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What I Have Learnt About Technology

  1. What I have learnt about technology throughout completing my music magazine?
  2. Macs When making my music magazine, I have needed to use the Apple Macs in the school media department. Due to them being in school, I have used these in all my media lessons, although I haven’t used them to edit photos or create my magazines, I have had to become accustomed to using them for uploading posts and working on my blog. I had very rarely used Macs before this experience, therefore I have learnt quite a lot about them. The software on these are very different to computer I have previously used, this meant that I had to find replacements for programming like Microsoft Word and others similar. This firstly became a problem because work I was doing a school to research music magazines, I could not continue this to complete it at home. This meant I had to wait until my next lesson before I could complete this work. To overcome this in lessons I would work on a computer with the same programming as my laptop in the school. Therefore I could continue my work at home and at school. Also because of this I only used my laptop at home to edit photos and make my magazine pages because I was able to bring my laptop into school to work on in lessons as it is portable.
  3. Blogger Blogger was the website I used to upload my blogposts. As it is what all my coursework is being presented on it needs to be interesting and visual. This was originally quite difficult to use, then gradually I learnt and became familiar with the layout of the website. To begin with I didn’t realise I could embed presentations and prezi powerpoints into my blogpost, therefore I only added the link to these things. However after a friend had embedded a powerpoint to her post, I asked how she had done this and then did this on my blog, allowing me to make my blog more visual.
  4. SlideShare To make my blog as visual as possible I wanted to involve powerpoints and documents to my blog. This was a fairly easy software to use and I didn’t really have many problems with it. I could easily upload a powerpoint I had created on either Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint, the instructions on the page were very easy and as I was familiar with these softwares I didn’t seem to have too many problems. However my problems did arise after I had uploaded my powerpoints. With fonts I had used on my my presentations, they were then changed on the slideshare. This was a slight issue as some of my fonts then covered over the images and created a problem, like I have shown in the image. To solve this I had to edit my powerpoint by taking a screen shot of the page and saving it as an image, this allowed the font to remain the same regardless of what software it is in.
  5. Prezi Prezi powerpoint is a website I had never heard of before. I wanted to use this as I thought it would be a challenge and upon investigating the website I liked the look of some of the example presentations. When I first started to use Prezi it was quite difficult to use and I had to investigate how to use it and test out different ways of doing so. After a while I began to familiarise myself with the feature of the website, it was difficult to do to begin with and I did struggle to find out how to zoom into the particular parts of the my presentation like the examples did. Once I had resolved these issues I could work to create a new way to display my ideas, research and evaluations.
  6. Adobe Photoshop Although I did have this software on my laptop, I had never used it before. I chose to use this as opposed to the software on the Macs because my laptop is portable and I can always have it with me. This was at first difficult and a challenge to get used to, I knew it was a good editing software but I just couldn’t find the the particular features to do this to begin with. For example I was unable to remove the background of an image, I could select a particular colour to delete but when there were numerous colours it was laborious. I had to search on the internet for a few guides on how to do this, allowing me to edit my images how I would like them to look. Due to the fact I used this software on my preliminary task I was able to develop my understanding of this programming. This means that gradually throughout the creation of my product I have improved my use of the this software. I am much more confident at using this software and I this has allowed me to develop knowledge of this. Therefore helping me in the future.

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