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Textual analysis

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Textual analysis

  1. 1. Textual analysisBy Chloe Harrison
  2. 2. Masthead: The masthead is written in large easy to read writing. This magazine is confident that they are known as Kanye’s face is covering the text. This communicates that the magazine is successful and confident that it’s readers would be able to recognise the magazine even with some of the letters obscured. This is a technique we intend to use. Also ‘vibe’ means feelings, emotions it’s a reaction from something. This links to music as some readers get emotional from certain music. Strapline: This is the first thing the reader will see when the magazines are stacked. Using the words ‘exclusive’ and ‘secrets’ makes the reader want to read it as it features exclusive secrets. Cover image: Using Kanye’s face communicates to the reader that the genre is music. Kanye’s eyes are looking directly at the camera, giving the effect that he is looking into the readers eyes, this makes the reader feel involved. Using a close-up makes Kanye look vulnerable contrasting against his rap music he makes, this makes the reader want to buy the magazine as its rare to see him vulnerable. The artist also looks very serious suggesting the information inside is very important. I like how Kanyes collar is incorporated to the magazine as the masthead writing is in blue like the collar as are some of the subheadings. Theme colours: Blue and pink are suitable for a mixed gender audience as pink is stereotypically a girls colour and blue is a boys, so using both makes it suitable for any gender. The colours are also quite fun and bright and contrast against the plain white background making the writing stand out as well as the artist. Subheadings: Using a quote from Kanye makes the reader feel like they have an insight to the artists life and they know part of his personality which makes the reader want to know more. His name is in capitals so its easily read. His name is also the biggest font size making it stand out. Underneath is a subtitle ‘50 Greatest songs (and 10 to delete)’ again it is placed in capital letters so stand out. Suggesting there are songs by Kanye to delete is quite naughty, and raises a debate as some readers may disagree with the magazines choice as they might like the songs. This again makes the reader want to buy the magazine to find out what is inside. The other artists that feature are placed on the right side of the magazine which is the less busy side. They are also placed in capital letters so they are seen. The colours make a pattern and looks exciting which diverts the readers attention to the artists featuring inside. At the bottom right is a logo that reads ‘Celebrating the best music in history’. Usually the barcode with the price is placed here so to place the logo here makes sure it is seen. The magazine avoids placing subtitles on Kanye it is spread around him on the white background. This again makes him stand out and look important making the reader want to buy it as he is powerful.
  3. 3. Main image: A similarity I have found whilst doing my research is that main images on most covers that feature an R&B artists have the artist in a close up shot. This makes the artist look vulnerable which contrasts with their rap image, influencing the reader to buy the magazine as they have never seen the certain rap artist in such a vulnerable state. Drake is facing the side slightly, opposing to other artists like Kanye who looked straight at the camera, which portrays that Drake is not as soft as other artists and is a bit more rebellious but he is still looking at the camera as if he is looking at the reader. Drake is also filtered in black and white which communicates ‘emotion’ as typically in movies the emotional scenes are placed in black and white. His image also matches the subtitle ‘the new face’ as it is just his face shown.Strapline: Whilst researching certain Billboard magazine covers I found that there is no strapline. I think this is done as the main focus is the main image as the subheadings are also around Drakes face instead of being placed infront of his face. Subheadings: The subheadings are highlighted in a green background with black letters. This is so the writing stands out and easily seen. ‘A little pitchy’ referring to the ratings of a show named ‘American idol’ this is quite cheeky which appeals to the readers as this is quite controversial which intrigues the readers. Using the word ‘exclusive’ for a subheading makes the reader want to read it as it features exclusive secrets. ‘The first good world cup album’ again this is controversial as it could offend buyers of a world cup album as they disagree. ‘The new face of hip hop’ which introduces Drake appeals to most readers as they want to know who he is. I feel the subtitles could be improved by making the font size bigger as its not easy to read. Theme colours: The theme colours are very simple as the main image is filtered in black and white. The subtitles uses the same green from the masthead ‘d’ which makes the cover look consistent. Masthead: The masthead is in a simple font that is easily read but certain letters have a colour in the ‘gaps’. This is consistent for every issue and is easily recognisable when stacked with other magazines.
  4. 4. Main image: Usher is posed in a defence move as he holds his fists in a typical fighting move. This contrasts with his image of being ‘loving’ suggesting he is evolving. He is also looking at the camera which makes the reader feel involved. Usher represented in a typical way as males are ‘stronger’ and ‘tough’. Masthead: The masthead is written in large easy to read writing. This magazine is confident that they are known as Ushers face is covering the text. This communicates that the magazine is successful and confident that it’s readers would be able to recognise the magazine even with some of the letters obscured. This is a technique we intend to use. Strapline: This magazine does not have a strapline as they feel confident that they are successful without one as a strapline normally persuades the reader to buy the magazine. Also this communicates that the artist is more important than the actual issue. Subheadings: The subheading below the name Usher read ‘Dirty dancing with the hitman’ I think this communicates that Ushers music is evolving and he does not care. I think this as a hitman is somebody who receives money for committing murders and if somebody is ‘dirty dancing’ this implies they are not worried, or scared. ‘Facebook fuels ticket sales’ this also relates to readers as they may own a Facebook account and can relate to the article. Theme colours: The main colour on this magazine cover is blue. This colour is stereotypically a males colour which makes him look more tough in his defence pose. He is also wearing a dark grey top underneath which also communicates that Usher is ‘tough’ on his outside but also on the inside as he is in a dark colour that does not represent happiness.
  5. 5. The image shows a band that features inside the magazine as their quote has been placed beneath them. The long shot photo communicates power as they are stood on a ‘hill’ overlooking houses which relates to males stereotypical representation of being ‘stronger’ than females. The band are also wearing stereotypical ‘rock’ clothing with baggy tops, tight black trousers. The ‘features’ subtitle is against a red background making it stand out against the white background. The features are very organised at the page number is in a clear red font so its easy to see with the black font. This is helpful as the audience can clearly see the page numbers and page titles. The every month section communicates that the magazine is up to date as it features new events that take place every month. This is also in a red background so its easily seen. The date is placed here so the audience know how recent the magazine is, and when the events in the magazine took place. This is placed below the image so that the audience can find this certain band inside. The review featured reviews of albums and more by the producers. Being placed below the image makes it easily seen and communicates that it’s important. Not putting the writing in a red background communicates it different from the other features and again communicates importance. I am aware this contents page is not R&B genre but I found whilst researching that they are un-organized and are not clear to the audience as they struggle to find pages.
  6. 6. Although this is an R&B contents page I feel it looks more like a front cover as Kanye is the main focus, and the writing is spread around him which is too much for the eye. I also feel this is unorganized as there is text on the left, right and also the masthead ‘contents’ is unorganized. The masthead is spread around the page to communicate independence as its different to other magazine titles. Its also a ‘cool’ approach again as its different which appeals to the target audience as teenagers are reaching an age where they become different and like new things. The ‘V’ in the background communicates what magazine it is as the V is in the same format as the masthead on the front cover. Also makes the audience feel as if this interview is exclusive as he stands behind the V magazine communicating he’s confident and satisfied with the magazine. The colour splash technique used gives the photo an ‘edge’ to it and also communicates his representation as he is known to be ‘nasty’ and ‘outrageous’ but this communicates to me he is a gentleman as the women is clenching the heart which again communicates that he is loveable to women. It also communicates that females are his weakness as he is stood with his hands in his pockets looking into the camera which makes him look powerful and quite angry whilst a females arm is almost strangling him as they clench his heart. The main image is Kanye stood with his hands in his pockets which communicates ‘lies’ as he feels the need to hide his hands which represents a powerful man as he has the ability to lie. He is also staring at the camera which again communicates power as the audience feel as if he is looking at them. This is a stereotypical representation of males as they are ‘stronger’ and have more ‘power’ against females. The text ‘Features’ and ‘Fashion’ are in the same font so they are easily seen and recognized as subtitles and in the repetitive font colour which is black so again it’s recognized as writing which is the same colour as the ‘contents’
  7. 7. The main image is the band black eyed peas stood in powerful poses as Wil.i.am is saluting, Fergie resting her elbow on Wil.i.am’s shoulder and the other pair are stood with their heads held high. I think the female representation shown is very stereotypical as Fergie is wearing the least clothing and her arm is leaning on the male communicating that she is the ‘appeal’ to the group as she's the only female and she is stood in the middle which emphasises the point. The masthead ‘Will he won’t he?’ communicates Wil.i.am’s decision on whether or not to quit the band. This is communicated by the editors decision on highlighting Wil.i.am by ‘ghosting’ out his band members The colour scheme communicates royalty as Wil.i.am is dressed in gold's which contrasts with the others grey and black clothing emphasising that he is the main member of the group and if he leaves the bands career will be troubled. The writing is placed in a black background with a white font which means the writing is easily seen and contrasts with the writing in black. This also communicates to the audience that this writing is important. ‘Will he’ is written in gold which matches his gold clothing so the audience know this article is based around him also ‘Will’ is used to communicate the same message to the audience. The artists are dressed in suits which contrasts with one of the members gold chain which communicates there music is different from others which appeals to the audience.