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Adult Swimming Droitwich

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www.chessgroveswim.co.uk specialize in younger swimmers who need small class sizes, with a focused and structured approach to swimming.

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Adult Swimming Droitwich

  1. 1. Chessgrove Swim Ltd
  2. 2. Pool Parties
  3. 3. Party Package  60 minutes free water play in the pool enjoying our pool toys and inflatables.  60 minutes in the party room for your guests.  Buoyancy aids provided for all non-swimmers.  Seating provided on the poolside & reception for all parents who wish to stay.
  4. 4.  Suitable for children 0-12 years.  Minimum of 10 children with minimum party cost being £140 (including deposit) - any children over this number will be charged at £10 per head.  Maximum of 17 swimmers, and there must be a certain amount of people over 16 years to accompany children in the water which is included in this total of swimmers in the ware
  5. 5. Our Add On Services -  Macot Hire  Catering Services  Personalised Party Invitations  Room Decoration  Extra Entertainment e.g Face Painters
  6. 6. Safety Rules  We would like your pool party to be brilliant fun, but it needs to be safe too.  Chessgrove Swim is a non-diving pool. No diving will be allowed at any point during the party. Our staff will identify any swimmers who will need to wear buoyancy aids.  You must bring 4 adults over 16 to stay for the duration of the party on the poolside and in the party room, at least 2 of these adults must go in the water with the swimmers (more may be required depending on children's ages and swimming ability).
  7. 7. Child : Adult Ratios in the water  Children 3 years and under - 1 to 1  7 years and under - MINIMUM of 3 to 1  8-15 years - 4 to 1  If all children are in buoyancy aids it may be necessary to adjust ratios so that non-swimmers have more adult support in the water  Please be aware that Chessgrove Swim is not responsible for providing any adults required in the water  To discuss your specific needs, please call us and we will be able to instruct you on what ratios are necessary
  8. 8. Other Information  Parties are currently available on Saturday afternoons 1pm - 3pm. If you have another day or extra times in mind ask our Admin team as we will strive to make it possible.  Parking is available on site  A deposit of £40 per party is payable to secure your booking, with the balance payable 2 weeks prior to your party.  A double system of swimming nappies must be worn at all times for any swimmers who are not toilet trained. This is a disposable swimming nappy as the first layer with a second layer of a snugly fitting nappy cover to prevent any leaks.
  9. 9. Conatact Us  Ditchford Bank Road  Hanbury  Bromsgrove  Worcs  B60 4HS  Phone : 01527 821978  Email : info@chessgroveswim.co.uk  Website : www.chessgroveswim.co.uk