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CI&T goes google+

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Imagine a company culture where email represents just 10% of internal collaboration. Seems impossible, right? Well, CI&T has found a winning solution for enterprise collaboration in Google+. Check out this Slideshare for details on how CI&T uses Google+ communities, Google Drive, Hangouts On Air, and even got inspired to create our external internet (www.ciandt.com) using our public Google+ page as the CMS. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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CI&T goes google+

  1. 1. gone Google+ google.com/+MarsCyrillo
  2. 2. We are global with people in Brazil, USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and China. Our excellence has been recognized by the market with awards since being founded in 1995 We are truly multi-cultural, an army of almost 1700 talented employees and their great stories
  3. 3. Google partner since 2011 Apps and Cloud
  4. 4. Intranet Google Groups BLOGs Wikis GMAIL Google Docs Skype Collaboration around interests and themes Uploads of Microsoft Office, meeting notes (also gotomeeting) video calls email: 70%-ish of our collaboration time Collaboration @ CI&T, not long ago... Communication (mainly by HR) Technical threads (coders and teams) Static Content / Policies / Processes
  5. 5. Google+ Google SitesGMAIL Google Drive Hangouts Static Content / Policies / Processes video calls + working sessions (gotomeeting still used for webinars) email: 10%-ish of our collaboration time Google+ Communities intense collaboration among teams and around themes, enthusiasts, etc. All documents Collaboration @ CI&T, now!
  6. 6. Google+ Adoption Critical Success Factors
  7. 7. Executive support C-level must join and use Google+1.
  8. 8. A champion: Google+ = a person in the company2.
  9. 9. Change Management Guidelines, education and RPI (return on personal investment) 3.
  10. 10. Empowerment Critical Mass, autonomy and organic moderation4.
  11. 11. Opened our minds for a new internet website Our Google+ Hits No one misses our intranet, Google groups, blogs or wikis. We turned all of them off, no crying. A new employee has quick access to knowledge and discussions from the past Ability to know at a glance what's going on and what's hot at the company Much easier to identify people potential in some subjects
  12. 12. ciandt.com is built by public posts from our people and pages on Google+
  13. 13. Come and see 5 tips on how to best leverage Google+ communities CI&T+: Google+ as a collaboration platform ciandt.com/google
  14. 14. A product by in partnership with A new product was born:
  15. 15. learn more soon!