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Do you have your head in the clouds?

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  1. 1. ® IBM LotusLive Smarter collaboration in the cloud March, 2009 © 2008 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Agenda  Why is SaaS Important?  Cloud-Delivered Solutions  IBM Lotus Collaboration Strategy  Demo  Security Rich Service  Packaging and Positioning  Customer Scenarios  Compensation  Call to Action 2
  3. 3. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Why is SaaS Important? Software as a Service is the delivery of application functionality via a subscription model over the Internet. The customer does not take ownership of the software but rather ‘rents’ a total solution that is delivered remotely. SaaS adoption is being driven by businesses’ pursuit of cost savings and quicker implementations, as well as wider availability of high-speed Internet connections…initial concerns regarding the SaaS applications’ security and reliability have faded somewhat as the model has matured, Gartner added Gartner – PCWorld 10/22/08 Gartner Sees Great SaaS SaaS still on the rise, despite Enterprise App Growth Despite IT spending slowdown Downturn ComputerWorld 02/09/09 eWeek 10/24/08 Gartner, Market Trends: Software as a Service, Worldwide, 2007-2012, 8/08 McAfee builds SaaS arm - Arrow Electronics Looks At Security vendor establishes a SaaS, Networking Offerings business unit to house hosted SaaS market will trump economic woes, offerings Inf oWeek 02/02/09 the harsh economic climate will actually ChannelWeb 02/26/09 accelerate the growth prospects for the SaaS Revenue Growing, Half of developers plan to work SaaS model as vendors position Market Set To Double By 2012 on SaaS in '09 offerings as right-sized, zero-capex Inf ormationWeek 10/23/08 ITWorld 01/12/09 alternatives to on-premise applications… IDG - Silicon Republic 01/27/09 3
  4. 4. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Companies in All Industries are Adopting SaaS SaaS adoption up to 75% in industries that IBM serves 4
  5. 5. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Cloud-Delivered Solutions On-Premise vs. Cloud-Delivered 5
  6. 6. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Two Types of Cloud-Delivered Services Dedicated Hosted Solution Software on Demand (aka Application Service Provider model) Public Cloud (aka Multi-tenant model) Enterprise Cloud Subscription but may have Perpetual Subscription-based license for application One-to-many users One-to-few users Multi-tenant Multi-instance Shared, public Infrastructure Dedicated, private Infrastructure Overall SaaS Characteristics Customer fees are “Pay as you go” based on appropriate metrics such as: Per seat per month, per transaction, flat monthly fee Provider is responsible for defining the architecture of the IT infrastructure Provider is responsible for the deployment, operation & maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Provider upgrades the software as new features are developed. 6
  7. 7. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Customers Now Have A Choice on Software Delivery On-Premise Cloud Delivered MANAGED BY IT DEPARTMENT OR PARTNER IBM MANAGED Software Appliance Dedicated Hosted Multi-Tenant Environment SaaS Environment Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits • Allows for advanced • Easy to install/ • Negotiated SLA s • Low cost of entry customization to meet maintain • Monthly Pricing • Zero Infrastructure – customer needs • Managed by available for hosting Reduced Overhead • Managed by IT dept customer or partner • Can leverage toolkits • Risk Mitigation • All data resides local • Toolkits available for available for • Flexible contracts and inside the firewall customization by customization • Scales to meet partner or customer • Updates are applied customer demand • All data inside your transparently • Immediate access to firewall the latest innovations 7
  8. 8. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Business Models: License vs. Subscription On-Premise SaaS License Subscription SW • Up front cost for for ownership of application. • Monthly or Annual fee for access to the Pricing • Annual maintenance fees service. • Dedicated Hosting requires a perpetual Application license Implementation • Hardware & resources required to design, • Training resources if desired. Costs deploy, manage, maintain & support application • Increasing number of users or usage may → Increasing number of users may raise raise cost of subscription cost of hardware server deployments & IT support Pricing Metric • Often based on metrics that are not directly • Often based on number of users, aligned with usage (e.g. server type, number of transactions, or metered usage. CPUs, etc.). Agreement: • Passport Agreement • Passport Agreement, • IPLA • Fixed Term Use → General Terms • Terms of Use → Program Transfer →General Terms → Limited Warranty →Limited Warranty → Limitation of Liability →Limitation of Liability → Country Unique Terms →Country Unique Terms 8
  9. 9. IBM Software Group | Lotus software IBM Lotus Collaboration Strategy 9
  10. 10. IBM Software Group | Lotus software IBM Lotus Collaboration Strategy Applications that Enable Interaction Between the Right Resources, Business Processes, and Information Messaging & Collaboration Unified Communications Situational Applications & Content Management & Social Software Integration Online/SaaS On-Premise Appliance 10
  11. 11. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Collaboration In the Cloud Engage the Right Resources, Business Processes & Information Across Company Boundaries Our SaaS Strategy • Deliver a set of services that dramatically simplifies and improves the business interactions organizations have with their customers and partners Execution • Provide essential, easy-to-use and acquire business services for workgroups • Offer integrated collaborative & social networking services connected to relevant business services and applications • Enable the ability to seamlessly work with people – outside or inside your company • Create a business network of connected businesses 11
  12. 12. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Introducing LotusLive Files My Network Meetings Events Chat Activities Charts Survey Forms eMail 12
  13. 13. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Offerings – 2009 Web Conferencing Collaboration eMail LotusLive Meetings LotusLive Engage LotusLive Notes (Sametime Unyte Meeting) (Bluehouse) (Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging) Full-featured Web conferencing service includes Full-featured, dedicated hosted Email service. polling, hand raising, record & playback . An integrated suite of Web collaboration (rich client – available now, DWA – coming soon) and business networking solutions including:- Supports 27 Languages • Supports G1 languages • On line Meetings • Survey Forms Available Today • Files • Charts Available Today • Instant Messaging • Profiles and Contacts Additional Add-ons • Activities LotusLive Mobile for Blackberry Available Q2 ‘09 Pricing – TBD Available 1H ‘09 LotusLive Sametime IM Pricing - TBD LotusLive Available 1H ‘09 LotusLive Events (Sametime Unyte Events) Connections Internet-based event capabilities. Provides An integrated suite of Web collaboration LotusLive iNotes tools to create & manage webinars. and business network ing solutions Web-based Email service with group calendar including:- & shared contacts. Available Today • Files • Profiles and Contacts Language support - TBD • Activities • Instant Messaging Pricing - TBD Available Q2 ‘09 Available Q3 ‘09 The information on the new products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The inform ation on the new product is for informational purposes only and m not be incorporated into any contract. The information on the new product is not a comm ay itment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, ode or functionality. The developm ent, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. 13
  14. 14. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Engage LotusLive Business Services high-level architecture Contact Mgmt. Activities Forms CRM / HR All interconnect lines are REST or Web service calls (except UC) Store & share UC Instant Web Internet Travel Live Client Msg. Meetings UC Charts protocol Third party and ISV services Browser Common Social Fabric Services: e.g. name resolution, Internet navigation, search, etc. Some App making Directory & REST calls Authentication (e.g. Skype or Business network BSS & MS Office) Tagging, rating, Subscr. Mgmt. File feedback & reputation System user-generated content Monitoring & OSS Database System LotusLive web Front end Common infrastructure and back end services Basics: (1) Loosely coupled “assembly” (2) Open identity systems (3) Collaborative multi-tenancy 14
  15. 15. IBM IBM Research | Collaborative User Experience Worldwide Delivery – Points Of Presence  Utilize Partner Overlay Network  Reduced bandwidth cost  Deployed 5 Remote Points of Presence (PoP)  Additional 5000 Points of Presence (PoP)  Traffic compressed and encrypted between PoP & Data Center  Amsterdam • Before PoP 2.5x Slower than US • After PoP 1.3x Slower than US DB2 Ashburn, VA, USA Points Of Presence
  16. 16. IBM Software Group Bluehouse Architecture – bluehouse.lotus.com Red Zone Yellow Zone Green Zone Apache / WAS CE Cluster Outbound Mail Gateway Apache / WAS CE Node 1 WebSeal smtp Apache / WASNode 1 2 Tomcat CE Node Commons Apache Server 2 WAS CE https FileR My Network Files BSS AnalyzR See additional Client Browser http WebFront Forms Activities documentation for detailed Activities http architecture http HT T P(S) Charts Reverse Web Lotuslive.com Proxy Meetings http LotusLive Engage instant WebSphere messaging Im.lotuslive.com WAS Node 1 Port 1533 Lotus TurboForms Secure http Sametime MUX service im.lotus.com 1516 Domino 7.0.3 DB2 Server Cluster Sametime Domino 7.0.3 HA DR Server are NAS N3700 RedHat Enterprise storage device Except Sametime NFS Mounted which is windows Global e-business Transformation (GeT) 16
  17. 17. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Lotus Live Engage – Extend your Investments “LotusLive” Partner Private Label or Co-label Third Party Integration IBM Content Content Providers Traditional ISVs Sam etim e Unyte Web Contact Business ISV eM ail Store & Share M anagem ent Online eMail Services Content integration Integration Conferening Form s Chat Activities Live Charts APIs Operations Administration 17
  18. 18. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Who Benefits from LotusLive?  Enterprise clients  Use IBM as a single provider for all collaboration and e-mail needs, serving the entire spectrum of occasional users and mainstream users, whether on-premise or online Small business clients/Departments  Access a complete portfolio of online integrated e- mail and collaboration services, from IBM on an affordable, pay-as-you-go basis Partners (i.e.Telecoms, ISPs)  Resell LotusLive services including white label ability to package and sell LotusLive services to under their own brands 18
  19. 19. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive: User Types Trial Users Paid Subscribers Guests Become Invite Trial Users: Subscriptions: Guests: • 30-day trial • Named users • Invitation only from a subscriber • All services • Monthly or Yearly • Basically a reader • Up to 100 people • Restricted ability to initiate in your company collaboration • Limited to 25MB storage 19
  20. 20. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Demo 20
  21. 21. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Security-Rich Service 21
  22. 22. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Lotus SaaS Security Strategy Security through the entire lifecycle and stack  From a hardened data center, to people and processes, and infrastructure and application level  Drawing on IBM's deep expertise in security, from research, to development, to services The organization is the core building block for protection and sharing  Easy sharing with all organizational members  Administrative controls on security and sharing options across organizational boundaries  IBM research prototype uses smart processing to identify confidential data leakage before it happens Useable and useful security throughout  Secure defaults  User and administrator views into collaboration activities and protections  Expanded options through third party integration Exploring early managed encryption partnership - technology preview available 22
  23. 23. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Security LotusLive draws on IBMs world-class experience in security  Business-ready - Not advertising-based (no data mining)  Comprehensive policies on privacy and client data protection Three pillars of LotusLive Security  Security-rich infrastructure  Policy enforcement points provide application security  Human-centered security – keeping the end user in mind Protecting your information through governance, tools, technology, techniques, and personnel  Governance policies based on years of experience  IBM software for security (e.g. Tivoli)  Experienced personnel drawing from IBM's rich heritage in security 23
  24. 24. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Q&A 24
  25. 25. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Meetings (Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting) Web Conferencing A complete reservation-less Web conference service that is browser based, easy to use and cost-effective Benefits  Easy to use, intuitive interface Publishing Application Recording Annotation  Single point of management for video and Sharing Web conferencing service  Accessible anytime, anywhere via a Web Polling Chat Events browser  Credentials-based meeting access Differentiators  Dedicated one-call customer support  Security-rich network  Calendar integration with IBM Lotus Notes & Microsoft® Outlook  Flexible meeting management with attendee lock & participant roster control  One-click start of a Web conference from IBM Lotus Sametime messaging  Multiple-language support (9 languages)  Acceleration of service performance for international customers 25
  26. 26. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Events (Lotus Sametime Unyte Events) Web Conferencing A simple, intuitive user interface for managing web conferencing events Benefits  Registration page with custom logo and event description  Streamlined event creation process  Upload presentation content in advance  Rehearsal feature allows Presenters to get prepared and test system Differentiators  Seamless integration with Lotus Sametime  E-mail validation for all registrations reduces Unyte Meeting anonymous registrations  3 pre-event e-mail reminders with customized  Registration auto-approval option scheduling options   2 post-event e-mails for attendees and non- Export registrant details to CSV/Excel attendees  iCal attachments for easy scheduling 26
  27. 27. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Engage Collaboration Online web conferencing, collaboration and social networking service designed for business allowing customers to work smarter before, during and after a meeting Features Benefits Always ready on-demand online meeting room. Easily  Work beyond the boundaries of your company Meetings invite others to join and share a file from the Store and  Share information more easily with their Share service. customers, suppliers and business partners.  Securely connect from anywhere, anytime via a Files Share targeted business materials quickly with an Web browser and internet connection entire community or just an individual.  Work beyond the boundaries of a company & outside of firewalls Activities Create, prioritize and share information, documents and To-Do lists.  Affordable and accessible for companies  Lower upfront investment,  No IT staff required for implementation My Add customizable, shareable contact information and  Extremely easy to acquire. Network leverage social networking features to connect with others.  Work-ready integrated business applications Instant Differentiators Messaging Locate a contact in the LotusLive community and start a real-time discussion about new opportunities.  No mining of customer data for advertising, or other purposes. Forms Create a survey and quickly visualize your survey data  Seamless capability for integrating on-premise through different types of charts, graphs, diagrams, (e.g. .Net, Java, Domino, SAP, Filenet, etc.) and and maps. cloud based applications to the end user Live  Built on Web 2.0 based social networking model Charts Upload or create datasets and let Live Charts create for more effective collaboration an instant graphical view to share with others. 27
  28. 28. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Connections Collaboration Online collaboration and social networking service designed for business Benefits Features  Extend business processes and work teams to include individuals outside of your company Files Share targeted business materials quickly with an  Avoid confusion of email attachments entire community or just an individual.  Share information more easily with customers, suppliers and business partners. Create, prioritize and share information, documents Activities and To-Do lists.  Securely connect from anywhere, anytime via a Web browser and internet connection Add customizable, shareable contact information and My leverage social networking features to connect with  Affordable and accessible for companies Network others.  Lower upfront investment,  No IT staff required for implementation Instant Locate a contact in the LotusLive community and  Extremely easy to acquire Messaging start a real-time discussion about new opportunities. Differentiators  No mining of customer data for advertising, or other purposes.  Built on Web 2.0 based social networking model for more effective collaboration  Seamless integration between services 28
  29. 29. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Notes eMail Lotus Notes Hosted M essaging – Full-featured Rich Client  Benefits Extensive Lotus Notes expertise available 24x7 from IBM. Predictable costs with minimal upfront investment. Have IBM help mange security threats to your messaging environment. Features Assistance from IBM with certain regulatory  E-mail, calendaring and scheduling with 1 GB mailbox per compliance. user. Potential for improved availability and reliability over in-  IBM Lotus Quickr® Personal Edition with 50 MB storage. house or on-premise deployments.  Two Service Level Agreements (SLA) options available, Benefit from the latest Lotus Domino release features 99.5% or 99.9% backed with with financial commitments. while minimizing update and prototype efforts.  Antivirus and antispam services. Quickly roll out Notes capabilities to new users in your organization  Enterprise-class servers, network, storage and firewall in an IBM data center. Differentiators  Security-rich, reliable and highly available infrastructure. Leverages extensive IBM experience in hosting enterprise-wide,  Integrated platform, process automations and innovative management tools. Highly available messaging environments for midsized to large enterprises.  Standardized reporting and administration through the IBM iSRVCE console. IBM brings you extensive Lotus Notes expertise Industry-specific business insight, and technology capabilities to help you align IT investments with business goals. 29
  30. 30. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive iNotes eMail Web-based eM ail and calendar service Benefits Predictable costs, usually on a per-user/per-month basis Industry-leading spam protection Real-time updates against viruses and malware Features On-demand addition of new services when you need  Full-featured Email (HTML and AJAX), POP3, IMAP4, & them Authenticated SMTP Fully branded products, payments, and support  SSL Encryption, secure password recovery  Mobile & Push Email Differentiators  SMS Gateway (mail-to-SMS & SMS-to-mail) Simplified administration  Email alert (desktop message notification) Fast implementation  Mail Forwarding and Filtering Low start-up and monthly costs Unmatched branding and customization capabilities  Domain Management Tool (email administration interface for domain admins) Seamless integration with triple play services provisioning systems, log-in systems, payment  Customer Service Tool (email administrative interface for gateways enterprise admins) Proven scale and reliability  Guaranteed Service Levels with 24x7 Monitoring Full Set of APIs to help integrate our service with yours  Industry-leading Spam and Virus protection 30
  31. 31. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive e-mail: Options for every worker Notes Rich Client iNotes iNotes Webmail Audience Audience: Audience: Task Workers – Boundary Workers: Knowledge Work ers – • Tend to work only with data and information, • Create and consume, but don't transform or • Work s with ideas and manages teams not ideas. manage information • Wants to be able to develop and improve • Create and consume, but don't transform or • Wants easy access to information; processes and forms; encourage manage information Standardized process and forms; list collaboration; create work space • Needs to be able to find facts quick ly; create management environments documents; Edit, write & process information • Doesn't tend to do free-form document creation • Needs to create, consume, transform and • According to some reports this category of • This type of user typically work s in some k ind analyse data Information Work er makes up 80% of the of administrative, secretarial or receptionist • Work s in an unstructured, free-form way, user base in most organizations. role. maybe starting with a set of ideas which • Examples of this type of work er include bank are collaborated on and built into a new clerk , call center operator, nurse and people document/report/form/business process. in supervisor roles: • Examples of this type of work er include • ~80% of Information Work ers fall into this middle/senior managers, consultants, category mark eting execs. Need: Need: Need: • Constant access to e-mail • Occasional access to e-mail • Regular access to e-mail • No scheduling requirement • Rich client solution • Thin client solution • Low cost solution • Full featured mail, calendaring, scheduling • Full featured scheduling • Domino Applications Solution/Client: Solution/Client: Solution/Client: • LotusLive iNotes (POP3/IMAP) • Lotus Notes and Domino (on Prem) • Lotus Notes and Domino (on Prem) • Notes Rich Client • Foundations – Appliance based mail and • iNotes Web Client calendaring • Notes Rich Client • LotusLive iNotes 31
  32. 32. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Extend a Customer’s Reach Click to Cloud – Online solutions to augment current investments LotusLive online services…. …uniquely integrates with existing, on-premise Lotus products. …extends customer investments with familiar web 2.0 user interface …extends powerful Lotus collaborative capability to the cloud LotusLive - An Extranet Solution for Companies 32
  33. 33. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Lotus Notes Client – Click to Cloud Drag and Drop attachments from your email into LotusLive Store and Share Tech Preview 33
  34. 34. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Eclipse Plugin – Single click to launch meeting Multi-select names in your ST contact list to send a Single click to link to your start your meeting meeting Tech Preview 34 Tech Preview
  35. 35. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Notes DB Integration - xPages Share files from Notes discussion DB to LotusLive Store & Share Tech Preview 35
  36. 36. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Meetings: Mobile Access Includes • Published • presentation mode • (with pointing and annotation), • Participant list and chat • Implementation of application Tech Preview sharing 36
  37. 37. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LinkedIn: Network Expansion Integrated LinkedIn contacts Easily share files with a single click Tech Preview 37
  38. 38. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Salesforce.com: Extending the capabilities of your sales force Simplifying and improving customer interactions, by creating linked value between business processes, and enriching customer interactions. Easy to access and easy to use. Integrating with business processes across organizational boundaries. Auto name populatio n Create a Manage Activity meeting directly from the or activity your opportunity Tech Preview 38
  39. 39. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Skype: Unifying communication and collaboration A unified communication and collaboration experience. Skype out to people from LotusLive. Launch your Skype client directly from LotusLive. Import contacts to LotusLive to instantly collaborate with your Skype contacts Call LotusLive contacts Tech Preview 39
  40. 40. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Prolifiq: Extending LotusLive –keep content updated via LotusLive Files, and send linked directly from LotusLive to members of their business Multi-Point integration Whencontent with LotusLive, their customers are now able to easilynetwork. Single-Sign- On with LotusLive Maintain LotusLive experience Embedde d partner solution Tech Preview 40
  41. 41. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Enterprise & SMB collaboration challenges are similar  Sharing outside your organization  Information stranded with a single individual  Locating content that already exists with your organization  Identifying people who can help you get business done 41
  42. 42. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Collaborative Multi-tenancy A Social Network for business 42
  43. 43. IBM Software Group | Lotus software IBM Lotus Partner Opportunity 43
  44. 44. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Partner Opportunities  Today  LotusLive Meetings (Lotus Sametime Unyte)  Resell LotusLive Meetings via Passport Advantage  White Label Web Conference Service via Conference Service Provider (CSP)  LotusLive Engage  Open Beta: Register (your company & your customers)  Tomorrow  LotusLive Engage 2009  Resell LotusLive Engage/Connections/iNotes via Passport Advantage  Resell LotusLive Engage/Connection/iNotes for CSP’s  Managed Integration Partners (ISV, SI)  Future  LotusLive Services  Open Integration Partners (ISV, SI, Telco, ISP, CSP)  White Label Services 44
  45. 45. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Providing a “private label” approach for marketing under the partners’ own brands  Outblaze assets bring a unique multi-tiered administration model for partners  Reseller Administration - manage multiple companies within a reseller environment  Company/customer service administration -manage all domains within a company  End Customer Administration - create accounts add storage / features  Domain management tool allows a customer administrator to manage their company account  LotusLive Meetings and Events API’s  Meeting services has set of RESTful APIs that allow for the following:  Accounts, subscribers and customers management  Sign-on to conferences and session management  Getting real-time notifications about session events  Managing presentation content  Retrieving session recordings  Integrating call control options into participant roster  Getting real-time CDR and billing feeds  Mash-up style integration within other web based apps 45
  46. 46. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Offerings  LotusLive Offerings  Passport Advantage SKUs GA  Multi-year SKUs (2 year and 3 year) GA  Concurrent Licenses via SBO GA  Total Contract Value (TCV) 01/09  Full TCV Revenue Recognition (12 / 24 / 36)  SVI Participation 04/09  VAP Participation Planned  Residual for subsequent renewal In Discussions  (Full Reoccurring Revenues) 46
  47. 47. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Enterprise Service Delivery IBM has Deployed its Services with High Availability Enterprise Class Data Centers IBM delivery centers are configured to allow multiple network carriers into the data center. • Enables high availability of network traffic • Provides redundant connectivity to ensure continuity of service • The delivery centers utilize world class power management systems to provide efficient, scalable and redundant power to our systems and infrastructure. The IBM delivery centers have deployed state of the art security and access control features Includes environmental controls such as Efficient cooling systems Biometric cage controls Physical monitoring Environmental security solutions 47
  48. 48. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Enterprise Service Delivery IBM has deployed High Performance Network Services and Operational Capabilities The network infrastructure includes extensive Quality of Service (QoS) controls. • Allows IBM rapid scalability and infrastructure enhancements, event and issue correlation, performance monitoring & reporting • Uses Integrated Alarms to identify common infrastructure and system errors and issues Leverages globally distributed network access points, to ensure consistent and reliable application performance and routing. Deploys a fault tolerant and redundant backbone to ensure consistent availability Utilizes a layered high availability firewall infrastructure to isolate and secure data. Deployed network intrusion detection and prevention infrastructure. Includes security event correlation and integration 48
  49. 49. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Enterprise Service Delivery Information Protection Services LotusLive leverages IBM’s Information Protection Services (formerly Arsenal Digital) to provide robust data and systems backup and recovery capabilities. Utilizes a local device to capture and retain backup data and information Replicates local backups to another IBM Data Center to ensure high availability and recover services 49
  50. 50. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Security and Compliance IBM has deployed Industry Standard Security and Compliance Management practices Real Time Antivirus support services with on demand scanning capabilities for the LotusLive environment. • IBM uses a robust commercial AV product which is deployed not only on the system servers but within the application to provide immediate real time scanning on file store and share. LotusLive Security Assurance Activities • IBM performs quarterly security configuration reviews of all systems and Infrastructure • Performs periodic vulnerability scanning of the network and servers • Periodic independent application and infrastructure reviews. IBM SaaS Dedicated Security Organization Provides clear security management activities surrounding both the network, infrastructure, applications and supporting services. Responsible for the delivery of security capabilities as well as the specification and design of security Security architecture and compliance management technologies and processes 50
  51. 51. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Compliance IBM Compliance programs are deployed throughout the Delivery environment CSO Management IBM Compliance Corporate Audit Business Controls IBM’s approach to compliance is a multi-layered. Periodic compliance programs that address all elements of the service environment System development lifecycle including code reviews, code control and accountability Programs have been established to enable application and infrastructure reviews at the corporate level. Business process based reviews through project cycles. IBM compliance programs mandate periodic self assessments and production scanning and reporting of compliance posture. Privacy reviews to ensure customer data protection IBM ensures that data center and operational processes are consistent with SAS70 Type II controls testing. IBM enforces that all third party services providers are SAS70 Type II certified IBM is planning SAS 70 Type II certification of the service delivery environment 51
  52. 52. IBM Software Group | Lotus software LotusLive Meetings & Collaboration: International Plan 2009 International Toll- Free Support • Brazil • Bolivia • Canada • Chile • China • Colombia • Denmark • Costa Rica • Germany • Dominican Rep. • India • El Salvador • Norway • Hungary • Sweden • Ireland • Switzerland • Israel • UK • Korea – South • Australia • Malaysia Multiple Language Support Performance Acceleration Currently Enabled • Mexico Phased approach for LotusLive offerings • France • Hong Kong • Netherlands • Italy • New Zealand • Panama • Chinese • San Paolo • Japan • Peru • Japanese • Amsterdam • Russia • Portugal • Korean • Sydney • Singapore • Puerto Rico • French • Tokyo • Spain • Taiwan • German • Bangalore • South Africa • Uruguay • Italian • Argentina • Venezuela • Spanish • Austria • Brazilian Portuguese • Belgium • French Canadian Note: Multiple-language support coming 06/2009 for Engage & Connections 52
  53. 53. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Collaboration moves online: Discover. Connect. Interact. A way to reach beyond the walls of your organization to connect and engage with colleagues, customers and partners. A way to maximize your existing technology investments while incorporating new ones A way to innovate, grow and build your business. A way to Work Smarter 53
  54. 54. 54 © 2 IBM Software Group | Lotus software 0 0 8 I B Global Delivery M C o r Current p o r Planned a t i o n Amsterdam San Jose, CA Ashburn, Virginia Tokyo, Japan Bangalore, India Sydney, Australia São Paulo, Brazil 54