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Graphic facilitation by Chloe

This short presentation introduces my work as a graphic facilitator working with creative groups and helping them to better memorize, interact and generate ideas!

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Graphic facilitation by Chloe

  1. 1. GraphicFacilitation
  2. 2. Becausewe need people . . .To better To remember To be creativecollaborate the story To connect To understand the dots complex content
  3. 3. ... we need to better
  4. 4. You want the content ofyour conference to be captured in a memorable way? You want to foster interactions and creativity in your business workshops?G r a p h i c fa c i l i t a t i o n i s t h e s o l u t i o n !
  5. 5. Organizes one convention for sharing its management best practices. More than 200 collaborators take part to this event.As the discussions unfold, I visually capture the important ideas and the participants can enjoy the visual description of their learning journey.
  6. 6. Organizes a collaborative workshop with its marketing teamabout the new market trends. “The client was very happy with her work and says that it helps a lot in understanding what was happening and where the firm wants to be, even in hidden, difficult aspects that may be more easily accepted with her paintings. Working with her is very easy, she is intelligent so she understands immediately the real issues, she is a great listener and has very good contact with people.” Sylvia Gollini, Consultant@Nexus
  7. 7. Organizes a collaborative workshop with its communication teamto reflect on the corporate image.
  8. 8. source: www.ted.com/talks/colin_stokes_how_movies_teach_manhood.html
  9. 9. Chloé PhD in MarketingRenault and Visual Expert trained at Working with clients from diverse industries Spending her time between Chennai (India) and Paris (France)
  10. 10. Contact me ! chloe.renault@gmail.com France : + 33 6 50 96 60 51 India : + 91 875 4400 622