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Session 2 ppt 1 edbi_j_mathekga

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Session 2 ppt 1 edbi_j_mathekga

  2. 2. Focus of Presentation • Purpose of EDBI • Achieving the Purpose • What EDBI helps facilitate • SteerCom Members • EDBI Timeline • Partnerships • Attendance and Themes • INVITATION to the new hosts • Invitation to hosts of the next two conferences • Conclusion
  3. 3. PurposeoftheEDBI inEastandSouthernAfrica • To facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience on investment climate reforms in Eastern and Southern Africa; and • improve the investment climate and increase the region’s share of investment flows and export markets, in line with the stated regional economic integration objectives of the involved Regional Economic Communities and Member States.
  4. 4. What EDBI helps facilitate • Best Practice Showcase Opportunity under one roof • Encouraging political buy-in • Follow through of committed reform agenda (reform clinics) • Monitoring and Evaluation of reforms is key to the initiative • Initiative steered by an executive committee, private sector represented, with Terms of Reference
  5. 5. SteerCom Members • Mr Joey Mathekga – South Africa • Mr Boniface Mphetlhe - Botswana • Mr Gobusamang Keebine – Botswana • Ms Khoudijah Boodoo - Mauritius • Ms Louise Kanyonga – Rwanda Additional Members: • Mr Lungile Dukwana • Dr Catherine Masinde, • Mr Chunlin Zhang • Ms Obi Ihonor
  6. 6. Timeline of EDBI • Started in:- • Mauritius (Jan 2010) -Peer to Peer Learning Event • Rwanda (March 2011) -Peer to Peer Learning Event • Botswana (2012) -Peer to Peer Learning Event • South Africa (April 2013) -ANNUAL CONFERENCE • Mozambique (June 2014) -ANNUAL CONFERENCE • M and E Reports are available for the first three conferences for ease of reference • M and E Reports are used in tracking progress of reforms as will have been committed during this meetings
  7. 7. Partnershipshelp deliverreforms • Government of Mauritius and World Bank Group • Government of Rwanda, World Bank, Regional Multidisciplinary Center of Excellence (RMCE) • Government of Botswana , World Bank Group, RMCE. • Government of South Africa, World Bank Group, JSE • Government of Mozambique,
  8. 8. Prime Minister of Mauritius Officially opens Mauritius event Source: IFC Smart Lesson April 2010 Ms Ruth Kagia and dignitaries- Botswana
  9. 9. Attendance and Themes: Conferences Country Botswana 2012 South Africa 2013 Mozambique 2014 No. of Countries 14 Countries 14 Countries 22 Countries No. of Delegates 144 Delegates 180 Delegates 200 Delegates Themes “Sharing Reform Experiences” “Doing Business Reforms – Our Priority” “Sharing Business Regulation Reforms and Regional Experiences”
  10. 10. Invitation • Expressions of Interest for hosting of the 2015 EDBI Conference • Expression of Interest for hosting of the 2016 EDBI Conference __________ • Commitment to Reforms • Submission of reform action plans and • Successful implementation of at least two reforms (as counted by the annual Doing Business report) per year
  11. 11. Conclusion • Take back one learning from each country represented here • The high level representation here, is an indication of commitment • Remember, EDBI is also about networking, showcasing your country and making new friends It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. - Confucius
  12. 12. Thank you!
  13. 13. Sources • EDBI Concept Note, “Improving the Environment for Doing Business in Eastern and Southern Africa”, August 29, 2012 • Obiajulu Ihonor, Monitoring and Evaluation Report, 2013