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  2. SALAD It is a combination of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients served with a dressing.
  3. Classification of Salad According to Ingredients Used Green salad- it must be fresh, clean, crisp and cold and well drained. Moisture of air are necessary to keep greens crisp.
  4. Vegetable, Grains Legumes and Pasta Salad  It is a salads whose main ingredients are vegetables other than lettuce or other leafy greens.  Starchy items such as grains, pastas and dried legumes can also from the body of a salad.
  5. Bound Salad These are the mixture of foods that are held together or bound with a dressing usually a thick dressing like mayonnaise.
  6. Fruit Salad It contains fruits as their main ingredients like appetizer salad or dessert salad.
  7. Composed Salad It is made by arranging two or more elements attractively on a plate. They called composed because the components are arranged on the plate rather than being mixed together.
  8. Gelatine Salad Most gelatin products are made with sweetened prepared mixes with artificial color and flavor. But some professional used to prepare salads using unflavored gelatin relying on fruit juices and other ingredients for flavor.
  9. Ingredients of Salad Fresh and variety of ingredients are essential for high quality salad
  10. Salad Green  Iceberg lettuce  Romaine lettuce  Boston lettuce  Limestone lettuce  Chinese cabbage  Spinach  Sprouts
  11.  Iceberg lettuce
  12.  Romaine lettuce
  13.  Boston lettuce
  14.  Limestone lettuce
  15.  Chinese cabbage
  16.  Spinach
  17.  Sprout
  18. Vegetable ( raw ) o Avocado mushroom  Bean sprout onions  Broccoli peppers  Cabbage radish  Carrots tomatoes  Cauliflower  Celery  cucumber
  19. Vegetables ( cooked, pickled and canned)  Asparagus  Beets  Carrots  Corn  Pimientos  Olives  Pepper
  20. Starches Dried beans Potatoes Macaroni products Grains Bread ( croutons )
  21. Fruits ( canned or frozen, fresh, cooked)  Apple  Banana  Berries  Melon  Coconut  Papaya  Peaches  Pears  mangoes
  22. Protein Food  Meat (beef, ham )  Poultry  Fish and shellfish  Bacon  Egg  Cheese
  23. Miscellaneous  Gelatin  Nuts