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Learn To Swim Redditch

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At www.chessgroveswim.co.uk we follow Swim England's Learn to Swim Framework where children will work through Stages 1-7 in our lessons.

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Learn To Swim Redditch

  1. 1. Toddler Swimming Lessons
  2. 2.  Toddlers (18 months - 3 years) – Weekly lessons  Preschool (3 - 4 years) – Weekly lessons  Children's (school age) – Weekly lessons
  3. 3.  All our childrens' swimming lessons run all throughout the year with the exception of 2 weeks over Christmas. FREE TRIALS are available for all toddler, preschool & school-aged children who are thinking of having lessons with us. This taster / assessment lesson will help you decide if Chessgrove is right for you and to help our teachers select the most appropriate class for the swimmer. We do not guarantee to put friends or siblings in the same class, but aim to put each swimmer in the class that most suits them, taking many factors into account including their swimming ability, age, confidence and development.
  4. 4.  We consider our lessons to be value for money because we operate and "all-inclusive" policy which means there are no hidden added extras. Here are just some of the benefits available when you sign up for lessons:
  5. 5.  Our teacher to pupil ratio is 4, compared with the Swim England recommendation of 12. So, we are giving 3 times more instruction in every lesson. And we get to know your child.  Our teachers are in the water, not on the poolside. This means that we correct technique on every width / length, and individual swimmers are shown what they need to improve rather than swimming a whole length with uncorrected techniques. Practice does not always make perfect. But perfect practice does make perfect.  We offer FREE replacement lessons. Children have busy lives with lots of opportunities, so may miss lessons due to illness, holidays, parties, school plays etc. As long as you tell us in advance that you will not be attending a lesson, then the replacement is free. Please note this is dependent on availability.
  6. 6.  Swimmers do not have to redo levels. We concentrate on learning to swim, not just on badges. We award badges as and when swimmers achieve each level not on a specified badge week, so we do not have a pass / fail for the course. The aim is to motivate, and not hold swimmers back if they are struggling with one or two activities for a badge. Often, they start working towards the next badge before finishing off the last one.  All Inclusive. There are no added extras to our prices. You will not be charged extra for badges & certificates (replacements for lost or damaged items will incur a small charge), lockers, parking, drinks & biscuits.  Our water is warm, so the children love coming and find it easier to learn to swim with their faces in.
  7. 7.  FREE leisure swims. During school holidays we offer extra fun sessions known as leisure swims, where children & parents alike can come along and enjoy the water together and make use of all our toys and equipment. These sessions are totally FREE for the child who has lessons with us plus one adult - other family members are also welcome for £3 per person. Please note these sessions are lifeguarded only; with no teacher present in the water.  10% discount off parties. If you book your child's swimming party with us you'll get a 10% discount on the flat rate amount of a swimming party for 10 children.  10% discount off Konfidence swimwear through their affiliate discount scheme.
  8. 8. Toddler Swimming Lessons  Our toddler swimmers enjoy fun yet structured lessons that encourage confidence in the water and introduce and develop the basic skills and techniques to start swimming independently. Through the use of games, toys and songs, toddler swimmers soon learn to follow simple instructions from both the parent and also the teacher. We follow the Swim England Ducklings Award syllabus, which is specifically tailored to this age group of swimmers.
  9. 9. Pre-school Swimming Lessons  We specialise in teaching swimming to younger swimmers and beginners and we have a number of different types of beginner classes to suit all.  New swimmers are taught in the water alongside a teacher without their parents from 3 years in our specialist pre-school classes. (Children who have progressed from our baby and toddler sessions may well join these classes younger than 3). These swimmers will work on their Duckling awards which are aimed at the younger swimmers, and some will gain their Swim England Stage 1 or 2 when they turn 4 in this class. There are plenty of toys and games in the lessons, and we maintain our 4:1 ratios in these sessions...sometimes there may be 2 teachers in the water, and in this case the maximum class size will be 6.
  10. 10. Children's (school age) Weekly lessons  At Chessgrove Swim we follow Swim England's Learn to Swim Framework where children will work through Stages 1-7 in our lessons, and may also get the opportunity to gain distance badges. The criteria for each Stage can be viewed here.
  11. 11. Contact Us  Ditchford Bank Road  Hanbury  Bromsgrove  Worcs  B60 4HS  Phone : 01527 821978  Email : info@chessgroveswim.co.uk  Website : www.chessgroveswim.co.uk