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Digipak analysis

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Digipak analysis

  1. 1. Digipak analysis Katy Perry: Teenage Dream By Chrissie Bishop
  2. 2. TEENAGE DREAM: KATY PERRY  Teenage Dream is Katy Perry’s third studio album and it was released on August 24th 2010.  This album was debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart.  It sold 192,000 copies in the first week.  It was later certified two times platinum by the RIAA, selling more than 2.6 million copies in the United States alone.  It has also sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.  Teenage Dream earned Katy Perry seven Grammy Award nominations including Album of the Year, Record of the Year and she also won International Album of the Year at the Juno Awards in 2011.  Teenage Dream is the second album in history to have five number ones from one album, she was the first female to achieve this and this album was the third album in history to produce eight top five hits.
  3. 3. DIGIPAK ANALYSIS  Teenage Dream is a pop-rock album and the colours that are on the digipak are bright and colourful, which represents the pop side of the album.  The pictures that are on the album link in well with the title “Teenage Dream” as there are pink clouds which you would associate with dreams and cotton candy, which is very sweet, innocent and childlike.  The contrast of the bright, vivid colours and the black hair and eye make-up are shown to represent the two genres that are associated with the album.  It is clear to see that the target audience for this album is teenage girls as the title includes the word “teenage” and it is covered in pink items which is the most popular colour for girls.  This digipak comes with two CDs and an inside booklet.
  4. 4. FRONT COVER  The front cover of this album contains lots of “pop” conventions, such as the main colour on the album being pink and purple, and very little “rock” conventions, therefore the first thought from the audience would be that it is just a pop album. However, the songs on the album encourages the “rock” part of the rock-pop genre to come out.  A typical convention of a pop-rock album would be that it shows the artist on it and they are the main focus. This album does this perfectly as Katy is placed in the middle of the album allowing our eyes to immediately draw towards her.  The audience that this album is trying to target is clearly teenage girls and they do this by making it a brightly coloured album with very feminine effects such as swirly writing.  However, there is a hint of the target audience being teenage boys as Katy is lying naked on the clouds which would attract teenage boys as she is a sex symbol and so it immediately grabs their attention. This album gives off the impression that the songs featured on it are going to be happy and fun; this is done by making the colours of the album very girly which is a pop convention.  The effect of the writing where it has sweets inside it gives you the impression that the songs are very sweet but the fact that it is drooping down gives it a rocky kind of feel as it’s being drained. So this album gives the impression of both genres.
  5. 5. BACK COVER  The theme of the pink clouds run through to the back of the CD.  The title of the songs are named and they are put in categorical order.  The colour of the writing is red which allows it to stand out and it contributes to the pop genre as it’s bright and colourful.  The “O” in the writing is replaced with sweets which also gives the album a “pop” feel as sweets are associated with fun and happy times which links with pop songs.  The list of the songs on the bonus CD is in blue writing which allows it to stand out from everything on the back. Blue isn’t a colour that is associated with “pop” songs but it is associated with pop-rock songs as it’s a bold colour; so this is a typical convention of a pop-rock album.  The production team are mentioned on the back of the album which is a must for all genres of music as you have to give them credit for helping produce the album.  The links to Katy Perry’s website, Myspace and the management companies website are placed in the bottom corner of the album so that the buyer can access more information about the album or the artist if they wish to.
  6. 6. CD DISK  The first CD disk is supposed to represent a doughnut with sprinkles which gives off the impression that it is a pop album as it is colourful and bright which are conventions of that genre.  The second CD disk is supposed to represent a sweet which is also a pop convention as it is brightly coloured.  The target audience for this album is teenage girls and we can see this by the way that the CD disks are designed as they would attract girls more than boys because they are bright and girly.  Katy Perry has a distinctive style which incorporates sweets and candy and she uses this advantage when designing her album so that people would be able to tell who the artist is just by looking at it.  Interestingly, Katy has decided not to put her name on the CD disks like most artists would, this tells us that she is such a big star that she doesn’t need to place her name on every product of hers in order for people to know its to do with her.
  7. 7. INSIDE BOOKLET  As I have previously mentioned, Katy has a very distinctive style and it is mainly based around sweets and candy.  The inside booklet allows her to show off this uniqueness of her as she is surrounded by sweets and cakes.  The candy theme targets young teenage girls to the album as they’re bright and represent happy, playful times.  Katy is the main focus of this inside booklet which is a typical convention of a pop-rock digipak as it attracts the audience directly to it as they’re able to recognise who the artist is straightaway.  Katy is wearing a princess crown and is sitting on a very unique thrown; this shows the power and authority that she has over all of the other artists as she is such a big star. The crown is made of sweets which adds to the candy theme that Katy constantly promotes.
  8. 8. INSIDE THE ALBUM  The inside of the album shows the rock side of the pop-rock album.  The background is black which is a colour that is usually associated with rock as it is dark and mysterious.  There are still elements of pop, the costume that Katy is wearing is bright and very girly which represents the pop side of the album.  Katy is the main focus of the inside of her album; this allows her to make her mark on the album and so that the audience would instantly recognise her. The fact that only Katy is on the inside of the album is a typical convention of a pop-rock album, as you would always see the artist on the front, back and inside cover of the album and this is what Katy has done.  Katy is wearing a crown and a necklace made of sweets, this shows her authority and it gives her power and it allows her to live up to her name the “pop princess”.  Katy’s costume isn’t too revealing which is a typical convention of a pop-rock artist. However, if she was wearing revealing clothes then that would be a convention of a pop artist as that’s the type of clothing that they would wear, especially as she is seen as an icon towards her young audience.