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Form research..

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Form research..

  1. 1. MAGAZINES FOR SALE IN THE UK: Kerran g Q NME Classic Metal Hammer Rock
  2. 2. MAGAZINES.. • Magazines, periodicals, or serials are publications that are printed with ink on paper or distributed online. • They are published on a regular basis and contain a variety of content. • Magazines can be distributed through the mail; through sales by newsstands, bookstores, or other vendors; or through free distribution at selected pick-up locations.
  3. 3. MASTHEAD.. These mastheads above are written in uppercase letters to make it stand out and so its easily read. The mastheads are in red and black as again they stand out against other magazine that are stacked. BACKGROUND.. The backgrounds are normally a light colour like a grey or white. This is so the model stands out on the front and the writing is easily read. Also it makes the magazine look less busy. MODELS POSE.. The model on the front is usually in a close up or mid-shot. This is so they don’t look too serious as a close up communicates importance.
  4. 4. SALES MODELS FOR DISTRUBITION.. The circulation: Meaning: Paid circulation The magazine is sold to readers for a price, either on a per-issue basis or by subscription, where an annual fee or monthly price is paid and issues are sent by post to readers. Non-paid circulation This means that there is no cover price and issues are given away, for example in street dispensers, airline inflight magazines, or included with other products or publications. Controlled circulation This is the model used by "insider magazines" or industry-based publications distributed only to qualifying readers, often for free and determined by some form of survey. This latter model was widely used before the rise of the World Wide Web and is still employed by some titles.
  5. 5. Puff Advertisements or deals placed here to appeal to the audience. Plu g Attracts the audience as it’s the first thing seen when stacked. Masthead The magazine brand. Cover price and publish date The biggest celeb is placed here as it appeals to the audience, as they feature inside the magazine. Cover line Cover line Main image Cover line Cover line Price and date placed here as its easily seen. Cover line is the sub-titles. This communicates what the magazine will feature so it appeals to the audience. Normally under the main image as it’s a quote from the person. Main cover line Barcode Where it is scanned.
  6. 6. Masthead This shows the features of the magazine so the audience are aware what's inside. Its also helpful for the readers as they know what page it is on to easily find it. Image Features Editors message Title ‘contents page’ is placed here so it’s clear to the audience that it’s a contents page. This image normally shows another artist that features in the magazine as well as the artist on the front cover. The editors message makes the audience feel as if they are talking to them. Mode of address: should be welcoming and the language must be appropriate for the magazine.
  7. 7. This will introduce the artist and again may be debateable so it appeals to the audience. Sometimes the mastheads contrast against their image for example if a female pop singer were to have a double page spread they would introduce her in a ‘bad’ way so the it appeals to the readers. The image fills the screen as they are an important established artist. Masthead Text placed here Important quote placed here This will be the most controversial quote from the artist. Or a debateable quote that the audience may have an opinion on.