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CSS Frameworks for Rapid Site Designs

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CSS Frameworks for Rapid Site Designs

  1. 1. CSS Frameworks forRapid Site Designs• Ben MacNeillben.macneill@extension.org• Presentation at:slideshare.net/chillnc/
  2. 2. What is a CSS framework?• Two CSS files (core + responsive)• A single Javascript file (dependent on jQuery)• Two image files
  3. 3. Why use Bootstrap?• Faster development• Instant grid• Library of commonly used elements (components)• Typography• Responsive CSS (optional)• Compatibility (down to IE 7)• Open source• Active: https://github.com/popular/starred
  4. 4. Scaffolding• 12 Column Grid• Fixed / Fluid• Both have responsive capabilities
  5. 5. What is ResponsiveWeb Design?
  6. 6. Flexible, Device-Independent Design
  7. 7. Single Sourceof Content(HTML)
  8. 8. Why Responsive Design?• Designing for specific devices — too many• Siloed pages: /mobile/page.html — trapped
  9. 9. Three Components• A flexible grid-based layout• Flexible images and media• Media queries (CSS3)
  10. 10. Make it Responsive• Set viewport• Include bootstrap-responsive.css
  11. 11. Short Detour:Reseting theViewport• Modern mobile browsers pretend that webpages are desktop-browser size (~900px)• They render them at that size• Then shrink the resulting page to fit in thedevice window
  12. 12. Override the Default<meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0, width=device-width" />• Makes width of the browser’s viewportequal to the width of the device’s screen
  13. 13. ResetViewport320pxDefaultViewport980px
  14. 14. Base CSS• Typography (font-size: 14px; line-height: 20px;)• Tables• Forms• Buttons• Icons by Glyphicons
  15. 15. Form Examples
  16. 16. Icon Examples
  17. 17. Components• Dropdowns• Button groups• Button dropdowns• Navs• Navbar• Breadcrumbs• Pagination• Labels and badges• Typography• Thumbnails• Alerts• Progress bars• Media object• Misc
  18. 18. Javascript• Transitions• Modal• Dropdown• Scrollspy• Tab• Tooltip• Popover• Alert• Button• Collapse• Carousel• Typeahead• Affix
  19. 19. Data Attributes• Trigger Bootstrap plugins without writing any JS• Use data-toggle to call the plugin• Use data-target or href to set your target<a href="#myModal" data-toggle="modal">Click me</a>
  20. 20. Bootstrap offers customization(But I prefer an override.css)
  21. 21. Thanks!• Ben MacNeillben.macneill@extension.org• Presentation at:slideshare.net/chillnc/