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Google Analytics: Q&A

A Q&A session for accessing data on theeXtension

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Google Analytics: Q&A

  1. 1. Google Analytics: Q and A Ben MacNeill, eXtension ben.macneill@extension.org
  2. 2. Getting Access to GA• Join the eXtension Web Analytics community http://www.extension.org/people/communities/205• Youll need a Gmail address or an email associated with a Google account
  3. 3. “I know what search terms peopleuse to get to a specific page. Is thereway to get this information for agroup of pages?”
  4. 4. Breaking down the QuestionQ: How do we find a specific page?A: Look at “Top Content.” Use page filter.Q: Where are the search terms?A: Look at “Entrance Keywords.”Q: How do we get this for a group of pages?A: Create an Advanced Segment.
  5. 5. “How well is our CoP doingcompared to other content areason extension.org?”
  6. 6. Breaking down the QuestionQ: What does it mean to do well?A: Bounce rates? Time on Site? Loyalty? Pages/visit? Geography?Q: Does it make sense to compare to othercontent areas?A: Not sure. Probably more useful to comparewithin your own content.Q: How do you compare?A: Use multiple Advanced Segments.
  7. 7. “We track PDFs on the site.Is there any way to trackviews of these files?”
  8. 8. Breaking down the QuestionQ: How does GA track pages?A: With a javascript snippet added to each pageQ: How can you track files?A: Adding a js event to links. Appends“outgoing” to URL and saves as a page view.Q: How do you see the data?A: In a separate profile:“www.extension.org Outgoing links (not for total page views)”
  9. 9. Happy Analyzing!• Join the eXtension Web Analytics community http://www.extension.org/people/communities/205• Questions? Theres a group mail list or email me: • web-analytics@lists.extension.org • ben.macneill@extension.org