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SWA Presentation

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SWA Presentation

  1. 1. Are you on a never-ending struggle to attain financial freedom and independence? Have you been forever trying and wishing you could just get that one break that willcatapult you to great success? Do you keep on searchingfor that perfect opportunity which is destined to make your dreams come true?
  2. 2. Well, we’ve got GREAT NEWS for you! Your search, struggle, and wait is finally OVER!Introducing… The perfect opportunity that you have always been waiting for and dreaming of is finally here at last!
  3. 3. What is SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System? It is a 100% online business program Attain financialspecifically designed success through our to help regular proven positive life- changing products. people around theworld attain financial success through a POWERFUL 2-WAYAPPROACH… all from Attain financialwithin the comfort of success through our unique, first-in-the home computer! the-world system.
  4. 4. The Company: ChavesNet Enterprises ChavesNet Enterprises has a great track record ofinnovating and developing unique and brilliant business programs, concepts, and opportunities.
  5. 5. The Program: Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA) Developed by ChavesNet Enterprises in 2009, SupremeWealth Alliance has already helped thousands of people find financial success right within the comforts of their homes. The SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System is the ultimate masterpiece of Supreme Wealth Alliance, and will be its flagship system for the long haul.
  6. 6. The SWA Product: The Supreme Wealth LibrarySWA developed a massive library whose resources canteach you the practical principles, secrets, techniques, and strategies on how to build and maintain wealth. The library now contains hundreds of titles and thousands of resources. They are in the form of ebooks, videos, audios, scripts, graphics, templates, modules, icons, fonts, and other media formats.
  7. 7. Below is a very small selection of our wealth ebooks. Justthese ones below are already worth over US$100 in value. You can verify how much each book costs in your local bookstore. some ebooks even come with audio
  8. 8. In addition, we have lots of strategic training programs thatcan help boost the sales of any product or business that you are promoting. Below are the few about social marketing…
  9. 9. …and here, the few about marketing in general. There aremany more in the library not shown in this presentation. And remember, these are not merely ebooks. The library has hundreds of step-by-step video and audio tutorials for easy viewing or listening.
  10. 10. Furthermore, theresources in the Supreme Wealth Library are notlimited to wealth building or money-making. Many other topics of great interest are included in the library. It is said that ‘Knowledge is Power’.So the Supreme WealthLibrary can be a sourceof great power for you.
  11. 11. Another superb featureof the Supreme WealthLibrary is that you canconveniently access all its products andresources from within one area… the library downloader software. Our powerful search feature makes you easily find resources based on title, description, or even based on product type or rights.
  12. 12. PLUS! Many of the products inside the library haveResale Rights, so you can even sell them individually.They even have their very own attractive sales pages!
  13. 13. With all these features, value, and content, one would easily think that the Supreme Wealth Library costshundreds or even thousands of dollars. It does not… You only pay one-time! And though you just pay ONCE, we will keep on adding new products to the library that you can access anytime!
  14. 14. If you carefully study and faithfully put into practice the powerful knowledge that you will find in the Supreme Wealth Library… …we guarantee 100% that you will ultimately find the financial success that you are looking for! That’s how confident we are of APPROACH # 1 in helping you attain financial freedom and independence.But wait… there is still APPROACH # 2, which is actually a much faster way to help make you reach your dreams, especially if you COMBINE it with APPROACH # 1!
  15. 15. The SWA System: The Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S) APPROACH # 2 is simple. When you purchase the Supreme Wealth Library, you will be entered into our marketing system, and you’ll be given your own website. Just consistently shareyour SWA website to asmany people as possible. And the system will dothe rest by rewarding youwith both quick and long- term residual income.
  16. 16. WHY Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S)?It’s because we combined the 2 best and most popular compensation plans (or pay plans) on the internet,whereby the weaknesses of each are neutralized, and their best features are magnified. In other words, you get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
  17. 17. On their own, each of the pay plans in the P3S have made millionaires out of ordinary people all across the globe. Just imagine what can happen now that their best features are combined and their individual weaknesses are neutralized. YOU can earn super explosive income!
  18. 18. What’s superb about these 2 pay plans is that the weaknesses of oneare the strengths of the other, that’s why they are a ‘perfect couple’.
  19. 19. Every one who joins SWA Ultimate and purchases the Supreme Wealth Library gets into the 2 pay plans.The same goes with all your referrals… you can earn fromtheir purchases and from the purchases of their referrals (and so on) in the 2 pay plans simultaneously!
  20. 20. We shall now examine the step-by-step process ofearning in each pay plan. Remember that even though we are examining them one by one, they are happening toyou at the same time, even with just one effort from you. Pay Plan # 1: The 2 x 2 Dynamic Follow Matrix This pay plan is based on a structure of only 7 persons --- you, your 2 first level downlines, and their 2 first level downlines --- hence the term 2 x 2.
  21. 21. To earn from this system, you simply need to fill up your 2 x 2 matrix. Your referrals and the referrals of yourreferrals get into your matrix. You earn US$70 or US$90for each completed 2 x 2 matrix, wherein you will cycle.The US$90 cycle income is for those who have accumulated 7 or more direct referrals. It’s a permanent reward.
  22. 22. After completing your first matrix, your succeedingmatrixes can be filled up by your further direct referrals, upline spillovers, or your direct referrals who filled up their matrix and followed you into your new matrix. Income in a 2 x 2 matrix is quick… basically you just refer 2 people who then each refer 2 people.
  23. 23. Pay Plan # 2: The Infinity 3-Up Pass UpTo understand how this works, please study the diagrams below step by step. Notice where each of your direct referrals go and how the direct referrals of your downlines go up to you.
  24. 24. The P3S Advantages…
  25. 25. The results(1 week’s work) … in US$
  26. 26. Perfect Timing For The Perfect Opportunity Another wonderful fact about SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System, is that the program is extremely new. Knowingabout it at this early stage is an extreme advantage for you, because the global market consists of millions upon millions of people waiting for something like this. ACT upon this NOW, and your dreams may come true even sooner than you ever thought. Say YES to SUCCESS!