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Media A Level Question one

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Media A Level Question one

  1. 1. + QUESTION ONE.. By Chloe Harrison and Clara Rodrigues..
  2. 2. + Contents.. 3-4. Front cover analysis 5-6. Contents page analysis 7-8. Double page spread analysis
  3. 3. + The front cover.. Typically an R&B magazine features the color black as this communicates certain negative aspects of the genre such as violence, and this colour also reflects the culture as it originates from the black culture. I have met this typical convention as my background is the colour black. Other colours must be bold which is why I chose orange, as its individual as its not a common colour used on magazines. The colour also helps Emma to stand out giving her a sense of importance which is the typical representation of an R&B artist. Close up shots are also a convection as she looks more vulnerable which contrasts with her R&B image. Emma looks straight at the camera which attracts the audience as they feel she is going to confess everything to the reader. She looks seductive as she bites her finger which is again a convention as typical R&B female singers as seen as objects of desire to males. I used language like ‘exclusive’ which made.. 3. ..front cover analysis continued on the next page
  4. 4. + The front cover continued.. the audience feel as if they are about to learn a secret which made them feel important. I made sure I attracted the right age group as one of my headlines featured was ‘Rhianna and Chris Brown dating again?’ which wouldn't’t interest an older audience as the artists music doesn’t appeal to them, and pop stars of the future do not have longevity. This is also a typical convention of an R&B magazine as they also link artists of the same genre. I chose to avoid placing various images on the cover relating to subtitles as I feel when in the research process the model was the main attraction, and made the model look more important. 4.
  5. 5. + Contents page analysis.. The image of the model dominates the entire page as they are the main focus, this is a typical convention of an R&B contents page. We integrated another convention which is a bold masthead, that is different. We used this as the word ‘contents’ is rearranged and not in one line, this stands out and takes advantage of the space on the page. The ‘F’ in the background is integrated in all issues, as a constant reminder of the brands identity. The features are placed on the left hand side which is neatly organized and again a typical convention as the reader can easily find a topic that appeals to them and are familiar with the content. I again use a convention as Emma is portrayed in a ‘seductive’ way as she stands with one hand on her hip and the other grabbing hold of her hair. She also looks directly into the camera which I have spoke about previously. But I challenged a convention as I featured an editors.. 5. ..contents page analysis continued on the next page
  6. 6. + Contents page continued.. note which is not a typical convention of an R&B magazine. I wanted to feature this as this technique connects with the audience as they are introduced to the writer and again feel like they are receiving special treatment from Fresh. This also briefly highlights the events that happened in the month which makes a nice end and to the month, and the audience know this magazine is a new issue and it’s a new month. I included a real signature as It made the audience feel Ashleigh is really talking to them, and it’s more special. 6.
  7. 7. + Double page spread.. I used a typical convention of a double page spread which was to use a page that would have an image of the model. I challenged this by avoiding the use of text that would be placed with the image, I wanted the main focus to be on her as she is an upcoming artist, and the image contrasts with the front cover as she has her hand over her mouth giggling. This suggests that Emma may have two different personalities.. 7. ..double page spread analysis continued on the next page
  8. 8. + Double page spread continued.. which appeals to the audience as they want to know more about her. Emma’s costume is typically ‘R&B’ as she wears an oversized shirt with a beanie hat that reads ‘boy’. For this page I used the colors ‘red’ and ‘black’ which is again bold colors like the front cover which again attracts the audience as their first impression of Emma is that she’s maybe confident and they want to know more about her. The colors used are typical as I said before black is a violent colour as is red which communicates the negatives of R&B music. I again used a typical convention as the quotes used are cheeky (which attracts the audience as they want to read more) and again contrasts with the image opposite as she looks young and ‘cute’ which contrasts with her opinions. I made sure the questions and answers were in different color fonts so that its easy to read which is a typical convention of any magazine genre. 8.