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  1. CHRISNILU D. SANLAO J.H. Cerilles State College, 2016 Culture and Personality This study may be directed toward the effect that different kinds of culture have in producing different kind of personalities; plus the reciprocal influence of such personalities on the maintenance or exaggeration or modification of their culture.
  2. When will we know the individual be considered “cultured”? Culture is derived from the Latin work “cultura” of “cultus” which means care or cultivation.
  3. The concept of Culture As group, culture is social heritage, transmitted from one generation to another and shared. Culture as social heritage a) it is complex b)it is socially transmitted As an established pattern of behavior, individual within a social group can interact with one another.
  4. As an explicit behavior, culture is directly observable both in verbal and non verbal behavior. As an implicit behavior consist of the belief, values, justifications, and standard commonly accepted by a society, Culture is both material (tangible) and immaterial (intangible).
  5. Characteristic of Culture 1. Human culture are very much more complex than those of animal 2. Culture vary or differ on account of their geographical or regional phenomenon. 3. Culture is persistent in being transmitted from generation to generation. It is also called “continuum” 4. Culture may be impose or voluntary borrowed.
  6. 5. Culture exist only in the mind and manifested by action consist of ideas, skills and artifacts which individuals learn, share, value and apply. 6. Culture continuously changes because of innovations or contact with other culture by any change is always gradual. 7. Culture is “symbolic”. 8. When a culture has subculture, cultural pattern may differ from one subculture to the other but sometimes the interrelated elements are treated are as a whole.
  7. 9. No individual can avoid the influence of his culture. 10. Culture is a “historical phenomenon” 11. Culture behavior are patterned. Culture is Learned People have varied culture Culture is a Group Product Culture is Transmitted from Generation to Generation Culture is Adaptive
  8. Education and Philippine Culture Value Education is responsibility with the function of teaching what society needs in building a nation in terms of moral and ethical standards of the group. Its challenging task has impact, ethics, morality and values to you Filipino Character and citizenship are viewed as major objectives of schooling
  9. The Philippine Cultural Values