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Open Libraries update at ALA Ebook Projects Lightning Round

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American Library Association Annual Conference, June 25, 2018

Blog post announcing partnership with university presses: http://blog.archive.org/2018/05/21/internet-archive-awarded-grant-from-arcadia-fund-to-digitize-university-press-collections/

Books available for loan: https://archive.org/details/inlibrary

Signup form for libraries to participate in Open Libraries: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_8y_ahE6gtOGVInd5y0R74AnHhz7RsX6cMmwpbjmDxYrOnQ/viewform

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Open Libraries update at ALA Ebook Projects Lightning Round

  1. 1. Open Libraries The Internet Archive’s Open Libraries project aims to bring four million books online, through purchase or digitization, while honoring the rights of creators and expanding their online reach via controlled digital lending. Working with US libraries and organizations serving people with print disabilities, Open Libraries seeks to build the online equivalent of a great, modern public library, providing millions of free digital books to billions of people. Updates: ● $1M grant from Arcadia Fund to digitize university press collections, including those from MIT Press, Cornell University Press, and other academic publishers ● More than 650,000 volumes available for controlled digital lending at https://archive.org/details/inlibrary ● Libraries signing up for controlled digital lending Key Forward looking priorities: ● SimplyE integration ● Statement on Controlled Digital Lending by Libraries & white paper authored by scholarly communications community ● More books into lending through donation & digitization (library weeding projects, booksellers) ● More library partners Contact: Chris Freeland, chrisfreeland@archive.org