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WiLAT Annual International Conference

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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport's Women in Logistics and Transport Group Report on their Conference at International Convention 2016 in Montreal

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WiLAT Annual International Conference

  1. 1. 1 WiLAT meeting in Montreal 8 May 2016 Our guest speakers The fourth WiLAT annual meeting was held on 8 May 2016 in Montreal. The one day programme includes a speech in the morning by Fiona Murray, Vice President Industrial Products, CN. Fiona shared her success story with emphasis on determination and her readiness to attempt new ventures. Started her career as a librarian, Fiona moved to become a leading female figure in supply chain management, sales and marketing. Another speaker is Sherry Romanado, Member of Parliament of Longueuil-Charles-Lemoyne. She is a mother of two and at the same time, she held many board positions and is always challenging herself to excel. Presentation on strategic thrusts WiLATs benefited from sharing with women leaders. Two presentations were made by Gayani de Alwis on Mentorship and Sharifah Halimah on APEC WIT-Pilot Project of Malaysia. Gayani also presented WiLAT’s annual report and our future plans in Montreal. The presentation is supported by an interesting slide show.
  2. 2. 2 New appointments WiLAT in-house meeting noted significant developments on the formation of Asia Forum on 8 January 2016 and the constitution of WiLAT Africa on 9 March 2016. Sharifah Halimah is the Asia Forum Convenor and Dr. Doreen Owusu-Fianko, chairperson of WiLAT Ghana will run the affairs of the WiLAT Africa secretariat. With the growing demand on travelling and conferences, the meeting agreed to appoint Vicky Koo, WiLAT Hong Kong as Deputy Global Convenor and Kelly Lee, WiLAT Singapore as Global Treasurer. Annual report WiLAT was pleased with the first annual report produced through joint efforts. The meeting unanimously supported the production of the 2017 report as follows: a) the report would cover the period from June 2016 to May 2017; b) only highlights would be included under the four strategic thrusts and including corporate social responsibility; c) all drafts would be ready by end April 2017 for printing. Souvenir sales The meeting was interested in developing the souvenir schemes as a means to generate income for WiLAT. The proposal put forward by Vicky Koo to encourage the sale of WiLAT souvenir items locally and to share the sale proceeds with Global WiLAT was agreed. 15% of the sales amount will be contributed to the WiLAT Global Fund to be established through CILT Singapore. ‘WE’ book 2018 An important item on Global WiLAT 5th Anniversary celebrations was discussed. The publication of a 'WE' book was supported. Sharifah Halimah was appointed as the chief editor. The Countries present agreed to nominate two to three successful women leaders in the field of logistics and transport to build up inspiring stories. Nominations would be provided to Sharifah Halimah by October this year. All cases would be vetted by a committee before a formal offer is made to the candidate. The meeting agreed to include both Dorothy Chan and Aisha Ibrahim in the ‘WE’ book without the need for nomination as important figures contributing to the establishment of WiLAT.
  3. 3. 3 There was discussion on a global WiLAT award which can be given out to young females. YP award would be drawn as a reference before a decision is made. The meeting noted that the 2017 convention to be held in Macau would be jointly organized by CILT Macao and WiLAT Hong Kong. WiLAT Got Talent would be a highlight for the WiLAT dinner and 6 competing teams would be selected from countries for final performance. Details would be circulated by Vicky Koo and WiLATs are interested in the idea and are happy to support the first WiLAT cum international venture. WiLAT agreed to adopt 2010 as the founding year for WiLAT as the first group was formed by Nigeria in that year under Aisha Ibrahim. Globally, WiLAT was launched in Sri Lanka on 3 June 2013. Individual WiLAT would adopt different dates according to its formation date for celebration. As a group, Global WiLAT would celebrate its 5th Anniversary in 2018. 10 May 2016