrigo Abreu Marco Barcellos Cover Circulation Responsible Journalist Review Glenn Douglas 5000 copies Systems Engineering Editorial Council Jackeline Carvalho Comunicação Interativa director Adriana Bueno, Carolina Morawetz, MTB 12456 Marcelo Ehalt Isabela Polito, Isabella Micali, Press Service Jackeline Carvalho, Kiki Gama, In Press Porter Novelli Mariana Fonseca, Monica Lau e Editorship Director Marco Barcellos Jackeline Carvalho 3
  4. 4. 1 EVENTSWE WILL MEET THERE Events and meetings where Cisco professionals’ team will be present DistribuTECH Brasil Date: September 25 – 27 Where: Centro de Convenções Rio Centro – Rio de Janeiro Cisco Live Mexico Description: DistribuTECH Brasil is an event focused to electric power Date: November 6 – 8 transmission and distribution companies, involving intelligent measurement, Where: Moon Palace Golf SPA distribution automation, the energetic efficiency, the energy commercial losses Resort Cancun Hotel, Cancun- and the energy transmission problems in long distance high tension network. Mexico Description: Cisco Live is your Link: http://www.distributechbrasil.com/pt_BR/index.html passport to a new world of possibilities. It offers a unique and deep combination of technique Cisco Data Center Design and formation training, besides a Deployment 2012 - privileged experts’ and organizations’ Brasília view who are defining the agenda Date: September 26 for the future of technology and Where: Centro de Convenções Brasil business. 21 - Brasília, DF The event agenda includes: Description: In its 6th issue in • Networkers Technical Program Brasília, the Data Center Design • IT Management Program Deployment will be held in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The purpose of the 2012 issue is to Data Center Design congregate experts in the IT area, Deployment 2012 - São to discuss the new generation and Paulo the data center transformations, Date: October 16 aiming at reducing operational costs, Where: Sheraton WTC - São Paulo, SP productivity increase and technical problems elimination. VMware ForumCisco Data Center Design Deployment 2012 - Rio de Date: October 24Janeiro Where: Hotel Transamérica São PauloDate: October 2 Description: Annual event of VMwareWhere: Centro de Convenções RB1 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil, the VMWare Forum is fully interactive and differentiated in the Futurecom 2012 market. In this forum, market analysts Date: October 8 – 11 and TI professionals will talk about Where: Rio Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ virtualization and Cloud Computing Description: The biggest Telecommunication IT event in Brazil and Latin and how they help the organizations America, congregates telecommunication operators and concessionaries, to reduce their operational and assets service providers, integrators and access providers to telephone, wide band expenditures, to improve the agility, and paid TV services. to guarantee the business continuity, to strengthen the safety and to take Link: http://www.futurecom.com.br/2012/pt/index.php care of the environment. 4
  5. 5. You’re thinking, I need to get my regionalmanagers in the same room on a weekly basis.We’re doing...It’s no mean feat for employees from dispersed geographical locations to collaborate effectively. Travel costs alone are enough to discourageregular team meetings. By leveraging Dimension Data’s Converged Communications solutions, your organisation is equipped to improvecommunication, drive efficiencies, keep costs to a minimum and increase profit, all while enjoying the advantages of virtual face-to-faceinteraction.Contact us to arrange a How Do You Meet Assessment, networking, solutions and services or visit our website for more information.www.dimensiondata.com.br 5
  6. 6. 1 SHORT NEWS THE MOST CONNECTED OLYMPIC GAMES OF ALL TIMES In London, the number of pages served per second jumped unbelievable 104 792 views infrastructure was designed tested and implemented by Cisco together with the local committee (LOCOG), and supported by Global BT (British Telecom) partner, official supporter which is responsible for the voice and video services during the games. Legacy It should be pointed out that the whole London 2012 Olympic Games implantation project began 6 years before – exactly in 2006, with the reforming, adaptation and construction of stadiums and other Olympic facilities for the games, besides a far-reaching deal about the city infrastructure and the recruiting Javier Camacho, Maria Dincel and Marco Barcellos @ Cisco House and selection of the main sponsors. The project, which had a 10 year totalI n August last year, I have visited it also was the first great global sports planning (6 years before plus 4 years the 2012 Olympic Games, in event transmitted in multiple screens after the games), forecast the whole London, and had the opportunity live and in full HD. legacy to the local society. to identify some news and trends in Since my arrival at the airport, I The technological development the technology and communication could feel that the London population speed in this last Olympic cycle area, besides proving in loco the nice “breathed” the Olympic Games. That was an impressive one, a real record. work that Cisco performed during the would be a great chance to show a Since the Beijing Olympic Games, in competition. The Olympic Games of new modern image of England in this 2008, the number of smartphones that year had as the main news a widely new global scenario. increased 456% (more than the connected new world scenario and a Cisco proposal, as an official present 196 million as compared highly collaborative spectator, avid to sponsor in the Network Infrastructure to only 18.9 million). In 2008, the share photos, images and messages. Supporter category, was exactly to number of Facebook users was about The London 2012 Olympic Games habilitate and transform the games 90 million, whereas now it is coming were already considered as the first into a high performance connection close to the magic number of 1 billion “Social” Olympics with a great deal of success and with the highest safety users – an increase in excess of 900%. influence of Social Networks, mainly level for the information and And the Twitter counted with less Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But the attending public. The whole than 1 million users, whereas today 6
  7. 7. 1 SHORT NEWS is exceeds 300 million, generating an impressive growth of almost 30 000% the number of tweets per day grew more than 12 000%, reaching 140 million tweets daily. Not to mention the tablets which were non-existent in the last Beijing Olympic Games. To cope with this new demand and to guarantee the games success, some steps had to be taken. In the case of the operation control, the data processing center was formed of 900 servers, besides more than 1000 network devices and information safety, 10 000 Outside view of Cisco House @ London computers of all types and more than 3500 people on the air, evidence of supercomputing and Cisco accomplished its role with working in a 24x7 regime. But big data “trends”. Not to mention the mastership and perfection. The the great Olympics detail was the Olympic data center, which processed Government, the population and previous planning. about 1.2 petabytes, or 1.2 million the attendants were absolutely It was a total of more than 200 gibabytes, as a result of the direct satisfied with the result of a great 000 hours of tests for a technology request of 118 billion “objects” – investment and an even greater which had been defined one and half the famous “Things Internet”. The legacy. For Cisco, the London year before the games. The number maximum of served pages per second games did not mean the arrival of information was 30% higher than was of unbelievable 104 792 views. point, but the starting point for the total in the Beijing Games, an Finally, I could confirm that an even greater challenge. The London 2012 base represents the reconstruction and prosperity for the city and for that country as a whole. Undoubtedly, an excellent example of how the business and the technology can turn the future vision of a government into reality. The next chapter will be seen four years from now, precisely in Brazilian soil. It may seem very far away, but in fact we have to begin to prepare ourselves for the Rio Games in 2016 now, because the clock is ticking and the data and communication volume projections will be much higher than any present forecast. It is important that we can deliver Olympic Games that will be worth of the global fame of our Main entrance of the Olympic Games Park @ London Wonderful City… then, let’s work! • 8
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. 1 SHORT NEWS Futurecom 2012: INNOVATION SPACE, A SHORTCUT TO THE LEADERSHIP Among the most visited ones during the fair, the booth has Cisco’s support and promises visibility to the Brazilian PMEs T o bring visibility to Brazilian de Souza Teixeira, President of startups which develop the Board of ITS and organizer of innovating solutions for Espaço Inovação in partnership with the telecommunication and Provisuale. “Our role is to provide the information technology market, visibility, by putting that innovation by opening doors so that they can in the environment where it needs and do new businesses and grow. This should be.” is the object of Espaço Inovação, Companies with interest in taking a Futurecom 2012 collective part in Espaço Inovação underwent booth, promoted in partnership by a judicious selection process, by Instituto de Tecnologia de Software an experts’ committee. Brazilian (ITS) and by Provisuale, with Cisco organization with a sales volume sponsorship. of up to R$ 7 million/year, with Futurecom is considered as the effectively developed solutions in the most important event in the telecom Country and adherent to the telecom industry in the Country. This year industry could register themselves. “Our role is to provide it was held between October 8 and The product is the selection object, visibility, by putting 11, in Rio de Janeiro. Twelve micro not the company”, explains Teixeira. and small Brazilian companies were “Besides innovative, it needs to have the innovation where chosen to display their solutions in at least a beta test, with a customer it needs to be” the 120 square meter booth, one using it or testing it”. Twelve — DESCARTES DE SOUZA TEIXEIRA, PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF ITS of the most visited ones of the companies attended this Futurecom traditional fair: authorities, investors, issue and will be awarded prizes; suppliers and international visitors use to visit it. CIAB “There are innovations scattered all Espaço Inovação in Futurecom around, circumscribed to an almost 2012 follows the successful model Espaço issue in CIAB 2012, and the close environment. The creative minds in another event, the CIAB. Devoted success expectation was confirmed. “A great bank is talking to us because6 12 companies were selected to display their products during it wants a larger interactivity betweenthe most important telecommunication event of the Country, ITS, which organizes EspaçoFuturecom Inovação, and them, who demand technologies. This is the first concrete develop a solution, find a friend willing to the information technology area result”, explains Teixeira. “This means to test it and the process stops there. of financial institutions, Espaço also that a great financial institution, The company becomes inactive, as well counts with Cisco support. Mobility actuating in the Country, is observing as the supplier”, explains Descartes and safety were the great points of our work” , he celebrates. • 10
  10. 10. 11
  11. 11. 1 conect network infrastructures, in order to reach business objectives, such as services velocity increase, resources optimization and monetization. A wide variety of applicative platform interface (API), agents, technologies controllers and overlapping networks will be part of the offer. The ONE includes solutions which range from the transport to the management and orchestration. Thus, the customers can take advantage of the intelligent network with a high program capacity in a number of layers, with options of protocols, the industry standards and utilization-based implantation models. Business-oriented “Cisco Open Networking Environment is of fundamental importance to our vision of an intelligent, more open, programmable vision, prepared for applicative. The network is transformed into a more efficient business facilitator”, explained Padmasree Warrior, Cisco CTO and engineering vice-president. THE AGNOSTIC This new approach enables the cooperation with institutions of other areas, including standardization entities. NETWORK Therefore, Cisco ONE offers support to a number of implantation models, including universities and research Approach still being developed institutes, which partition the network or “divide the campus” by using controlling enables to program applications- software and OpenFlow agents for SDN oriented networks research. Together with ONE, Cisco announced Padmasree Warrior, vice-presidente de engenharia da Cisco the One Platform Kit (onePK), an assembly of API in all the companyC isco Live, the most important 2012 issue, held in San Diego, California, operational systems: IOS, IOS-XR event of the company, the attentions were attracted to the Open and NX-OS. It was also presented the always generates a big Network Environment, or just Cisco concept proof of controlling software expectation. It serves not ONE. and an Open Flow agent to research the only as a consecration of a period of With a far-reaching and versatile Software Defined Network (SDN). time, because it joint together partners, approach for networks program, the Cisco will supply the support in phases customers and experts in technology ONE will help companies to deal with for onePK in operational systems and from all over the world, but also as a corporate innovations and trends, such OPS. OPS-XR and NX-OS hardware stage for announcements of innovating as cloud, mobility, social networks and platforms, including ASR, ISRG2, CRS technologies, which will integrate the video. The idea is to enable flexibility and Catalyst and Nexus switches, beginning extended Cisco global portfolio. In the personalization of application-oriented by ASR1000 and ISRG2. • 12
  12. 12. Reduza o tempo de Inatividade etenha maior visibilidade e controle desua infraestrutura com soluções PanduitAs soluções Panduit para Gerenciamento da Infraestrutura em DataCenters (DCIM) possibilitam que sua empresa gerencie visualmente aconectividade da rede em tempo real e rastreie os ativos de TI eminstalações e escritórios remotos em qualquer lugar do mundo. Amaior visibilidade das informações relevantes da rede ajuda a minimizarriscos, reduzir o tempo de inatividade e obter vantagens operacionaisAs soluções de hardware inteligente PViQ™ potencializam a soluçãoao incluir gerenciamento remoto de mudanças e ampliações eao rastrear todos os enlaces e equipamentos da rede.Minimize o Risco de Tempos de Inatividade • Resolva problemas de conectividade da rede, de forma 80% mais rápida em relação aos sistemas não gerenciáveis, utilizando o software PIM™ para Gerenciamento da Infraestrutura • Identifique a localização física exata de um acesso não autorizado à rede com agilidade até 90% maior se comparada à ausência de um sistema IPLMReduza Custos • Realize mudanças e ampliações com precisão e rapidez superior em 75% do que nos sistemas não gerenciáveis • Consolide as soluções de gerenciamento para camada física, energia e gerenciamento ambiental na plataforma única do software PIM™Melhore a Capacidade da Rede e a Colaboração • Melhore a colaboração entre pessoas, processos e sistemas, através de interconectividade confiável e de alta performance entre os sistemas de gerenciamento de rede e as aplicações • Gerenciamento baseado na web para acesso local e remoto via um navegador web Faça o download do folheto sobre o Software PIM™ em http://ittybitty.bz/PIM1 Para mais informações: Visite o site www.panduit.com/software, envie um e-mail para info@panduit.com.br ou ligue 55-11-3613-2353
  13. 13. 1 conect A JET FOR CLOUDConnect Cloud prepared corporatenetworks for processing in cloud computing A nnounced during Cisco Application Services (WAAS) Live! 2012, in San Diego, physical and virtual equipment in the main objective of one resources pool that are managed Cisco Connect Cloud by a central computer. solution is to supply a network that is ready for cloud computing and Control point permit the simplified migration of the Last, but not least, there are new companies businesses applicative. cloud services such as the Cloud With habilitated router for cloud and Services Routere (CSR), a virtual optimization platforms for remote router which enables to expand networks (WAN), the solution was Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for built on an open architecture. cloud and the Application Visibility Three essential elements integrate the and Control (AVC) technology which cloud connector. The first one joins the is integrated to G2 and ASR platforms With the ASR 1002-X Cisco Cloud Connectors software modules, of Integrated Services Router (ISR), expanded the series of aggregated serviced routers hosted in the Second Generation of the purpose of which is to optimize Integrated Services Routers (ISR G2) the cloud applicative supply in the which interact with cloud services to network. Furthermore, the UCS improve the applicative performance, E-Series modules were integrated in safety and availability. Its open platform the ISR G2. enables service providers and partners “As the companies are motivating to develop Cloud Connectors to render the quick adoption of cloud-based differentiated services to the customers. services, the routing platforms The solution also has a version and the WAM became a strategic for Cisco Hosted Collaboration control point to offer the best user’s Services (HCS) , for the web experience in cloud”, explains the ScanSafe-based safety service and vice-president senior and general for the CTERA storage connector, manager of Cisco Technology in of Cisco UCS-E Seires. Router Services Group, Praveen The second Connect pillar is in Akkiraju. platforms that are habilitated for “Cisco Connect Cloud redefines cloud. Cisco expanded the series of the W AN architecture with essential Aggregated Services Routers (ASR) innovations that make use of the with the ASR 1002-X, which also network intelligence as a fundamental The CSR 1000v router renders counts with the AppNav technology link in cloud implantations, by adding advanced network services and – which congregates Wide Area more resources to the traditional services ready to implanted in cloud 16
  14. 14. 6 ALLIANCE Cisco and EMC announced together new reference architectures,corporate routing. This permits the incentives for partners and integrated support to accelerate thecustomers to connect to cloud and customers’ evolution for cloud. Three ways were developedhave an optimum experience”, he adds. for companies and service rendering agents: implantation of customized design infrastructure with the best products of theProducts category; installation of reference architectures that are validated Absolute global leader in the and easy to implant with Cisco solutions for the proven EMCrouters market for companies, VSPEX infrastructure; and acquisition of convergent infrastructureCisco presently has 500 thousand previously integrated with the VCE Vblock system.customers all over the world, and is The two new Cisco Validated Designs (CVD) for EMC VSPEX areaccountable for 78,6% of the market. unified computing reference architectures that are adapted for smallThus the company has a privileged and medium companies. Designed to accelerate the itinerary to privateposition in the transformation by cloud, the CVDs are Cisco solutions for EMC VSPEX in Microsoft Hyper-Vwhich the long distance networks Architectures and Cisco solutions for EMC VSPEX for VMare vSphere 5.0.and the routing platforms undergo. More than 200 Cisco and ECM Velocity partners were trained to Therefore, the introduction of sell and implant EMC VSPEX with the Cisco Unified Data Center.Connect Cloud, which was born as Cisco and EMC also aligned their incentives structuresan essential element of Cisco Cloud to simplify the incentives process to the channel andIntelligent Network and, together increase the partnership’s profitability, besides creating awith the Unified Data Center and collaborative support structure to VSPX customers.the services and applicative for Ciscocloud, integrate the company massiveportfolio in the “clouds era”. The solution also includes WAN optimization resources, by improving the implantation agilityimprovements for traditional routing, grouping them elastically and on with an updating model based onW safety and optimization, besides AN demand for better development the company’s growth (“Pay as younew resources and models for ASR, ISR and latency. The solution offers Grow”), which offers performance ofG2 and W AAS pieces of equipment. applicative and connectivity with up to 36 Gbps with activated services Among the main introductions is the the cloud in an extremely safe way, for WAN environments, internet andCSR 1000v router. It renders network together with an implantation model managed services.advanced services and safety in a format that follows the growth and enables It was also announced the ESP-to be implanted in cloud environments. the applicative acceleration, as well 100G, a transference processorThis way it is possible to enlarge and as the performance visibility by the for the ASR 1000 Series in cloudcontrol a number of corporate network whole company. The AppNav can implantations, besides the Flex VPNfacets to the cloud, offering more be installed as a hardware model in for IPsec site to site of high safety andincome opportunities for the service WAVE equipment or as a software remote access via VPN.rendering companies in cloud, which on the new CSR. All products already are available,want to use a model under flexible The most recent introduction is except the CSR 1000v, the App-Navdemand of “network as a service”. the ASR 1002-X router. It enables in CSR and the Cisco UCS E-Series The WAAS 5.0 with AppNav, on to increase the WAN performance in ISR G2, which should be marketedthe other hand, enables to visualize in up to seven times, besides by the fourth quarter of 2012. • 17
  15. 15. 1 COLLABORATION WebEx Social: COLABORATION TOWARD THE CLOUD give a new impetus to the WebEx So- lationship between collaboration and Cisco Quad migrates cial by connecting it to the popular unified communications, integrating to the SaaS model, cloud service. “The WebEx has been instantaneous messages, telephone historically associated to web confe- and video with social networks. The receives new name rences, but our aspiration is to make product updating includes the same and resources to it an integrated collaboration tool”, video technology used in Jabber, be- explains Raj Gossain, Cisco mana- sides synchronized collaboration to- increase the 2.0 ging products vice-president for the ols, bringing high definition videos work force collaboration group. to the social experience. AE2 is an annual conference devo- productivity ted to those companies which have Resources adopted – or intend to adopt – colla- Resources such as the UnifiedD uring the Enterprise 2.0, or boration tools and technologies to Post, for example, permit creating E2, an event held in Boston, USA, Cisco caused good 6 The WebEx Social puts emphasis on the relationship impressions with the an- between collaboration and unified communications, integrating nouncement of WebEx Social, the new name of Quad collaboration instantaneous messages, telephone and video with social networks platform. The changes go far beyond the title: the product now integrates improve the way to conceive new and sharing content in an easier way the WebEx portfolio at the same time ideas, take decisions, carry out pro- then in e-mails, blogs or wikis, and when it migrated to the cloud, and is jects and create new products and with a much more effective feedback. commercialized in the Software as a services. This is why Cisco WebEx The posts can also be configured to Service (SaaS). Social attracted the attention during permit comments, edition and new With the change, Cisco intends to the e vent: it puts emphasis on the re- sharing systems. There is also the Corporate Social Network – which includes the user’s profile, communities, search, sugges- tions, tags and QA sections, which can be used to find experts, attend discussions and share contents. The integration with Microsoft Office is a total one, and it is possible to update and publish documents in WebEx Social directly from Word, Excel and Power Point. There is also a native support to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, ena- bling to keep the connection with colleagues, contents and applica- Webex new brand aims to expand social business opportunity cloud tions, regardless where the user is. • 18
  16. 16. Solucione problemas debaixa resposta em Aplicaçõesde Data CentersNunca foi tão fácil identificar a causa raiz do baixo desempenho das aplicações.A poderosa combinação de OptiView® NetFlow Tracker e ClearSight Analyzer™ajuda você a:• Coletar e agregar dados de toda a empresa • Resolver problemas de entrega de aplicativos• Alertar e solucionar problemas do desempenho • Diagnosticar e resolver problemas de desempenho da rede e das aplicações e aplicações em ambientes de multi-protocoloPara saber mais sobre o novo pacote de solução de problemas em data centers:visite: www.flukenetworks.com/troubleshootingpack ou envie e-mail para marketing@flukenetworks.com.brou ainda ligue para: 11 4058.0200 ©2012 Fluke Corporation. Todos os direitos reservados.
  17. 17. 1 COVERTHE NEWTELECOMMUNINCATIONFRONTIER Technological innovations and changes on the users’ profile challenge the telecom services in BrazilT he as cen s ion of the corporate user’s autonomy, exposing the questions and expectances about smartphones installed base the service rendering companies to the chances of cell phone networks in Brazil and in the world the polemic need of investments in the Country. is an evidence not only of in updating and maintaining the Another necessary updating, not the users’ affinity to this type of networks quality. only for the mobile network, but for device, but also the data networks In the mobile area , the each and every telecommunication consumption increase. With this LTE technology, base for the infrastructure, is the migration of equipment it is possible to send and implementation of the Fourth protocol IPv4 to the more modern receive data, including video and Generation of cell phone, already IPv6, with a larger capacity to integrate audio, and increase the common or has cases in the Country, despite all the things internet concept. • 20
  18. 18. 22
  19. 19. 23
  20. 20. 1 cOVER 4G: MORE INVESTMENTS, MOrE OPPORTUNITIES LTE technology increases the operators’ concern, but also creates new opportunities; Cisco solutions already support two initiatives in the CountryO ne trillion gigabytes represent 6 “The operators will restricted to the end user. The corporate an unimaginable quantity of need to increase the user is being far from the office chair zeros and ones. This value backhaul capacity” and demands from the companies the corresponds to 1,3 zetabyte, same experience at home or in the work — FLORIAN HARTMANN, OF CISCO a measure that just a few persons in environment. This is thy, according to the world know, but that will pass Part of the way toward this reality Gerbovic, the 4G facilitates the remote through the global telecommunication passes through the wireless networks, collaboration and the BOYD “bring networks in 2016. The calculation, part and Brazil gave an important step in June your own device” initiative”. of Visual Networking Index (VNI) by auctioning the frequencies that will communicated by Cisco in May this be used for the fourth generation of Challenges year, corresponds to the whole traffic cell phone, or just 4G. The LTE (Long Of course so many possibilities do resulting from the increasingly common Term Evolution) technology, standard not come without some difficulties. devices with access to the wide band – for those networks being implanted The licenses purchase for the 4G not to mention the increase of access in Brazil, together with the 3G and brought to the operators geographic to wireless networks and the very the fixed networks, will connect not coverage obligations, in a first moment change of habit from the users, who are only smartphones and tablets, but also of the seat-cities of the Confederations voracious consumers of video, among cars, devices to measure electric power Cup in 2013 and, later on, of the seat- other functionalities. consumption (smart grid), solar panels, cities of the FIFA 2014 World Soccer To support such a bit demand for production lines of large industries, Championship. Therefore, they data is no easy task for operators, besides TV sets and even refrigerators… will have to prepare their networks content providers and, of course, the potential applications are limitless. urgently and, somehow, to make use equipment manufacturers. It requires “The data users are demanding of the already existing towers and a great deal of investment, work and increasingly more from the operators, interconnections. “But they will need technology. But there is no alternative: including service quality and products more antennas because the waves the telecommunication move toward variety”, explains Marcio Gerbovic, propagation in the 4G is not as high as the IP networks omnipresence seems Cisco do Brasil sales manager for Latin in the 3G”, explains Florian Hartmann, to be an inevitable one. More and more America. For him, the LTE technology also a Cisco do Brasil sales manager for functionalities depend on them, and it is serves as a market opportunity for Latin America. already possible to notice some details telecompanies, which will formulate new Another challenge is the “brutal of this future when everything will be services packages to meet the demand. data consumption growth” as defined connected. Obviously, these demands are not by the executive. “The operators will also need to increase the antennas connection capacity with the main network (backhaul). Furthermore, there is a change in the data use composition, which is increasingly more unforeseeable. If before the smartphone 24
  21. 21. has uses and was connected to specific The last – but not least – among the importance so that the operator cannetworks in certain tomes, the 4G operators’ worries are the devices, i.e., deal with the great traffic as foreseenenables us to know where, when and smartphones, tablets and modems that in the LTD networks.what devices are in the network. This are compatible with the 4G standard “We have a solution of small wirelessis a very big impact.” used in the Country. The frequency cells that helps in implementing not For Marcio Gerbovic, the commercial of 2.5 GHz auctioned by Anatel only the 4G, but in the offload ofchallenge is also very important, as the (Telecommunication National Agency) 3G, and enlarges the coverage forimplantation of a 4G network demands is unique, therefore the Brazilian devices places that are difficult to reach”, explains Florian Hartmann. The same6 Theoretically, LTE forecasts downloads connection structure of antennas with30 to 40 times faster than the 3G the operators’ main network core can connect 2G. 3G, 4G and WiFi networks.new monetization ways. “It is necessary will also be. “Brazil is using a different The IP RAN (Radio Access Network)to provide the market with what it needs. frequency as compared to that in USA technology allies routers to the networkSeveral operators all over the world are and Europa (700 MHz). An iPad bought for an architecture that meets differentcreating more creative packages, and in USA, for example, can’t be connected antennas demand. “We can connectBrazil should follow the same way”, to the 4G in Brazil”, explains Hartmann. everything in the same infrastructure,he says. The purpose is to make the “The consequence is the price increase and the operator does not need touser to understand the plans benefits of devices sold in the Country.” worry if the LTE growth will jeopardizeand choose properly, permitting the the 3G traffic. The same backhaul IPoperator to obtain the expected return Solutions is used according to the traffic, noton investment, which is not a small one. As far as the 4G is concerned, Cisco determining a percentage for each andOnly with the frequencies acquisition, acts together with the service rendering every technology”, says Hartmann.the expenditure exceeded R$ 3 billion. companies mainly in three moments: The EPC, on the other hand, Theoretically, the LTE forecasts radio with small cells; connection analyzes the traffic and appliesdownloads 30 to 40 times faster than structure of these radios with the policies that enable, for example,the 3G. Such a speed drives the user to operator backhaul and shorthaul; and to differentiate packages of video, aconsume more data, and this imposestoe operator the work to make the user 6 “As manufacturers we have to exploreaware about the difference betweenthe consumption and the agreed upon everything that Cisco can add to the 4G”plan. “The international trend is just like — Marcio Gerbovic, OF ciscothe present one, with pre-agreed upondownload packages in 4G as well. There the Evolved PacketCore (EPC), which resource that is very sensible to loware operators with packages of300 MB analyses and applies traffic policies. latency and that can be given priorityuntil 5 GB”, says Gerbovic. These elements are of fundamental over files or e-mails downloads. Important for fixed networks, this resource in mobile networks is of fundamental importance. 6 THREE TIMES Cisco has a laboratory in the Country so that the companies As far as the 4G is concerned, Cisco acts together with the service can test companies, part of them rendering companies mainly in three moments: manufactured here – or soon to be • Radios with small cells solutions produced – thanks to the investments • Connection infrastructure of these radios with the operator’s backhaul that were announced during Cisco Plus and shorthaul this year. Presently, two big operators • Evolved Packet Core (EPC), which analyses and applies traffic policies. already work with the manufacturer in implanting 4G in Brazil. • 25
  22. 22. 1 cOVERIPv6 GUIDES THE FUTUREOF INTERNET AND THEoperaTORS’ INVESTMENTS 6 “The applications are infinite”New standard paves the road for the — Igor Giangrossi, OF cisco‘things internet’ The LTE is a totally IP technology, which assumes that all devices areI f the future will be market by the slower. All the operators, content connected to the network. This connectivity of all objects, in one providers and the internet society would be enough to justify the technological movement presently however are engages in the transition. migration to the IPv6. After all, it known as ‘things internet”, before would not be possible to address the it will be necessary to popularize the Longevity billions of mobile terminals in the new version of the internet protocol, But then why is IPv6 also a world with just the IPv4. the IPv6. Global initiatives for the technology of the future? “Because adoption of this technology – which the way it is structures means that Applications came to replace the old and outdated there should be no new protocol Other areas will also find a great IPv4 addressing system – will be of change in a near future”, explains usefulness in IPv6. The utilities fundamental importance in a world the engineer. “This provides space industry, for example, will be able where each and every device will for the internet growth for many, to adopt smart grids solutions, with have an IP address. many years.” intelligent energy measuring devices, “The IPv6 is a technology of the Still talking about the future, there with fully automated data collection. present, but can also be considered as a is a direct relationship between the In the field of renewable energies, technology of the future”, explains Igor things internet and the IPv6. Without consumers with solar panels and Giangrossi, Cisco do Brasil engineer the standard it would be impossible intelligent energy systems could and consultant of architectures for to connect so many objects, devices become suppliers, by selling the operators. “Although in Brazil the and pieces of equipment. There is excess to the concessionary. implementations are a little bit late, we also an obvious relationship with are on the good way. In some countries the LTE technology. On the fourth The IPv6 application in connected of Asia, for example, the IPv6 is more generation of cell phones (4G), “all remote controls could be used present because the IPv4 is at the end the phones have mandatorily an IP in residential automation. IP cars of all its resources.” address, differently of those of 2G would enable not only the access For Giangrossi, as long as there are and 4G when this only happened to the web, but the car would share IPv4 available for distribution, the when the customer had a data plan”, the traffic information in actual IPv6 implantation ends up by being explains Giangrossi. time with the municipalities’ control 26
  23. 23. explains Giangrossi. “On the corporate probable that all platforms will be side, Cisco has the largest number ofsystems. Safety monitoring centrals compatible already.” IPv6 Forum certificates, with severalcould be benefitted with IP cameras certification levels. We clearly have anetworks. Even the agriculture Embarked technology leadership position in terms of supportwould be benefitted by implanting If it depends on Cisco, operators to the new standard.”low power sensors in cattle herds to and end users should not have Another important initiative of themonitor the animals’ displacement or any difficulty in migrating to the company with the operators is theeven their health. new internet standard. Since 2010 encouragement not only for the IPv6 “The applications are infinite. the manufacturer’s equipment for adhesion, but in the capacitation ofWhat all of them have in common operators and companies support those collaborators who work withis that they need connectivity, hence IPv6 as a standard. The same applies internet protocols. “All those how havethe importance of IPv6: only with to the Linksys line domestic routers some contact with IP will have to bethe growing number of addresses it is E family. submitted to a capacitation, and thispossible to carry out and experiment “This year, during the World effort is not a small one, as the IPv6 isthe things internet”, explains Introduction of IPv6, Cisco took the very different from the IPv4”, says theGiangrossi. “All this will happen, commitment that all its residential engineer. “This is also an internal effort,but some developed countries will pieces of equipment would count on with Cisco’s own work force, besidesimplement these solutions first.” the native support to the protocol”, partners and customers.” •Investments Despite what he considers asa slow implantation of the IPv6 6 CISCO TAKES VIDEO TO ANY DEVICE IN ABTA 2012standard in Brazil, Giangrossi saysthat it is already part of the operators’ Allied to the vision that the video will be in all devices, Cisco introduced,business plan. If until two years ago in the Congress and Fair ABTA 2012, promoted by Cable TV Brazilianthe work was to try and convince Association (Associação Brasileira de TV por Assinatura) the mainthose companies to adopt the company’s technological solutions for the industry. Domestic WiFi networkprotocol, now they are worried about and content delivery in multiple screes (TV Everywhere) were among thethe best way to do it. main introductions. According to the expert, in the A new Videoscape functionality called Conductor enables the userfixed or mobile wide band for the to receive, in actual time, on a tablet or smartphone, information orend user, the implantations are still advertisings referring to the TV transmitted content. The Videoscape is alate. But the scenario changes when platform that was introduced in 2011 which assembles digital and onlinewe talk about the corporate market. TV contents with social media and communication in multiple screens. But“By the customers’ request many the attentions were mainly attracted to the Prime Home announcement, aoperators have already implement solution which permits the management and provisioning of residential andthe IPv6”, he says. mobile devices connected by the operators. The technology is based on In the beginning of 2013, the the TR-069 protocol of Clear Access, a company which belongs to Ciscodelivery of IPv6 to the mass market since the beginning of 2012.should grow with the arrival of With dedicated or in cloud servers, the operator can manage theLTE, which although it does not subscriber’s network with no need to send experts, reducing expendituresfunction with the IPv4, it should and solving problems faster. The Prime Home also permits thebe present in the network of all the development of new products and services based on the end users’operators which will act on the 4G. profile reports. A portal in the internet enables the user to manager his/“It would be senseless to build new her own network, filtering the content and giving priority to the domesticnetworks without the IPv6. From network traffic for voice or video, for example..the technical standpoint it is very 27
  24. 24. 1 THE PARTNER’S VOICEOI and CISCO partnership policy of businesses until we accomplish this objective.JOIN EFFORTS CLM: How are you structures to serve those big companies? Ronaldo Motta: We redesigned our organizational structure to help Companies seal alliance and enlarge TIC the customer to make a purchase offer for the corporate market decision in favor of Oi and created competence centers to provide W ith an agreement that platform. A project that shows the services to the networking, fixed seals the first step toward beginning of Oi’s actuation as a Telecom voice and convergence, mobility, data the MSCP (Managed with IT integrated provider. center, safety and new businesses Services Cisco Partner) areas (with focus in offers of certification, Oi counts on Cisco to CLM: How will the agreement signed smart world for governments, with enlarge the TIC solutions offer for the for MSCP certification contribute to solutions of education, health, corporate market. Today, the operator Oi’s businesses expansion? security, UC, etc.). has in its portfolio the 15 thousand Ronaldo Motta: The agreement is the In the sales areas, we created teams companies that invest more in IT and first step toward the MSCP (Managed who are accountable for customers Telecom in the Country, and plans Services Cisco Partner) certification, (render services and close deals) and to introduce to them compounded which requires the structuration for products (to make a survey of solutions that simplify the migration to of some processes, such as to have cloud computing (Smart Cloud) and the employees who are certificated by networks management (W and Back AN Cisco, to give support to the equipment up 3G management). The partnership involved in the service rendering, with Cisco should accelerate the besides documented processes to operator’s steps toward the leadership prove that our operation follows the in TIC offers for that niche. In an best market practices. In this direction, interview for Cisco Live Magazine, we go in search of another certification, Ronaldo Motta, Oi marketing director the ISO 2000, which will complement of corporative business unit, details the the MSCP. solutions and talks about short and medium terms businesses expectances. CLM: What is the actuation strategy with the corporations? Cisco Live Magazine: How is the Ronaldo Motta: RWe have partnership project between Oi and redesigned our positioning for the Cisco? corporate market. We have today in our Ronaldo Motta: Cisco supplies us the portfolio the 15 thousand companies know-how and the pieces of equipment that invest more in IT and Telecom in – two essential things in service the Country, and our objective is to rendering – and gives us commercial enable Oi to become a partner of those attention. We try to unite Oi and Cisco organizations in search of incomes and salespersons efforts, to find businesses costs rationalization, by means of the opportunities. Cisco is also our partner use of technology as a service. We in supplying blade technologies, which have a lot of work ahead of us, but support services in the Smart Cloud we still need to establish a structured 28
  25. 25. certain developed services) and we which vary from failures and incident Ronaldo Motta: We already havealso count on an after-sales team. management to availability problems; some new projects under discussion. and we re-introduced the WAN It is nothing official as yet, but we are CLM: What are the solutions already networks service and the mobile studying with Cisco the possibility todesigned for the corporate universe? telephony management (mobility have a partnership on the Oi’s offer of UC Ronaldo Motta: We have today management),where we offer remote (Unified Communication), consideringan offer of private and public cloud, and proactive management. that they are an important player in thiscontemplating the infrastructure as area and we want to count on them inwell. Our first introduction is the IaaS CLM: You also act with a 3G backup the offer of videoconference and tele-(Infrastructure as a Service) offer, network. What is this offer differential? presence solutions for the corporatein which the customer can acquire Ronaldo Motta: This network industry. This is an important themevirtual servers in the Cloud structure increases the connection availability, within our offer of LAN (customers’and manage the resources remotely, including in critical points of the local networks) management and wein the self-care model. I.e., the customers’ operation, and supports believe in Cisco’s potential to leveragecustomer has access to an Oi portal operations in cases of failures in another this project.(technical backOffice) which permits operator’s main network, for a cost thatthe machines monitoring and to add can reach 30 percent of the value that CLM: What is Cisco’s importance inresources automatically, for example, he/she pays in the main network. OI’s project to act in the bit Brazilianthe increase of the processing capacity. corporate market? In the networks management, CLM: What are the new introductions Ronaldo Motta: Cisco is a playerthe customers can opt for services for the future? with a global reference technology and our movement toward becoming an operator with focus on IT and integrated Telecom demands, essentially, the existence of partnerships. We cannot think this movement with no partnerships with Cisco, because their importance is vital for our business. This is why we hope to count on the limitless support to our initiatives. • “The movement to become an operator, with focus on IT and integrated Telecom, demands, essentially, the existence of partnerships, and we cannot think this movement without Cisco, because their importance is vital for our business” — Ronaldo Motta, of Oi 29
  26. 26. 1 THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE HI-TECH HOSPITAL GAINS PRODUCTIVITY New building of Instituto Nacional de Traumatologia e Ortopedia has 100% IP network and more than one thousand extensions W ith the move to a new building, Instituto Nacional de Traumatologia e Ortopedia (INTO), a federal public hospital located in Rio de Janeiro expanded meaningfully its operation: it increased the number of beds (from 144 to 303) of consultation management is accomplished by the rooms (from 14 to 60) and surgery Call Manager. 6 “The environment is fully managed by the rooms (from 8 to 21); permitting The executive reveals that the whole the volume increase is surgeries and building automation, the perimeter Cisco Call Manager” ambulatory consultations. But the safety (by means of IP cameras), as well — Carlos Junior, OF INTO change needed to be supported by a as the hospital management systems new IT infrastructure, which should and the PACS (Picture Archiving and be increased in the same proportions. Communication System) operates on smartphones – and the Radio-Frequency With the defined project and the the new network. Identification (RFID). “The whole wireless edit published, PromonLogicalis was The environment is also prepared to network is already prepared for the RFID. chosen as the provider of the whole IT receive the innovations that are forecast for Soon we intend to use the technology to infrastructure and telecommunication, the second phase of the project, between control assets and high cost materials, as using Cisco technology. According them the adoption of mobile collaboration well as for a fast professionals location”, to Carlos Junior, INTO technology manager, the network core is supported resources – with the use of tablets and anticipates Carlos Junior.• on the Nexus family. There are dozens of access switches, besides traffic balancing 6 JUMP solutions, virtualization and environment safety. The whole telecommunication Instituto Nacional de Traumatologia e Ortopedia (INTO) increased the servisse system is based on IP telephony. rendering capacity after moving to a new building. See the figures: “There are more than one thousand extensions, among fixed equipment, BEDS jumped from 144 to 303 devices prepared for videocalls, mobile telephones and softphones installed in CONSULTATION ROOMS jumped from 14 to 60 some computers”, details the executive, SURGERY ROOMS jumped from 8 to 21 pointing out that the environment 30
  27. 27. Data CenterAlta performance ligando sua empresa ao futuro. Veja alguns dos benefícios: A Embratel acaba de inaugurar o Redução de investimentos em infraestrutura e custos de manutenção. Data Center Lapa, o 5o Data Center da Conexão direta com backbone IP com dupla redundância. Embratel no Brasil, com certificação Alta segurança e alta tecnologia. TIER III. Ele oferece os melhores Atendimento da sazonalidade da operação serviços em Cloud Computing, Hosting, com escalabilidade dos serviços. Segurança e Disaster Recovery, Interligação entre sites via Rede OTN (Fotônica) com alta disponibilidade (99,999%). garantindo maior tranquilidade à sua empresa e permitindo maior foco em seu core business. É assim que a Embratel liga sua empresa ao futuro. www.embratel.com.br
  28. 28. 1 THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE Telepresence tips borders Rexam invests in telepresence global project with Dimension Data services W orld leader in packages 6 Every installed for con s umpt ion, room has a Cisco 3010 Rexam invested in a far- Telepresence unit reaching telepresence project with Cisco technology and services of Dimension Data to refine a necessary adaptation process for the the communication among executives technology use with image and audio of its subsidiaries in Brazil and in the quality. In the Brazilian subsidiary, United States, and in the company about 30 executives, among managers headquarters, located in England. and directors who have the need of a According to André Caneca, IT constant communication to the London businesses relationship manager of and Chicago facilities, use the room. Rexan in South America, the search for productivity gains of the main Empathy executives was the main motivating Caneca points out the telepresence factor for the project accomplishment. technology efficiency for a better “We are trying to reduce the number of communication among Rexam trips of our professionals and have more executives. “When you have the speed in the decision making process”, opportunity to see the person on the he explains. other side with quality, there is more Each and every one of the installed empathy and the subjects are dealt with rooms has a Cisco 3010 Telepresence more easily. Today, our telepresence unit – commercialized and implemented room is used almost every day and the by Dimension Data – and underwent gains go well beyond the financing figures”, he says. Due to the telepresence project 6 “We are trying to reduce success, Rexsam is evaluating the the number of trips of our initiative transference to other professionals and have subsidiaries. “Our objective is that, more speed in the decision from 2013 on, other facilities in making process” South America will also have rooms and share the same communication • — André Caneca, REXAM IN SOUTH AMERICA benefits”, he concludes. 32
  29. 29. 33
  30. 30. 1 THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE TIM ACCELERATES the project, mainly for its magnitude, WI-FI because we are an operator entering in Wi-Fi, and one year from new we will provide 10 thousand hotspots INSTALLATIOIN to a country that counts with only 4 thousand”, says the marketing director. As part of the strategy to improve the IN PUBLIC SPACES access to the internet in public places in Brazil, TIM also believes that to invest in partnerships, even with competitors, is vital in this moment. “During the Activation project of 10 thousand sport events there will be more people hotspots will also increase the than normal, so the partnership with other operators will be the way to operator’s expansion capacity meet the demand for connection to 3G and Wi-Fi networks”, concludesC onnectivity. The word that has mobilized operators’ to stadiums”, reports Rafael Marquez, TIM Intelig marketing director. Marquez. • projects to expand the telecommunic at ion Transfer networks on tome to meet the demand According to him, this project arises for data transmission mainly during as an alternative to relieve the traffic the 2014 and 2016 sport events was in the 3G network and to meet the translated by TIM as Wi-Fi. The internet dement in mobile devices. company signed an agreement with “The project is what we call the 3G Cisco to install new wireless networks offload for Wi-Fi. Our strategy is to in places with a great public circulation, enlarge the mobile network, which such as airports, shopping malls and already represents a base growth stadiums. resulting from the demand for The project foresees the installation connected equipment”, he explains. of 10 thousand hotspots until The infrastructure will count on December. The operator announced three Cisco pieces of equipment. One that the equipment installation and outdoor line (1552) for open places; tests in some public places such as and two Indoor (1042 and 3502) – the in the Paraisópolis community (SP), first one for environments with little besides 13 airports in the Country. interference; and the last, the most “We are an operator The partnership will enable the robust one and with a more complicate entering the Wi-Fi delivery of a robust infrastructure, spectrum, for buildings such as which promises connection to the high shopping malls. and one year from speed internet in large cities, including The partnership between Cisco now we will provide those which will receive the sport and Intelig adds quality to the project 10 000 hotspots to a events. “Certainly, before the World infrastructure, which is considered as Soccer Championship, we will provide an innovating one for the quantity of country that counts the best services, and we are already installed hotspots. “Cisco technology with only 4 000” talking to clubs to take connectivity world-wide known for its quality, avails — Rafael Marquez, OF TIM Intelig 34
  31. 31. 35