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A good weekend (spon)

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A Good Weekend. Info for sponsors.

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A good weekend (spon)

  2. 2. Hi, Along with many other organisations and communities we want you to participate in the UK’s first annual ‘Good Weekend’ and help introduce millions of people across the UK to the many inspiring activities, events and experiences they can attend and participate in every week of the year. We already have a growing movement with organisations and communities inspiring people to Do More - connecting, learning, be active, giving, reflection and laughing – The Yes Tribe, School Of Life, Escape The City, Project Awesome, Sunday Assembly, 5x15, Secret Cinema, The Idler together with London’s coffee shops and cycle clubs and the movements around mindfulness, hygge and micro-adventures to name just a very few. With many people struggling with the end of the traditional measures of success and happiness; job, financial and home security, ‘A Good Weekend’ is an annual opportunity to introduce millions more to the positive experiences available through spending time doing activities with likeminded people. A Good Weekend ‘A Good Weekend’ is the first of an annual four-day event that celebrates UN International Day Of Happiness by making it as simple as possible for people to try doing something new. There is no central venue, activities will take place everywhere and anywhere around the UK. The Weekend will offer everyone, including beginners, easy access to workouts, coffees, talks, comedy, adventures, movies, gigs, art, food, skills, hobbies, rides, walks, workshops…Introductions to new friends and lifes’ simple pleasures. This annual event is founded by Chris Ward, currently working with Richard Curtis and the team at http://www.project-everyone.org to make the world aware of the UN http://www.globalgoals.org. Previously Chris has been Creative Director of Comic Relief, Director on the legacies of the 2010 World Cup and 2012 Olympics and has created campaigns for BBC Children In Need and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
  3. 3. Most organisations and communities who offer cool activities are participating - by either offering tickets for an event they are already holding or by creating a special introductory / sample event between Friday 17th – Monday 20th March 2017 and making it free or buy one get one free for attendees. The aim is that ‘A Good Weekend’ will provide a fun and inspiring long weekend for millions whilst introducing them to regular ongoing events and likeminded people. ‘A Good Weekend’ celebrates UN International Day Of Happiness and is a collective action by those involved towards achievement of UN Global Goal 3 – ‘Good Health and wellbeing’. With too many people suffering stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness it is awareness and easy access to these activities and communities that can provide much-needed positive experiences. We are working with the appropriate charities to ensure ‘A Good Weekend’ maximises its impact towards achieving good health and wellbeing for all. Sponsorship Proposal Have ‘A Good Weekend’ with BRAND X We have the opportunity for relevant brands to sponsor ‘A Good Weekend’. We are looking to work with relevant brands who connect with the thousands of organisations offering activities to their current communities and the millions of new people ‘A Good Weekend’ is set to attract. Headline sponsorship and individual section sponsorship are available Have ‘A Good Weekend’ with Brand X Mind – mindfulness, coaching, counseling, yoga, retreats etc. Body – gyms, outdoor fitness, running, cycling, walking Skills – creative, cooking, barista, night classes, photography Around Town – coffee shops, art galleries, cinema, theatre, gigs. Out Of Town – micro adventures, mini breaks, Cozy Weekend – books, music, box-sets, pubs We are also securing ‘A Good Weekend’ Partnerships with businesses who provide infrastructure - website, ticketing etc. There is also an opportunity for one ‘A Good Weekend’ Media Partner.
  4. 4. About Us As well as the above, Chris Ward has also written a best selling book; ‘Out Of Office’, represented GB in the amateur world cycling championships, created the London Coffee Stops Tube map and Awards and previously founded two London marketing agencies. He has also been named one of London’s most inspiring people and one of the most important part-time workers in the UK. We are a non-profit organisation. Income will be generated in this first year through securing appropriate sponsorship. Campaign We are currently signing up organisations and sponsors. ‘A Good Weekend’ will be announced on (Blue) Monday, January 23rd and the public launch will be on Monday 27th February, when all booking information goes live and the public campaign begins. This provides for 3-4 weeks of high-level publicity. We will be securing a media sponsor to support this. Now Please let us know if you would like to discuss further. ‘A Good Weekend’ will be the annual event for a movement that your brand can help grow. A movement of organisations and young communities sharing good times with like-minded people. UK 2017 is the first event in what is set to become a much-needed fun and inspiring annual global event for tens of millions. It would be great if you would like to be involved in achieving that. Thank-you for your consideration. Contact Chris Ward chris@bluedotworld.com www.bluedotagency.com 0044 7932 746 591
  5. 5. Examples of large organisations and communities that offer activities THE SCHOOL OF LIFE https://www.theschooloflife.com/london/ 5X15 STORIES http://5x15.com THE YES TRIBE http://sayyesmore.com/#home YESTIVAL http://sayyesmore.com/yestival/
  6. 6. PROJECT AWESOME http://www.projectawesomehq.com ESCAPE THE CITY http://www.escapethecity.org LONDON DYNAMO http://londondynamo.co.uk SUNDAY ASSEMBLY http://www.sundayassembly.com
  7. 7. Media coverage for mindfulness Small selection of books about Hygge available this Christmas