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Q5: How did you attract/address your audience?

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Q5: How did you attract/address your audience?

  1. 1. How did you attract your audience? By Chloe Harrison and Clara Rodrigues
  2. 2. For our images we both used female models to attract female readers, as well as male readers as they find females attractive. We also featured solo artists as when analysing our survey results 53.57% of the public preferred solo artists. The results of my survey also showed that the audience preferred informal language, so I made the language edgy and used colloquial lexis to make the reader feel involved. The masthead of the magazine stood out as it contrasted with the plain background. The subtitles are placed in an orange and white colour as this was the theme I was going for as this is gender neutral. I didn’t include a lot of subtitles on my cover as I wanted the content inside to be exclusive and didn’t want to reveal too much. The puff appeals to the readers as it’s a chance to win free tickets, and is easily seen when stacked with other magazines in a shop.
  3. 3. As we had to have the same house style as we shared the same brand but created different issues, we shared a lot of similarities on our front cover as we discussed what we were going to do before:  Both had a female solo artist on the cover.  Both written in informal language.  Both featured a puff, and had the same masthead in different colours.  The font contrasts with the background, making the text stand out.  Barcode is bottom right.  Both use language that makes the reader feel special like ‘exsclusive interviews’ the reader feels they may know information that others do not. (others being the ones who do not purchase the magazine) This communicated to the audience that we created the same brand but we had different issues and formatted the covers in different colours like a typical magazine brand.
  4. 4. The similarities attract the audience as they feel they are treated with the same standard for every issue and feel our brand is reliable.