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A slide show created by my daughter, Trixie.

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  1. 1. ANIMALS By Trixie Valentina MacNeill
  2. 2. TABLE OFCats CONTENTSBunniesRed Eye Tree FrogMonkeysLionPolar bearLorisRead mAbout the auther
  3. 3. !!!!!!CATS!!!!!!Cats love to sleepThey are lovable and cuteThey can have babies at the age of 4
  4. 4. BUNNIES• They have small tails,wiggly noses and soft fur• They love to be petted• When they have babies they usually get 15
  5. 5. RED EYED TREE FROG Like all frogs, Mr.red eyes,is a amphibian. Mr.red eyes lives in trees. Mr.red eyes is orange,red,green and black
  6. 6. MONKEYSThis is miss sasulaMonkeys are furry justlike herSome monkeys are nicebut some aren’t likeMr.chipi(thechimpanzee)
  7. 7. LIONThe lion is the king ofthe jungleHe is very fierce.Males have manes.
  8. 8. POLAR BEARSPolar bears live up to25 years.Polar bear babies arecalled cubs.Cubs are born in snowdens
  9. 9. LORIShi my name is lucy Ima lorisloris move slowlythey eat fruit andinsects
  10. 10. READ MOREhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Pagehttp://www.school.eb.com/elementary
  11. 11. ABOUT THE AUTHORHi my name is trixieI love to bakeI live in north carolinaI am 7 years oldI love marshmallowsand catsI hope you liked mybook on animals