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Social Business from the Inside Out


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Social Business from the Inside Out

  1. 1. INTO THE DEEP END WITH HUMANA Greg Matthews Twitter:@chimoose
  2. 2. Who is Humana
  3. 3. How to transform • Big, complex, regulated, silo, relationship oriented • Study – Align – Experiment • SHARE turning a battleship Photo by stevesheriw http://www.flickr.com/photos/8177037@N06/2468783470/
  4. 4. Study • Library etc be a vacuum Photo by pigstubs http://www.flickr.com/photos/pigstubs/1252592876/
  5. 5. Align • NYC be a padawan Photo by Network Osaka http://www.flickr.com/photos/networkosaka/2082420518/
  6. 6. Experiment • Frankenstein try stuff
  7. 7. 9
  8. 8. be 2.0
  10. 10. framework Understand Utilize Explore
  11. 11. fundamentals Authenticity Active Listening Going Where They Are Personal Voice Learning Through Action Sharing - Open Source
  12. 12. new demands Control Reality 1 – Bottom up groundswell and top down control colliding Information Security 2 – Malware attacks rise with social media use at work Workforce Culture 3 – Labor Intensive, Highly Involved, Non-Standardized Intellectual Property 4 – Who owns ideas and contacts, employer or employee? 1 Douglas Pollei, VP of Internet Strategy and Corporate Development for IKANO Communications Inc. 2 MarketWatch 3 Jim Cuene, Director, Interactive, General Mills 4 Warwick Ashford, Computer Weekly
  13. 13. new corporate focus HR IT • Capacity Building • Security • Acquisition and • Access Retention of Talent • Development • Associate Experience • Performance Management Marketing Law • Conversation • Intellectual Property • Brand Management • Compliance • Media Law • Liability and Indemnity
  14. 14. chamber of commerce
  15. 15. chamber of commerce
  16. 16. more vacuuming
  17. 17. more padawan
  18. 18. More Align and still more • Brogan Pic Photo by chrisbrogan http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisbrogan/3549042146/
  19. 19. More Experiments the future Photo by ILMO JOE http://www.flickr.com/photos/9948354@N08/763399258/
  20. 20. networks and video
  21. 21. games
  22. 22. games
  23. 23. Fishtank social platforms
  24. 24. social tools social tools
  25. 25. mobile mobile Photo by jontintinjordan http://www.flickr.com/photos/jontintinjordan/2259336138/
  26. 26. care networks
  27. 27. the end Greg Matthews Humana’s Innovation Center http://CrumpleItUp.com Twitter: @chimoose
  28. 28. Appendix: fundamentals Authenticity Active Listening Going Where They Are Personal Voice Learning Through Action Sharing - Open Source
  29. 29. Authenticity • We’re honest, accurate, and thorough • We’re not marketing; we’re having a conversation • We don’t keep secrets or spin the truth • We’re people, too
  30. 30. Active Listening • We’re taking the time to stop talking and just listen • We want to hear what you have to say—even if it’s negative • When we enter a new space, we’ll listen first before we start talking • We’ll listen for how we can make your life better or easier • We want to change the way we work based on your needs
  31. 31. Going Where They Are • People go to the places they know, trust, and enjoy • You don’t have to come to us—we’ll come to you • If it’s necessary for you to come to us, we’ll build you a bridge
  32. 32. Personal Voice • We will interact with you as people—not as a corporation • I am accountable to you as a person—not as a corporation • We will use language that you can understand—not just what is convenient for us
  33. 33. Learning Through Action • Nobody has found the magic bullet • We will try new things • We realize that we’ll make mistakes and do things incorrectly, but we will learn • We’ll be honest about what we’ve learned, and celebrate our smart failures • We’ll get better every time we try
  34. 34. Sharing - Open Source • We need to adopt a culture of sharing, both inside and outside Humana • If we can’t share our successes and failures, we severely limit our potential to learn from mistakes • We don’t have to control, but we do have to communicate • We will create a culture that emphasizes and values collaboration and sharing
  35. 35. appendix: freewheelin
  36. 36. i. buzz Photo by Net_Efekt. Flickr.com/photos/wheatfields/116810137
  37. 37. ii. community Photo by Kirk Kandle. Flickr.com/photos/kirkwrites/2911258216
  38. 38. iii. content Photo by Orin Optiglot. Flickr.com/photos/orinrobertjohn/409812627
  39. 39. Step 1: Build participation and anticipation Used Meetup.com to identify 8 biking groups in Denver representing over 1,000 cyclists – who are already using the internet to connect. Arranged group rides and word-of-mouth campaign Created a page on facebook; advertised it to people in Colorado and Minneapolis. Generated thousands of page views and ~1,500,000 ad impressions
  40. 40. Step 1, continued: Build participation and anticipation Reached out to bloggers who’ve covered us; arranged for them and their readers to meet up for a ride Created a micro-blog feed on Twitter; followed by 600+ biking enthusiasts. Sending several posts per day about Freewheelin
  41. 41. Step 2: Generate Content Content Brings Community; Community creates Content After registering, users are given a card encouraging them to share their freewheelin experience – in pictures, videos and stories When they return their bike, they’re directed to an “upload station” where they can plug in their digital camera or cameraphone and upload images and videos directly to the Freewheelin Community site. They’re given a free memory card reader imprinted with the Freewheelin Community logo so that they can continue to upload images throughout the convention.
  42. 42. Step 2, continued: Generate Content We had Humana volunteers armed with smart-phones cycling around the city and “seeding” content to generate interest All content was moderated in real time and then posted to our portals on YouTube and Flickr
  43. 43. Appendix appendix: the toolbox • Tools Photo by todbot http://www.flickr.com/photos/todbot/3492542234/
  44. 44. CrumpleItUp.com freewheelin blog blog
  45. 45. freewheelin humana games fan page fan page
  46. 46. bikesharing humanagames crumpleitup Twitter.com/
  47. 47. freewheelin innovation center photo gallery photo gallery
  48. 48. CrumpleItUp Innovation Network Innovation Prototyping LinkedIn Group LinkedIn group
  49. 49. YouTube Health Entertainment Channel
  50. 50. Widgets Over 5 million views

Notas do Editor

  • Transforming a business takes time, thought and hard workEspecially a big, traditional oneThere are some techniques we’re trying at HumanaThey are ALL about thinking differently about the business
  • STUDY. Read everything.Call people you trust.Talk to people who’ve already done what you’re trying to do.
  • Learn at the feet of masters.Don’t be limited to Frank’s Gardening and Social Media Consultancy.Find the best thinkers in the business and align with them.
  • This is the most important step.The innovation center is a “safe” – low risk – place to experimentDon’t worry about a 100% solution or even an 80% solution. 50% is fine – just get out there and try it.No amount of reading and consultation will ever produce change on its own
  • We wanted to let 10s of thousands experience bikesharing – so we created a social media campaignWe used all kinds of toolsAnd brought them all together on one page
  • Be the change you want to see – that means if you want to think different, start acting differentStart doing everything differentlyShare freely and learn We built our own web site to do that – and its pretty differentSEO guys will hate itBut it gets the point across
  • We had to create a platform for Humana to understand social mediaWe think in stories and pictures, so we created a Metaphor for how we’ll use social mediaThe Town SquareEvery department has a “lot” on the town squareThey can build whatever kind of “social media building” is going to best serve their needs (and their stakeholders)We have a library and a commons area where we share everything
  • The goal of the model is simpleTo have a common place and common wayTo understand, explore and utilize social media
  • We operate under these fundamentalsThey’re not new or radicalOnce you’ve hoovered up information and consulted expertsJust sift through and find the ones that make sense for your business
  • Be ready for tensionWhen you want your business to think and act different, it raises a LOT of important questionsGet ready to deal with them
  • In order to effectively enact these changes, we need to make some of our own. Certain sites must become accessible to key stakeholders. Resources have to be made available for training. Directives must be given to infrastructure developers to focus on these important issues. Relationships should be formed with qualified vendors. The company should be notified of our vision by an authority and encouraged to integrate our plan with theirs. HRHR can start augmenting their talent acquisition strategy to reflect our new goals. They should start to reward behavior that is concordant with these goals and implement these ideas in new training programs.MarketingOur marketing department is the master of outside communication. A culture of sharing and social media can enhance existing processes and communication. In the future entire initiatives can be focused on social media. ITOur IT department is the gatekeeper for much of this infrastructure. An understanding must be struck to reinforce the importance of this initiative to the future success of the company. Our IT department can use their considerable talent and creativity to help us explore new avenues of open source collaboration and communication.LawOur Law department will be concerned about intellectual property rights and privacy issues. This department will need to be well versed in media law and understand how other companies are dealing with these concerns. Information about this type of law is readily available and constantly evolving.
  • The Humana Chamber of Commerce (#hcoc) is:Cross-functionalVoluntaryUncommitteeNo charter or governanceNo approvalsNo work!Just learn, share and adviseAnd commission the work from others!FLY LOW.
  • Example of “Being 2.0”Instead of taking meeting minutes, we live-tweetThen the tweetstream becomes the minutes
  • This has gotten us some nice noticeHumana is beginning to be seen as a cool, transparent health companyStill have a long way to go, but this is a taste of our goal
  • Have to keep listening.We like Google Reader paired with FeedlyWe need to do something more significant – our PR agency uses Radian6 and advises us
  • We keep aligning hcoc with the best in the businessRick Murray, President of Edelman DigitalPeter Kim, former Forrester; current DachiscorpJason Falls, Doe-Anderson and Social Media ExplorerAmber Naslun, Radian6 and Altitude Branding
  • And it was amazing to have Chris Brogan and Justin Levy doing a bootcamp in our HQMore being 2.0: We opened the doors to the community; the class was half Humana; half other folks
  • What’s coming up from us in the next cycles of social innovation
  • We launched a social network for pre-retirees in December (realforme.com)We launched a series of videos to help people understand the health system (staysmartstayhealthy.com)The vids have well over 1M views on Youtube. MASSIVE for an health insurance company!
  • We’re working on games for health – most of which have strong social aspectSee humanagames.com and horsepowergame.com for more info
  • Every Innovation Center employee has a fish in the virtual tankThey’re powered by our stepsWhen we exercise together, our fish school together and do cool stuffDon’t know what we’ll do with it yet, but it’s a fun experiment
  • We don’t have anything to do with twittervisionBut we think its cool, and that the market is ripe for more social toolsSo we’re building some that we’ll be using ourselves and giving away
  • Mobile, social games will be hugeSo we’re building some
  • We don’t have anything to do with patientslikeme, but we think it’s coolSocial media will be really important in helping sick people get wellWe’d like to create communities to help that happen
  • We’re looking to be a part of a consumer-centered social revolution in health . . . Come and join us.
  • We had resultsSeveral Members of Congress participatedGovernors, mayors, state officials, and county execs rode bikesIndividuals from all 50 states and various countries