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Conditionals 2 bach

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Conditionals 2 bach

  1. 1. CONDITIONALSproyectoespiritusanto.blogspot.com
  2. 2. ZERO CONDITIONAL general truthsIF + present simple , present simple If you drink too much, you have a headache ( si bebes demasiado, te duele la cabeza)
  3. 3. 1st CONDITIONAL (possible, probable) futureIF + present simple , will/modal+infinitive/imperative If you study hard, you’ll pass the exams. Si estudias duro, aprobarás los exámenes Buy some milk if you go out. Compra leche si sales. If you come with us, you mustn’t complain. si vienes con nosotros, no debes quejarte UNLESS= IF NOT ( si no, a no ser que…) I won’t go out unless you come with me = I won’t go out if you don’t come with me
  4. 4. 2nd CONDITIONAL (improbable, imaginary) present IF + past simple, would+inf. / could/mightConsejo: always “were”: If I were you, I wouldn’t lend him any money. ( si fuera tú, no le prestaba dinero- allá tú)If I saw a ghost, I wouldn’t tell anybody.( Es poco probable que veas a uno)I would read more books if I didn’t have too many exams to mark. ( Es improbable porque ahora no tengo tiempo)
  5. 5. 3rd CONDITIONAL ( impossible) past IF + past perfect , would/ could/ might have + participleI would have met your brother if I had gone to theparty.( habría conocido a tu hermano si hubiera ido a la fiesta. Nofui, no lo conocí. Imposible cambiarlo)If Helen had had enough money, she would havebought those pretty boots.( si Helen hubiese tenido suficiente dinero, habría compradoesas preciosas botas) Tenía dinero? Las compró? NO!
  6. 6. Rewrite the following sentences• I didn´t go to the bank because I didn´t have time.• I don´t go to the gym because I´m too lazy.• I didn´t buy the computer because my mum didn´t lend me any money.• I can´t get the job in the police force because I´m not tall enough.• You have to study more to pass your exams.• I got to school late because my dad´s car broke down.• John is not a top-class athlete because he doesn´t train properly.
  7. 7. Complete the sentences with the correct conditional1) If I (have)________________the time, I (visit)_____________you yesterday.2) I really enjoy my work. If I (not like)_________it, I (work)__________ somewhere else.3)It´s a pity that you live so far away. If you (live)______________a little nearer, we (can see)________________each other more often.4) Look at all the cars!If I (know)______________there was going to be so much traffic I (never/come)____________________5) Why didn´t you tell me you needed my help? I (help)______________you if you (ask)_____________me.6) If I ( not do)_____________that cooking course last year, I ( not learn)_________how to cook a proper paella.7) Your sister´s English is quite good. She ( not be)_________________it even better if she ( not be)___________________________so nervous.8) We ( win)______________________________the match tomorrow if your best player ( not be)_________________injured.9) You (ruin)__________________________your eyesight if you (sit)______________so close to the computer.10) If Julian (pass)____________________his exams, he (go)____________to Broadstairs this summer.