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Assignment 2 englsh report
Assignment 2 englsh report
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  2. 2. HISTORY OF TYRE DEVELOPMENT Standard type of Tires Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin Malaysia – third largest rubber manufacturer Modern pneumatic tires Synthetic rubber, fabric & wire Inflatable structure with doughnut-shaped body During the 1800s Bands of leather Then iron, steel, placed on wooden wheels
  3. 3. DECRIP
  5. 5. Yuen Chuan Huat Tyres & Batteries Sdn Bhd LOCATION: 4940, Jalan Semabok, 75050, Malacca, Malaysia
  6. 6.  Founded in the year 1992 by Yuen Chuan Huat  Used to learn about tires and car care  Opened up his own business  Running the business with his wife Yuen Chuan Huat
  7. 7. Home-based business Single branch 5-8 local workers Opens daily from 7am to 7pm Around 10-15 customers per day Usually local adults Of different races Through recommendation of customers and friends Daily revenue is around 3-4K
  8. 8. Products : Tires, Rims Services : Tyre services
  9. 9. Hup Shun Tyres Auto Car Care Sdn Bhd Location : No.11,JLN PJS 11/7 Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor
  10. 10. Hup Shun • Founded in the year 1995 by Mr. Ti • No specific reason on why he started the business • Used to work for his brother under the same industry • Decided to start his own business • Managed by his son, Mr. Ivan • Opened up another branch
  11. 11. -Around 20 customers per day -Usually businessman -Daily revenue is around 5-10K -Through media, magazine and newspapers -2 branches -10 local worker 1 foreigner -Opens on Monday –Saturday 9am to 6:30pm
  12. 12. Products: Tyres, sport rims, exhaust systems Services: Tyre services
  13. 13. • Selling tyres and providing tyre services • Provides similar services to Yuen Chuan Huat’s • Reseller for the brand Bridgestone and Silverstone
  14. 14. • Sell tyres, provides tyre repairing serives and also care maintenance services • located 500m aways from Yuen Chuan Huat
  15. 15. • A very old shop which provides tyre servicing • Reseller for Silverstone tyres
  16. 16. • Products of tyres and sport rims are always available in stock. • Varieties of tyres and rims to be chosen from
  17. 17. • Awards and certifications received are displayed in the shop • Attract customers as it shows high credibility • Prove that the company is trustable one
  18. 18. • Reasonable and affordable • Standard price • Does not raise up the price to earn eatra profit
  19. 19. • Certified tyre reseller of Michelin • Main competitor to Hup Shun • Large variety of tyres • Less sports rims compared to Hup Shun
  20. 20. • Reseller mainly for LingLong Tyres • Provides top to toe car care services
  21. 21. • Small Tyre shop located right next to Hup Shun • Sells tyres and sports rims
  22. 22. • Large variety of sports rims and tyres • Big brake kits, car body parts, suspension and exhaust systems • Price are reasonable and standardized • Official sole distributor for the official Vossen Wheels and BC Forged Wheels
  23. 23. • Provides the best services and maintenance services for customers • 9 out of 10 workers are local which can communicated well with their customers • Workers are highly trained
  24. 24. • Promotes company through Facebook pages, own public website, magazines, newspaper and articles.
  25. 25. Yuen Chuan Huat Differences HupShun 1992 Year Founded 1995 Yuen Chuan Huat Founder Mr T 4940, Jalan Semabok, 75050, Malaka, Malaysia Location No.11,JLN PJS 11/7 Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor Around RM 3 to 4 thousand Daily Revenue Around RM 5 to 10 thousand 0 Branch 1
  26. 26. 2 Units of shops 3 Less than 10 Number of employees 11 Around 15 a day Number of customers Around 20 a day 3-5 Number of competitors More than 5 7am-7pm Business Hour 9am-6:30pm Through recommendation of customers and friends; Awards received Advertising Through media, magazine and newspapers More improve services and quality of products Future plans Extend the business and improve service and quality of products Sports rims, different brands of tyres, car batteries, tyre services Type of products and services Different brands of tyres, car sports rims, exhaust systems, suspensions, tyre services Lead by owner and his wife Leaders Lead by the owner and his son
  27. 27. Yang Chuan Huat Similarities Hupshun 1 Number of founders 1 Family influence What prompted to start this business Family influence tyres Main products tyres Businessman Main customers Businessman Provide good services and quality products Strategy Provide good services and quality products
  28. 28. Home base Business operation Home base Around 300k including machinery Capital is required to start this business Around 300k including machinery Depends on the season Best seller Depends on the season
  29. 29.  Provides professional, consistent and quality services  More affordable prices  More variety of tyres and sport rims compared to Yuen Chuan Huat  Larger shop  Good advertising Hup Shun Tyres Auto Car Care Sdn bhd is more commercially successful
  30. 30. Lack of capital to start business Competitors Location and Usage of Space
  31. 31. Monopolistic Competition  New firms can enter and exit the market easily  Weak pricing power
  32. 32. Active in promoting  Should distribute flyers to housing area nearby  Investing in newspaper advertisement to increase publicity
  33. 33. Regular customers  Ensure company does not only receive business from regular customer but also first- timers  Expand business by branching out in different area
  34. 34. Size of shop  Limits number of vehicles that can fit in  Insufficient space to park  Extend the size of shop lot so that it is more spacious
  35. 35. Waiting Area Facilities  No air-conditioned waiting area for customers  Limited sears for customers to wait for services  Install an air-conditioner in waiting area  Put more seats for waiting customers
  36. 36. Waiting duration  Keeps customer for waiting to get their vehicles fixed will waste a lot of time  Hire more workers
  37. 37. Location  Parking problem  No space to park their vehicles  Make specific land of space mainly for their customer
  38. 38. Employees’ Performance  Train their employees to a much qualified and better standard to compete with others  Improve efficiency to gain more trust from customers
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