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The Future of Innovation

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This presentation was accompanying a keynote at COFES 2011 -- the Conference for the Future of Engineering -- Scottsdale, April 2011. A more compact version of the same presentation was given to a group of Israeli engineers & entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv, during COFES Israel, December 2010. I am well aware that the presentation material, without the accompanying speech, may be a bit cryptic at times. Also, comments and questions are welcome at @cdn

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The Future of Innovation

  1. 1. The Future of Innovation?Christian De NeefFast Track Consulting – Brussels
  2. 2. Pressure...
  3. 3. Pressure...“The perfect "The speed Sustainabilityexperience” of light" “A safe future”Service Performance Quality Costs Complexity “A free “The ubiquitous - ride” invisible interface”
  4. 4. Strategic...
  5. 5. Strategic... ? Market Busines Model Process Product
  6. 6. Strategic... Crowdsourcing “Fully Open Innovation” External Problem solving Cocreation - Coproduction Community Engaged community Value chain “Disruptive”FOCUS Internal Traditional (R&D) Core Competency Technology Business Protected Focused Tactical Strategic CAPABILITY
  7. 7. Open...
  8. 8. Open...Are we reaping the benefits? Are we doing the right things? Crowdsourcing Social Media Cocreation Launch Ideation Develop Design ment Prototyping Coproduction User panelsAre we doing things right? Are we getting things done?
  9. 9. Open… Partnering Open InfrastructureCrowdsourcing Cocreation & CoproductionCompetitive Innovation Collaborative InnovationInnovation Competitions Innovation IntermediariesIP Markets Patent Pools Facilitation
  10. 10. DesignThinking...
  11. 11. Visionary... Holistic Thinking Scenario-Planning Shifting Paradigms Business Model Innovation Imagining (im)possible Futures"Every problem contains theseeds of its own solution“Solving ProblemsToyota-ThinkingTRIZ et al
  12. 12. Design Focus... Experience People Product
  13. 13. Surprising!
  14. 14. Surprising? What do a Golf Ball and a High Speed Train have in common?
  15. 15. Surprising? What do Kraft Cheese and Goodyear Tires have in common?
  16. 16. Surprising? Why would a Truck Seat and an X-Ray Scanner ever meet?
  17. 17. Surprising? Extend you views… Invention A new, so far inexistent scientific concept/creation“Researchling” A solution found in another discipline of science “Borderling” A solution found IN ANOTHER sector or industry “Knowling” A solution found WITHIN the sector or industry “Actling” A simple, easily found and almost standard solution…True Invention represents only a fraction of a % of Innovation…
  18. 18. So What?
  19. 19. Where is your market?• By 2050, world population will grow to 9 billion people• 99% of this increase will be in the developing world• The economic growth will be there, NOT here• But… these people are NOT your current clients
  20. 20. Where is your market?• Look at your NON customers• The developing world is growing a new middle class• 5-10% of 5 billion people?• Maybe you should stop selling to the elite... Elite Base (Fortune 500) (of the pyramid)
  21. 21. What else is changing? Possession Access Free Paying (apparently) Having/Owning Being/using Nomadic Sedentary (again) Resource Infinite Constraints Recycling/Reuse Physical Virtual (but not the same)
  22. 22. What else is changing? From now on, all Innovation will be social, because… “Business cannot survive in a society that fails” - Feike Sijbesma (DSM)2010-06-24 22
  23. 23. With a tip of the hat to Drew Marshall(Primed Associates) from the #i2c collective