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Windows 10 Universal Plattform

  1. Windows 10 Universal Plattform Überblick über dieWindows 10 Universal Plattform, Möglichkeiten und Entwicklungsfeatures
  2. Agenda  Windows 10 Universal Plattform
  3. Windows Store RT and WP8.1 Desktop
  4. THE WAY TO THE COMMON PLATFORM Windows 10 Zusammengeführter Betriebssystem-Kernel Zusammengeführtes App-Modell
  5. Windows 10 Alle Windows 10 Plattformen nutzen den selben Core, dies ermöglicht einer App auf jedemWindows Device zu laufen. Damit läuft die selbe App auf demTelefon in der Hand, demTablet oder Laptop im Rucksack, dem PC auf dem Schreibtisch oder der Xbox imWohnzimmer.
  6. Windows 10 Universal Plattform
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Notas do Editor

  1. [Purpose of this slide: Set the context that when we say “Threshold” we mean the converged platform.] Nothing shows “One Windows” more than the way our platforms are converging, a journey which ends with Windows “Threshold” With the release of Windows 8 we laid the foundation. Windows Phone 8 took advantage of this. And, Xbox One was built on top of Windows 8 and even uses the same runtime. With the release of Windows Phone 8.1 the runtimes from phone and desktop came together. Over 90% API convergence. Threshold brings EVERYTHING together, the foundation is the same, kernel, drivers etc. – from PCs to phones, to IoT devices And the application platform is the same across all of these devices.
  2. Windows 10 represents the culmination of our platform convergence journey with Windows now running on a single, unified Windows core. This convergence enables one app to run on every Windows device – on the phone in your pocket, the tablet or laptop in your bag, the PC on your desk, and the Xbox console in your living room. And that’s not even mentioning all the new devices being added to the Windows family, including the HoloLens, Surface Hub, and IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi 2. All these Windows devices will now access one Store for app acquisition, distribution and update.
  3. What the audience should learn from this slide: The human technologies that make more personal computing a reality are in the Windows Core and available to developers and device manufactures in Windows 10   We expect to see more personal computing in devices in all shapes and sizes with Windows 10 Suggested amount of time to present this slide: <1 minute Example script: “Windows 10 brings the technologies in more personal computing to the full breadth of Windows 10 devices.   As just one example, Cortana’s voice recognition and natural language interaction is found in devices as varied as Windows Phone, Xbox One, Surface, laptops and convertibles from our OEM partners, our giant PPI screens, the Microsoft Band, and HoloLens. And regardless of which device you’re using, Cortana knows to pick up your conversation just where you left off when you were last talking.   All Windows 10 devices share the Windows Core, and they all run Windows 10 UAP apps. For developers, there’s a single Windows store, so their app experiences can be fully mobile across all the devices users have, powered by the more personal computing found in Windows 10.”