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Sue Caporn and Vicki Boyd "LRCs and flexible learning environments"

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Sue Caporn and Vicki Boyd "LRCs and flexible learning environments"

  1. 1. Slideshow TitleLRCs and flexible learningenvironments: meeting the challenges Sue Caporn and Vicki Bowd City of Bristol College
  2. 2. Overview of the workshop• City of Bristol College• South Bristol Skills Academy• eLearning – the benefits and the pitfalls• Where did it go eRight?• Ideas to take away
  3. 3. City of Bristol College• Result of several mergers• One of the largest colleges in the country• 26,000 students. About 10,000 full-time students• Hundreds of courses & 1,000 teaching staff
  4. 4. City of Bristol College LRCs• Six LRCs one at each of the main College centres Ashley Down• Each LRC tailored to LRC support the curriculum at that centre College Green• 30 LRC staff, flat structure Orpen Park
  5. 5. South Bristol Skills Academy• Opened in September 2010• Part of a regeneration project• To equip local community with skills for employment South Bristol Skills Academy• Architect-designed, purpose built, technology rich
  6. 6. Why eLearning at SBSA?• Engages students – active learners• Flexible delivery & students can reinforce own learning• Current resources & information• Can use own mobile devices• Blended learning – eLearning in a classroom setting
  7. 7. But it can go so eWrong….
  8. 8. Now over to you…• Design your ideal environment for eLearning / blended learning SBSA floor Plans• How will the Learning Resource Centre promote and support eLearning and the use of digital resources?
  9. 9. Now how does it work at SBSA? South Bristol Skills Academy (SBSA)
  10. 10. The right eEnvironment• Open learning space with the LRC at the heart of teaching and learning
  11. 11. The right eStructure• Three eL&I teams: – LRC – eLearning Systems & Factory – eLearning Training Team• eL&I integrated with ICT
  12. 12. The right eTechnologies• LRC laptops• Laptop trollies• Digital cameras• Voice recorders• iPod touches• eBook readers• Peripherals (remotes, clickers, trip ods, Laptop adaptors etc)
  13. 13. The right eSkills• eLearning Training team:• Teaching staff trained• LRC staff able to support teachers• Key role of EPICT
  14. 14. The right eSupport• LRC staff• IT Helpdesk• IT engineer on site• Enough equipment for back-up
  15. 15. Now over to you…• Which one idea can you take back to your college or university to implement? ?
  16. 16. Slideshow Title Vicki Bowd vicki.bowd@cityofbristol.ac.uk Sue Caporn sue.caporn@cityofbristol.ac.uk City of Bristol College
  17. 17. ARLG Conference 2012 Slideshow Title LRCs and flexible learning environments : meeting the challenges Outcome of workshop The top suggestions to ensure students expectations are met in the LRCs and flexible learning environmentsTrainingTake up of EPICT – LRC staff up skilled in using IT in teaching and learningManaging IT KitSubstitute (subs) laptop to ensure no gaps in laptop provisionA range of IT kit appropriate to eLearningClear and less restrictive IT policies regarding use of IT equipmentIT support for students’ own IT equipment/DevicesGood LRC equipment booking systemIT SupportNetwork supportConnectivityFast access to internetstudents able to plug in their own IT devicesCompatibility of equipment with other devicesCompatibility of software so students can work togetherImplementing single user logineLearning EnvironmentCreating an LRC ‘without walls’