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Draft album poster and digipak final

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Draft album poster and digipak final

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Draft album poster and digipak final

  1. 1. BORN TO DIETHE NEW ALBUM BY LANA DEL REY Featuring the hit single ‘YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL’ “Breathtaking” NME Q Magazine wwww.lanadelrey.com @lanadelrey AVAILABLE NOW ON LIMITED EDITION VINYL | DIGITAL DOWNLOAD | CD The Guardian
  3. 3. Backing vocals by Vanessa Wanner Bass guitar by Jake Rover Drums by Craig Davies Produced by Chelsea Harper Recorded at Haydon Studios Mastered by Amy Myers Photography by Chrissie Bishop “ “ To all of my fans out there... this one is for you!
  4. 4. 1. Born To Die 2. Off to the Races 3. Blue Jeans 4. Video Games 5. Diet Mountain Dew 6. National Anthem 7. Dark Paradise 8. Radio 9. Carmen 10. Million Dollar Man 11. Summertime Sadness 12. This Is What Makes Us Girls 2013 Bishop Recording Co. Ltd. Made in the E.U. DS038CD 5878435734589 BORN TO DIE