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  1. Mexico Noble nation in transition
  2. plan présentaion of latin America countries i. - population - religion - languages - education ii. values & attitudes iii. business & family business
  3. history & evolution of the Mexican population Before Spanish conquest : Mexican Population was to 18 to 25 million people. In the 19th century: The population doubled. In the 20th century : Mexico has a loss of 2 million. Today : the migration of Mexico is 450,000 migrants per years (US destination).
  4. urbanization of the mexican population In the early 20th century : today : 90% of inhabitants live in Rural exodus is finished. rural areas. In the 60’s: 51% of people live in Mexico city. 3/4 of Mexicans live in cities Mexico is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.
  5. Education Today, there are almost 100,000 schools for 14.8 million students. in 2004, the literacy rate in Mexico was 92%. today, 100% of children go to school thanks to the 1992 law’s. The number of university students increased. But 87% of the population over 18 years did not go to college.
  6. religion catholicism is the main religion. 90% of the population is Catholic. The development of Buddhism in the Mexican population has doubled between 1990 is also present in Mexico. There are approximately 108,701 Buddhists. Protestantism and 2010.
  7. Values and attitudes are Mexican people? Relaxed Hospitable macho Proud Patriotiotic Family oriented hard working Warm people
  8. gestures have significations This gesture is used for insults We use this gesture to say to someone to wait a little bit
  9. family business «You trust your blood».. 95% of Mexican business are family owned and run. Family business is impregnated in the Mexican culture
  10. Investment climate relation with the world One of the most open economies in the world, thanks in part to the NAFTA (North American Free-Trade Agreement). Also, the location helps. In this context of globalization and collusion with USA, there is an elite who pick up skills and contacts at American universities. Actually, one Mexican in ten lives in the UnitedStates : around 12 million people.